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Did you mean axle x reader?

Axel X Reader Quizzes

1) Heartless~: A KingdomHearts WWYFF by AJ

Hey guys! Thanks for actually taking the time to read this... lol. Anywaaays, this is my very FIRST wwyff! Please don't judge me. ♥ It may be boring at first, but I promise to make it more exciting! For some clarification, the setting takes place AFTER KH2 and in another demension... lol. Your ...

2) Heartless~: A KingdomHearts WWYFF

· TV
RECAP: So I left the other one at the event when you're telling Riku you're name, am I correct? I'm sorry I'm making this slow, but I promise to pick up the pace, so you can meet all of them! A/N: You live in Radiant Garden, so you MAY meet Kairi along the way. c; Well, idk. It's an alternate ...

3) Heartless~: A KingdomHearts WWYFF by AJ

· TV
Hey guys! I've finally uploaded another one! I had a doctor's appointment, so I didn't get to start on it right away. I'll try to upload another as soon as possible. c; I even made some drafts at school when I had free time. :P In this one, you'll meet... eeehhh. I won't tell you. :3 Lets quit...

6) Heartless~: A KingdomHearts WWYFF by AJ

Asdfghjkl; I've finally come to making the 6th one. cx Sorry about my procrastination, I got kind of uninterested for awhile, but I owe it to you guys for staying by me. c: We left off at you running to find help right? Let's get started, then. c;

4) Heartless~: A KingdomHearts WWYFF by AJ

· TV
Hey lovlies!:D Here's another one. c; This'll have a little more Sora action for you fans. Please excuse my writer's block. .__. I'll try to get to you Roxas fans! Trust me :3 I want to get there too. =w= I haven't played Kingdom Hearts... yet! omg. .__. Because I'm a procrastinator. >.<...

7) Heartless~: A KingdomHearts WWYFF by AJ

I really didn't want to keep anyone waiting, so I worked on this rather than my homework. LOL. oh well. Sorry to my English teacher! c:

8) Heartless~: A KingdomHearts WWYFF by AJ

Welp, a lot of my followers have been unfollowing me. i assume it's because i haven't been updating that much. so i'd like to thank you guys who are patient with me, enough to reach 8. c:

Axel X Reader Stories

Kissing Booth [Various x Reader] by Scribe Sisters

23 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
It was a stupid idea, but here you were dragged into the plan and now forced to run that stupid kissing booth. The last thing you had expected was for your crush to swing by. [Anime/Video Game/Ect... Characters x Reader]

Roxas X Reader Fanfic by FangirlFun1420

21 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Despite having lost all memory of life before the Organization, you still felt there was special something about you. Something that made you feel closer to Roxas. Of course, that wasn't the only thing that made you feel that way... DISCLAIMER: I obviously do not own KH or Disney or any of thei...

Eyes of Rebellion (Kingdom Hearts/Final fantasy) Reader-Insert by Autumn Soliz

62 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
~~~~~ Was a young girl when it happened. An explosion ripped apart her world, shattered all worlds. Powers leaked through the gaps, certain people developed abilities from the remnants of those worlds. But how did they split? And more importantly, what does it have to do with the people known as ...

Axel One Shot Fanfiction (Axel x Reader) by FlutterBy281

2 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Short Stories
Axel x Reader. A fluffy one-shot I undertook one bored evening... DISLCAIMER: I don't attempt to understand everything in Kingdom Hearts, I just like the characters. BTW, I've never played the game. All rights go to Disney and Square. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This little fanfic can be viewed i...

An Axel X Reader Love Story by JustAnotherNobody

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Reader insert. Axel X Reader. Well, I'm not sure what to put here... it's a love story between you and Axel from Kingdom Hearts.. Hope you like it.

Torn (DemyxXReaderXDepressed!Axel) by shsl loser

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I don't know what to write here.) You're member XV or Organization XIII, and you have feelings for a cocky pyro. But as the same time your water loving best friend loves you.

My First Boyfriend! [Axel x Female!Reader] |Finished| by вяσкєηιмαgιηαтιση

2 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories · Anime/Manga
"Yes, he's your first boyfriend... and hopefully he'll be your one and only boyfriend because. If it's not Axel then you do not want another... knowing full and well that your words may sound cruel... but it's the truth."

Once Upon a Nightmare (Reader Insert)

40 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Horror · Vampires
In the city of Veroncia, a legend had been told of a boy named Axel who slaughtered all in his path. You were the girl who believed you could survive any horror story. What happens, when your legend, becomes reality?

Der Hof der Wunder (Sequel to Once Upon a Nightmare) Reader Insert by F E L I X

8 pages · Fantasy
The walls of the old orphanage were a cage, how I longed to go outside and be free like a bird...

Kingdom Hearts Boyfriend Scenarios! Pick your man/men! ;D by Everlander

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Reader x Sora, Riku, Roxas, Axel, Saix, Xemnas, Demyx, possibly more later! Long-ish chapters. WIP. You suggest something cute, I'll write it. ;) Have fun!

Kingdom Hearts x Reader Collection by Anjel Paopu

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
This is re-posted from my account on Quizilla from who know HOW LONG ago! :) Given that I was a lot younger making these I think I did a good job! ^-^ Hope you enjoy~

Kingdom hearts perferences by Bullet For My Heart

(Axel,Sora,Riku,Roxas,Demyx) What would it be like to be with your favorite kh guy your fights,cute moments,first night of his house,and everything else. Well no need to imagine cause ill be writing them!(This will be modern time,but they will still have thier powers just to make it interesting.I...