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Bruno Mars Quizzes

Who is your celebrity boyfriend? by Ʀɑℂɧeɑℒ Ᏸϊeℬeℛ ℳɑℛᎦ

· Music
One Direction,Big Time Rush,Justin Bieber,Bruno Mars,Cody Simpson,Liam,Hemsworth,Josh Hutcherson,Taylor lautner,Rob Patterson,Adam Lambert,Chris Brown, and Diggy simmons.

Music Quiz (Pop Edition) by Im Sorry

· Music
See how much you know about the songs of today!

Guess The Singer/Band.! by Shelly Hale

· Music
Lyrics. Do you know them.?Hmm.lets see!

What singer/rapper are you most like ? by GirlyGirl1on1

· Music
(WARNING THIS QUIZ IS LONG) Nicki Minaj,Lady Gaga,Beyonce,Eminem,Rihanna,Chris Brown,Katy Perry,Britney Spears,P!nk,Lil Wayne,Drake,Avril Lavigne,Bruno Mars,Enrique Iglesias,Jason Derulo,Jay~z,Justin Bieber,Kanye West,Ke$ha,Mariah Carey,Pitbull,Shakira,Taylor Swift,Usher,Trey Songz,

What is your spirit animal? by Saphroun

Take this quiz to find out what animal has guided your spirit through this incarnation of life.

What Band/Singer U Get Along With? by Neko Gasai Yuno

· Music
Will it be Imagine Dragons, One Republic, Black Veil Brides, Blood on the Dance Floor, The Neighborhood, Pink Floyd, The Script, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ellie Golldie, Coldplay, or The Fray!

Who is your future celebrity boyfriend? by Klaudiabieber1

Hey guys, so this is my first quiz I'm really excited about it, this is my first quiz so it might suck. So if its bad please comment and give me some advise for next time.

Lost In Confusion Justin Bieber Story/Quiz by Jackie

This is my first story/quiz so sorry if it is bad:( But I will try my best and I hope you all like it.

What bruno mars song describes you the most? by Shauni

· Music
Take this quiz to see what bruno mars song desribes you the best :)

Who is your celeb boyfriend?

· Music
For girls only

What love song are you? by Veronica Pierce

· Music
What love song best represents your current outlook on life? *singles, dating, or broken hearts, males and females all welcome!*

Song Lyrics! by Allisyn and Elizabeth

Beginning of 2013, end of 2012. Includes One Direction, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Cher Lloyd, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber.

If You Were A Singer Who Would You Remind Me Of? by Quotes

· Music
Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Rhianna, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Molly, Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, and Lady Gaga

Lost in Confusion Justin Bieber Story/ Quiz Part 8 by Jackie

Check out parts 1,2,3,4,5,6,&7 first please :)

33 questions with yes and no by Petra

· Music
You seem to be very stupid if you didn't guessed by the title

Lost In Confusion Justin Bieber Story/ Quiz Part 6 by Jackie

Check out Parts 1,2,3,4 & 5 and tell me what you think :) Also comment what you think should happen next (: Also One Direction coming soon! Tell me who else should be in the story?

Lost In Confusion Justin Bieber Story/ Quiz Part 7 by Jackie

Check out Parts 1,2,3,4,5, & 6 :) Leave comments below about what you think and thanks for taking my quiz ♥ (:

Bruno Mars Stories

Illegal Love by Umm. Marissa

62 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Age is just a number, right? Our love was a sin to society but we couldn't keep away. We bent the rules and the rules broke us in return. Our love was selfish and no amount of persecutions from white wigs would keep Bruno and I away from each other.

A Youtuber||Bradley Simpson Love Story by Molly Rogers

15 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Bailey is Tyler Oakley's sister. Bailey is also a youtuber, but is in a band called Rythmic and they do a lot of covers and put them on youtube. They often get asked to do the covers that The Vamps, like their Bruno Mars Mashup. Little did the girls know that their fans made a fanpage for them t...

My Little Treasure (Harry Styles Love Story) by cαѕѕуηιcσℓє

111 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
The thing that kept me mesmerized about Harry was his way. His way of doing things was so...magical. His gift brought out his inner beauty and showed me who he really was and what he was worth. What was he worth? He was worth it all. Every last touch, every last kiss. Every last 'I love you'. ~Co...

Just the Way You Are (BTT x Bullied!Reader) by Katiefrog217

9 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Ehhhhhhhh I've had this idea for a while now, so enjoy this little story while I try to get my chapters out ♥ Also, Happy Valentine's Day~! I don't have anyone to spend it with, so I spent my time typing this xD I added a bit of an accent to the characters, but not too thickly -shrug...

His "girlfriend" by Muthafukin'Hooligan

121 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Bruno’s manager is worried about the reaction of hooligans towards Jessica so he wants to hide their relationship by finding someone to pretend as Bruno’s new girlfriend…But which girl would the fandom welcome without problems…A FAN of course,a hooligan herself. Barbara is a simple girl that...

First Impressions Last Forever (Bruno Mars love story) *DONE*

50 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Before Bruno became a superstar he was interviewed as a producer by a girl named Callie Striker. After the interview they started dating but when Bruno starts a drinking problem and ruins Callie's birthday party she decides it's best that they stay apart.Two years later they meet again, will Callie ...

The prize of fame by Muthafukin'Hooligan

50 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sequel to His "girlfriend"...Being together is not the end of the story.Actually the hardest part begins after it.Specially when Bruno is famous and Barbara is just somebody.It makes your dreams come true,but fame sometimes is the highest prize to pay when looking for happiness...

Here We Go Again- Niall Horan love story

332 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
When Sierra and Dominick's parents die, they have to go live with their long lost older brother Louis Tomlinson and his four bandmates. FINISHED

Lost by Muthafukin'Hooligan

151 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Clarissa is one of the biggest hooligans ever.She's got a little sister named Chloe who doesn't share the same opinion.She likes Bruno's voice but not Bruno himself.Clarissa's biggest dream is to meet Bruno and she'll do anything to achieve it,dragging her sister along.What happens when Bruno will m...

When I was your Man [Shikamaru Nara] by xSummehx

4 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
♥ Words: 1144 words ♥ Type: One-Shot ♥ Reader Insert ♥ Prompt: When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars ♥ xSummehx

Fix you by Jello158

17 pages · Romance · Justin Bieber · Fan Fiction
I was in a mental clinic for 5 years. Not knowing what was going on, on the outside world. When I was released I had no idea who; Chris Brown, Bruno Mars or Katy Perry was. Especially not Justin Bieber.

Race To Witch Mountain 2 by Chelsea Ludwig

Seth and Sara return to earth to prevent an inter-world war. Jack and Alex are happily married with all the money one could want. And Jo is a well trained thief, and an alien - but she doesn't know it. Will they be able to save both worlds?