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Barefoot Quizzes

What shoe are you? by Mia

Click up there! ^^^^

What kind of gurl are you by girltime9999

There r difrent results u can get tha tomboy or tha gurly gurl tha calm kol gurl or tha gurl that lvs 2 b barefoot like me ;)

What kind of shoe are you? by kayy:)

Converse? Vans? Flip flops? Barefoot?

Barefoot Stories

Barefoot Cinderella [Louis Tomlinson Love Story] by ι'м иσ вєαυту qυєєи

57 pages ~ Completed · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
He met her in an alley, while she was barefooted. They spoke hurriedly for a moment and then she ran again from her chasers. One moment can change your life. One look can captivate. He saw scratches on her arms, no cats could have caused. But that wasn't why: They were hooked.

The Healer by I Wıƨн I Cσυʟɔ Tυяп Bαcκ Tıмε

7 pages · Romance · Fantasy
I run, barefooted through the somber woods behind my little pixie house in the middle woods. Up until recently when I discovered what lurks in the dark woods of my never ending forest. At the edge is where it awaits me it waits and waits and then suddenly it pounces and starts running like a wild ...

Remember Me by Lithium

12 pages · Romance · Science Fiction
Run. All Finley could process in her brain was to run. And and did. She ran barefoot across the damp hearth ofthe forest, her feet snapping wet twigs, occasionally stepping in a puddle of mud. She didn't know where she was running exactly, but she pumped her long legs and didn't even thi...

TMNT trinity by Lexy Hamato

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
The lights came on to reveal a girl that looked no more than twelve. She had dark brown hair pulled up into a ponytail behind her head. She had on a close fitting white shirt with long sleeves and matching tight pants. She was also barefoot. Her skin was pale and she looked almost as skinny as a sti...

Can I Survive? by FeralWolf

24 pages · Action · Adventure
18 year old girl named Wolf, lives in a mansion, when all she wants to do is get muddy and run through the woods barefoot. Will it ever come to running away? To survive in the wild you need to be able to fight. How will she learn if her familly disaproves?

Imagine Me (Joe Sugg novel) by Andrea

49 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
"I walked slowly on the bridge. I was barefoot and I could bearly feel the sharp pain that flowed through my feet. I felt nothing. I heard nothing. I couldn't see nothing. I was nothing. Nothing to him..."

Ghost or Angel? by Lonely

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Anyone remember Billy Joe Cobra, Well he had a girl in his life before he died. She wasn't he's girlfriend…Yet, He was gonna tell her until his untimely passing, And due to heartbreak she too died a few weeks later

The Barefoot Soldier (Eren x Reader)

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Action
Not good at descriptions, so just read the title. ^^^

Barefoot Cinderella by Hailee Ann

Madison Mckenzie was the biggest female pop sensation of this generation. But at home she was just Ava-Grace Vigil. She was the real-life 'Hannah Montana'. There was one little problem though, she was being paired up with to sing a duet with, the now solo singer, Zayn Malik. The problem? The...

Wanted or Unwanted? by Niallerrr

45 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Marissa has to move in with her brother Harry...But will she fall for one of the her brothers best friends?

Secrets Unfold -Dramione story- by Free Cinderella

7 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Romance
This is a Dramione story! Read and find out what happens!:D (Has swear words, so, turn back if you dont like it!) -Barefoot Cinderella

Barefoot Cinderella. *ICONic boyz love* by Hey'Perfect. -Ali♥

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · ICONic Boyz
Savannah (a.k.a savy) is just some ordinary girl. she tries her best to be her self. but she gets put down to much. she tansferr's school. she meet's some guyz that dont jugde her. and the best gal pal she could ever have. can an ordinary girl fine anything better the love and happiness?