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Did you mean andy bier sack?

Andy Biersack Quizzes

Which popular boy loves you?

Justin Bieber, Alex Evans, Danny Worsnop, Taylor Lautner, Craig Mabbit, Christofer Drew, Andy Biersack, Oliver Sykes, Austin Carlile or Jeydon Wale. Nasty comments will be reported and deleted! -.-' Would you guys do me a favor and read my Justin Bieber Story? And my Andy Biersack Story? And al...

Which member of Black Veil Brides are you most like? by Sierra Inamorata

· Music
I am their biggest fan, I know more about them than a lot of people. So, this is the TRUE test! And don't be sad just because you didn't get Andy. Jesus. Every single one of the members is amazing. ♥

Guess the Band by the aftermath is secondary

· Music
Find out if you can identify some bands and band members by photo or logo. Mostly rock bands.

What band member is in love with you? by Mercy Davies

· Music
^^^^^^Read the title my friends ^^^^^ For girls and gay/bisexual guys

Which Member Of Black Veil Brides would be your best friend? by Amber

· Music
I'm aware that there are 1000's of these, but I wanted to try it

Who's your band boyfriend?

See which guy falls for you;) WARNING: Some results may be triggering ~long-ish results~

What vocalist do I ship you with? by Marlee Lucker

· Music
Do I ship you with Austin Carlile, Andy Biersack, Vic Fuentes, Oli Sykes, or Kellin Quinn? With stories!

Finish the lyrics (Black Veil Brides edition #2) by MusicLover

· Music
Another black veil brides lyric quiz,Hope you enjoy :D Have fun :D

Who is your Bad Boy fantasy?

· Music
Find out whitch one of this bad boy will be perfect for you? cato ( hunger games ) Draco malfoy (harry potter) ,jacob black(twilight) ,andy biersack(BVB) , gale howthrone (hunger games), noah puckerman (glee)

What Would Andy Biersack Think of You? by TheSwxxtA

You are soon meeting Andy Biersack! I know you must be really excited, but do you have an idea of what would Andy's thoughts be about you? Pass through that Quiz to find out!

Which Lead Singer is for you? by SleepingWithSirensBaby

· Music
Bands are Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, Falling in Reverse, All Time Low, And Of Mice And Men. Includes: Vic Fuentes, Austin Carlile, Ronnie Radke, Oliver Sykes, Andy Biersack, Alex Gaskarth, Kellin Quinn

Seven minutes in heaven: Band style! (lead singers) by AlexSykes

· Music
First quiz on here. Please leave a comment if you can. Hope you enjoy this! Involves Oliver Sykes(BMTH), Andrew Biersack(BVB), Hayley Williams(Paramore), Ronnie Radke(FIR), Austin Carlile(OM&M), and Nick Matthews(GS)!

How much do you know about BVB? by Mxrjo

· Music
I know there are already tons of quizzed like this, but as it is my first quiz I wanted to do something not too hard... I hope you guys like it! SOMETIMES THERE WILL BE MORE THAN ONE ANSWER CORRECT

Who is your bad boy fantasy? by JuBow

Includes fictional characters and musicians! Have fun xoxo

Your Black Veil Brides Boyfriend by doɴ'т leт мe drowɴ

· Music
You know you wanna,includes story. Andy is waiting ;)

Your Black Veil Brides Boyfriend by I Smoke Music

· Music
Who should you date from the band Black Veil Brides?

How Well Do You Know Black Veil Brides Songs? by Beth

· Music
Guess the songs by Black Veil Brides

Kidnapped By Black Veil Brides: Part 1 by The Walking Fire

So, you end up getting kidnapped by BVB and they won't tell you why they did it. What do you do?

Andy Biersack Stories

Rebel Love Song

*PROFANITY WARNING* Sabrina is a normal 21 year old girl, with one little exception: She's the younger sister of Vic and Mike Fuentes. She is able to go to Warped Tour '13 with her brothers and their band 'Pierce The Veil'. However, along the way, she meets the one and only Andy Biersack of Black Ve...

They Don't Need To Understand by AWKWARD

Kellin Quinn has a younger sister, one that is nothing like you'd expect. Yes she listens to similar music but she'd take her natural light brown hair over black. She'd take dresses over pants, and heels over combat boots. So what happens when she meets the famous Andy Biersack?

Knives & Pens

432 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Black Veil Brides · Mystery
Pandora Chambers meets Andy Biersack after a concert. She almost falls down but Andy caught her, but he accidentally pulls her sleeve up and sees her scars. After she runs away, Andy feels attracted to her, like he needs to help her. But he doesn't know who or where she is, will he find her, or ...

Without you there is no me. by ℓσѕtιηмиѕιc

Emery Quinn had been working with Black Veil Brides for the past three years but after a messy relationship between her and Ashley Purdy, she decides to go on a world tour with her twin brother, Kellin. What happens when she meets Pierce the Veil and she develops feelings for one of them?

Band One Shots *Long af* by BandWhore

Kellin, vic, alex, andy, quinn, fuentes, biersack, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, all time low, black veil brides, love, fanfiction, x reader

Savior by Forbidden Love Song-Jules

"Stop!" I screamed, "Stop the car! Please," It sounded like I was being murdered I was screaming so loud. I felt the jolt forward as the car skidded to a stop. I sighed in relief but then ran out of the car. "Do you need some help?" I asked. The figure standing in front of me was tall figure with bl...

Be A Savior Now

< -- Suddenly shipping Andy X Microphone X'D {Andrew Biersack X Reader} Mmkay, first of all, I was told to do this against my will... My friend {who is, by the way, crazily obsessed with Black Veil Brides and Andy} was holding a Nerf gun to my head. The story starts with you two as children...

Carolyn. |Andy Biersack| by Bethzaida

414 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · Black Veil Brides
{This is a re-write story} Carolyn Chandler has been mute for as long as she can remember, and she has one dream. Becoming a ballet dancer. She's twenty years old and abused by her father whom blames her for her mother's death. After the brutal beating she received by her father she runs awa...

My Angel

131 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
When Angel's mother dies her only family left is her rock star cousin, Ashley Purdy. He is like a big brother to her, a VERY protective big brother

Unbroken [ BVB fanfiction ] by SuperWaffles65

I was leaving the venue with my gaze on the ground when i crashed into someone. I shrank back as i looked up at who i bumped into, the man was much taller then me and wore a hoodie with the hood covering his face. "S-Sorry..." I stuttered quietly, but when he pulled back the hood slightly en...

Lost it All (Sleeping with Sirens Fan-Fiction) by Jinxx the Kitty Cat

Riley Quinn is Kellin Quinn's younger sister, to her it's not a big deal; they don't have the best relationship. After years of not seeing each other Kellin comes home to find his sister is bitter, sarcastic, and secretive. Riley is angry with her brother because he left her when she nee...

Free Now ||Andy Biersack|| by phil diffy

After weeks of begging, Sam Quinn is finally able to go on Warped tour with her famous brother, Kellin, lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens. She is reunited with some of her best friends, but forced to be around the person she hates the most... Or does she?