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Boyfriend Quizzes

Who is your Youtube Boyfriend #2! by Miss Horan


What type of boys are attracted to you :3 by B E Y O N D your eyes

Mmmmm... who would date you with out a doubt? Maybe... Bad boys, Sweat hearts, athletes, geeks, come on whit my test and found it ;)

Who is your 5SOS boyfriend?

So, who member from 5SOS would love to go out with you? Go through this quiz and find out who your prince charming would be.

Your Perfect Boyfriend by Acacia

Find out which guy is best for you! Long story results with pictures:)

What type of guys are attracted to you? by uosןıʍ ʎǝuʇɹuoɔ

Do you attract Jocks? Sweat Hearts? Geeks? Players? Bad Boys? Click to find out♡

Realistic Create A boyfriend (VERY LONG RESULTS+PICS)

FOR GIRLS AND BOYS! Create your own boyfriend, very long results :) thanks so much for taking! Includes when you first met and first date and kiss! If theres no pics it's just because my computer hates me. This took me a week to make! Thanks Again!

Who is Your Youtube Boyfriend?

Another Boyfriend quiz, girls only ^.^

Who's your perfect type of boyfriend? by Paul

This is to see what type of person you are like, also, shows what type of boy you would date.

Who is your secret lover? by caroo

Find out what kind of guy loves u secretly

You As An Anime Girl!

Are you the sweetheart, cute nerd, quiet mysterious girl, cool girl, or the shy girl? ♡ Take the quiz to find out! ^.^ *Includes Your Anime Boyfriend~

Who is your future boyfriend? by Caombhe

Title says all :3 Long results! *First quiz so be nice!

Who Is Your 5SOS Man? by Peace Tea Baby

Will you get Luke? Michael? Ashton? Maybe Calum? Take to find out who loves you.

Who is jealous of you?

Find out who is jealous of you. Your most trusted sister? Your charming boyfriend? Your best friend? Your worst enemy? Or even your teacher!

Your Dream Dude + (LONG Story Results!)

· Music
First quiz ^^ Super duper looong results.. just warning ya C:

Boyfriend Stories

Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios by Angel

64 pages · Romance · Horror
(Requests are closed for now)Includes slender man, Jeff the killer, Ben drowned, laughing jack, eyeless jack, masky, hoodie, ticci Toby, lost silver, homicidal Liu

Best Friend's Boyfriend by κ.sᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ

116 pages ~ Completed · Romance
In my defense, I met him first. But that doesn't matter since he's already my best friend's boyfriend. -- Sometimes one night can change everything.

My brothers' best friend by Vivian

219 pages ~ Completed · Romance
"One day you'll love me." He whispered in my ear. "You mean nothing to me. I'll make sure that I never fall in love with you" I barked back. He grinned. "We'll see about that."

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios by Raven

60 pages · Romance · Short Stories
(CHARACTER REQUESTS CLOSED!) It includes Jeff, Slenderman, BEN, E.J, Masky and Hoodie. It shows how you meet, you meet again, he develops feelings for you, he asks you out, kiss, ect... Well, enjoy!

Adventure Time boyfriend scenarios by BMO glomp

54 pages · Adventure · Humor
Title explains it all~ the options are Marshall Lee, Prince Gumball, Flame Prince, Finn, and human BMO, sorry if it sucks, enjoy :)

Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios by Dark Kitty

50 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
So... I didn't really wanna write something like this I just wanted to do stories like different but this might be the best way. My pasta right now are, Slenderman, Jeff The Killer, BEN, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Homicidal Liu, Lost sliver, Dark Link, Eyeless Jack, Bloody Painter, and Laughing ...

Creepy Pasta Boyfriend Scenarios

90 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Just what the title says~ ~Contains: Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Hoodie, Masky, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Dark Link, Lost Silver, Bloody Painter, and The Puppeteer.

My Cousin's Your Fangirl (Modern!Sasuke X Reader) by Morgie The Dorky Ninja

69 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Anime/Manga
You're Sakura's lazy gamer cousin. And looks like you moving in with her is going to cause some problems~

Fader |Ashton Irwin| by вand on тнe rυn

154 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Adventure
'Lost' and 'Fading' are the only words to describe Bridgette. She lost all hope in herself. Why? First, her father unexpectedly dies, and now her boyfriend of two years dies in an accident. Now, she's torn and shattered. She isn't the same after the deaths of her two loved on...

Between ~FINISHED~ by Aquamarine Dreamer

280 pages ~ Completed · Romance
After 3 failed attempts of finding the right school, 17- year old Katherine Steeleback’s parents send her to Halman Prep; Fulton, Ohio’s castle of elite private schools, but to Katherine, a dollhouse filled with Barbie and Ken dolls. The first day is only the beginning of a horrid semester when ...

PlayMATE by Mimic My Howl

58 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Aubree is dreading the week she has to spend at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding to her best friend. But when a mysterious dark haired man arrives in her life, the hardness of week seems to reduce. As the week continues, the secrets begin to spill out; so turning to the mystery man, she begins to feel c...

Two Bodies, One Soul *Sequel to My brothers' best friend* by Vivian

105 pages · Romance
"Forever and always?" Chris cross-examined. I stared at those emerald greens that I loved so much. All my surroundings disappeared and the only one that I could see, the only one that mattered was Chris. "You and me, forever. I wouldn't want it any other way." I smiled.