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Austin Mahone Quizzes

Your prom date Ooh La La by Evaax

Which guy would be your prom date? Will it be Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Matthew Espinosa and last but certainly not least the perfection known as Ian Somerhalder

Celebrity Boyfriend Long Results

You meet one of the five guys. He becomes close to you because of your choice. He becomes famouse because... After high school he... How did you met him... And others. Boys: Austin Mahone, Niall Horan from One Direction, Justin Bieber, Wesley Stromberg from Emblem3 and last but not least Cody Simpso...

Who's your perfect pop-star boyfriend?

Take this quiz to find out who your perfect pop-star boyfriend is, out of the more popular artists! (I do realize that some of these artists aren't particularly pop-stars, but it was just easier to classify them under pop-star)

Imagines by Evaax

The results are: Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier and Jack Gilinsky. The results will be long that's why I didn't include that many guys... but yeah enjoy.

Who's your future husband? by Evaax

Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier, Carter Reynolds, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Matthew Espinosa, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Shawn Mendes and lucky last Dylan O'Brien. Never give up on anybody.. miracles happen every day ;)

Who's your celebrity Brother?

You have a celebrity brother, now take this quiz to find out who!

Celebrity Boyfriend + Very Long Story = Awesome Quiz

· Music
One Direction, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, ECT. Which will you get?

Can You Finish The Lyrics? by FallenTearPetals

· Music
Are You A Music Lover? Yes? Then You'll Knock This Out The Park! :D No? Then I Wish You Luck LOL :)

The Janoskians- Break up to Make up

Read this to find out how you break up and then make up with your Janoskian boyfriend

Who's your famous boyfriend? (with story) by gipsy rose'

Only for girls ;) Austin Mahone? Justin Bieber? Harry Styles? Cody Simpson? take the Quiz and find out;)

Do you know these popular guys/celebrities? by TABLE FLIPPER

· Music
I'll put a picture on every question and you have to guess who is that... as simple as that... I guess...

Sleepover with Austin Mahone by Mrs.Shelley

· Music
I know you want to. C:

Do you know all the lyrics? by irem

All in the title love :D Part 2: Do you know all the 2013 lyrics? -2- Part 3: Do you know all the lyrics? -3-

Would Austin Mahone fall for you? by Chy Bieber

· Music
If Austin sees you across the room, would you catch his attention? Let's find out shall we?

Austin Mahone's life with you (Kinda longish and shortish results) by Mrs. Mahone

Includes:Your first fight,house,kids,pregnancy,and more! and the title of your result is what the fight was about.

Austin Mahone Stories

He's The One? by Noelani Lien

38 pages · Fan Fiction
Embrie Brinley is taking over the world. Just from the Take Me Home Tour, she gained millions of fans and her music career is blowing up. Now she is going on another tour. What about Matt? Will she find someone knew? (sequel to Summertime Of Our Lives)

Obsessed (Austin Mahone Fanfic)(DONE & SEQUEL) by dingus

42 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Let me go!"I yelled. "No!"Austin yelled back. I was beyond mad. "Why!"I cried. "Because I love you!"He yelled.

Imagines! by Anna

Comment if you want an Imagine! I will do One Direction, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Cody Simpson, Harry Potter characters, Hunger Games characters, MagCon Guys, R5 Guys, 5SOS guys, etc.

Bad Boy Next Door (Austin Mahone) by Caity

117 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sierra Sparks moves in next door to Austin Mahone, the bad boy of San Antonio, Texas. Austin Mahone is the fierce leader of the gang called 'The Crew'. 'The Crew' does break hearts, but not as much as they break skulls. Their hearts are cold and their smirks are menacing. Everyone sa...

Memories (Austin Mahone Fan Fiction) by Caity

44 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
If we were best friends why did he forget about me after making a promise he wouldn't keep? I mean I always knew people in my life would leave at some point but I never expected him to. I hoped this wouldn't be forever, but after the accident. Who knows? Also on wattpad:

Forever and Always (Sequel to Crazy For You)(Austin Mahone Fanfic) by dingus

24 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Im sorry!"Bethany yelled. I shooked my head at her. She just thinks that I am going to forgive her for what she did to me? "You left me and Marie for 5 years!Don't you understand how much pain I have been through!"I yelled. "Im sorry,"she whispered. I shooked my head...

It wasn't love (Austin Mahone fanfic) by Jackie

82 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Rose and Austin were completely different people. Austin was famous and Rose was average. But when there mom's arrange for them to get married what will happen. Their forced to be the perfect couple in front of the camera's but what is it like behind the camera. Follow Austin and Rose throug...

Touring with Trouble.

188 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Kylie Parker. Austin Mahone. Both rising stars. She hates him. He likes what he sees. She sees him as a pervert. He has hormones. They both can’t reach the top without help. Each other’s help. What happens when both their managements fix the problem with getting to the top by making an agreement...

Missing Phone -Austin Mahone lovestory- by janemahone

30 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
When Emily goes to Austin's concert with her bestfriend Savannah, she finds a phone after the concert. What she doesn't know is that it's Austin's phone. What will she do with it when she finds out? Read to find out :)

I Fell In Love With A Friend [An Austin Mahone Love Story]

209 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Once upon a time there was a girl named Avery Miller. She was best friends with a boy named Austin Mahone. After finding out her parents were getting a divorce she was forced to move away with her dad and her little brother, but when her dad passes away and she has to move back with her mom will she...

My Bully (Austin Mahone Fanfic)

13 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Skyler has been bullied by Austin and his friends all of her life. Austin calls her names and beats her up for no reason. Her mom doesn't even care. Skyler cuts and never eats. No one knows expect for her best friend,Amber. What happens when Austin falls for Skyler?

All of Me- Austin Mahone *Sequel to Made for Me* by BeMineMrStyles

171 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Its been three years since Mackenzie left for New York, Her new career has just kicked off and she's super amped to be working with thee Scooter Braun. Will Austin find her? Will he love her or hate her for running away?