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Did you mean benumbed?

Bunnymund Quizzes

What do the guardians think of you? by Megan

Girls only. sorry. What do the rise of the guardians characters think of you, who you are, what your name is, who would have a crush on you etc.

Your ROTG Life! ~Longish Results~ by Bee H

· Movies
Includes: Name, back story, outfits, the guardians opinions and more! Just take it, no hate please

10 Minutes in Heaven -Rise of the Guardians- by Vanessa Chan

It's the day before Christmas and North has invited you to his little party, however, little did you know that you were going to get involved in the game 10 minutes in heaven. Who will you get? Who will you be alone with? Let's see, shall we? Long results too :D

Rise of The Guardians Story Life (Longish results) by Coryn

Like the title ~ And For girls only, Sorry boys :/ UPDATE!I edited the stories a teeny bit, and i added some more answers to questions.

Create Your Guardian (ROTG) by Raven

· Movies
Yeah this is boring but i have no life so whatever. As the title says i shall determine what guardian you are. And your love interest and what the other guardians think of you and such. Have fun. Btw please comment if you want me to add a character.

Life as a guardian!(~Story and everything included! :)~) by Kas

· Movies
Read the title, won't you? ^^^^ Girls only!

7 Minutes In Heaven (Rise of the Guardians)

· Movies
Imagine if North invites you to a Christmas Party. You happily accept the offer and attend. But once you arrive, Jack Frost comes up with the idea of playing 7 Minutes In Heaven. Who will you end up with? Take this quiz to find out!

7 Minutes in Heaven [Rise of the Guardians] by sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴɴᴇ

The title pretty much says it all, but here's an intro: It's Valentines Day, the day of giving love and the day of hearts. You had nothing to do today, so Tooth invited you to a party at the Warren. You didn't know you were playing 7 Minutes in Heaven, and you just happened to like a certain someon...

Rise Of The Guardians Life by Amerika-kun

· Movies
Your awesome life in Rise of the Guardians. Includes Sandy, Jack, Bunny, North, and Pitch. ♥

Truth Or Dare (W/ The Guardians)

· Movies
Let's play a friendly(not really :P) game of Truth or Dare with THE Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Sandman & Jack Frost ;)

Which character from 'Rise of the Guardians' are you most like? by Elorium

· Movies
Title says most of it~ Are you most like Bunnymund, Jack, North, Pitch, Sandy or Toothiana? For all genders! But boys, please don't kill me if you get Tooth v.v

Truth or dare (W/ Hiccup, Astrid, Toothless & Guardians) by Katrina

Jack: Truth or DARE? Hiccup: Jack dont scare them Astrid: Isn't this supposed to be scarey? Guardians: YUP Toothless: :3

What Guardian Would You Be (Rise of the Guardian quiz)

· Movies
Since I love Rise of the Guardians, I have made a quiz on who you would and blah. Basically your love life :) By the way i have made a story based on this quiz because many awesome quotev people said i should and its called Victorias Curse

What do the Guardians think of you? (Rise of the Guardians) by AlexCrazyChimp

· Movies
^^^Title should explain. This is my first quiz so... tell me what you think. Mainly for girls but if you're a boy just change the she's to he's DFTBA (don't forget to be awesome)

Trapped in a closet with the guardians ( and pitch) by мυℓтι-ƒαη σм-gιяℓ

Oh no! you're trapped in the closet with the guardians, and pitch! this quiz will show you who you're least compatible with, and who you're most compatible with. good luck! GIRLS ONLY! sorry guys!

Bunnymund Stories

North's Daughter [Jack Frost Love Story] (Finished)

30 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
"Everyone gather 'round." North announces. Us Guardians walk over to him to see what he needed. "What is it, mate?" Bunnymund asks. "You all know my daughter, Aria. She'll be joining us for awhile." North says. North has a daughter? How come I never heard of her before? "Bunny, you and Jack go g...

Angel with an Arrow [A Rise of the Guardians Love Story] by Noel XD

13 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
[Spin-Off To Angel of Music] The Guardians have lived peacefully for almost half a decade; The children of the world are safe and Jack and Eve are living their happily ever after. Not everyone is happy however. Bunnymund has been immortal for 500 years. Alone. Unloved. What happens when fate th...

Tis the Season ~A Jack Frost Love Story ~

177 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
Natalie Reed's life isnt what a normal teenager would want. Her mom's dead. Her dad is an abusive alchoholic, and she is left alone to care for her little brother Bentley. After getting slapped, her true father, North, otherwise known as Santa Claus rescues her. In his workshop, she meets th...

The Hope Within Me

76 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Bunnymund wants to find his chosen one. Man in the Moon tells him to leave an egg for that special person, saying that only his chosen one will be able to find it. But what happens when that person is you? [ReaderxBunnymund] Completed 5/17/13 I don't own ROTG, or any of the pictures used. They al...

The Red Arrow

115 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Action
I'm Jane Winterland or in other words 'The Red Arrow'. Not too long ago, I awoke from such a place and ended up being in a world so familiar to my eyes but yet I don't know this place so well. I am the spirit of the Autumn Season which means I have the power to control wind, fire, trees/leaves and l...

If I could... by Joeyglowy

7 pages · Short Stories · Romance
[Rise of the Guardians] [E. Aster Bunnymund x Reader] [Mini one shot collection] You loved him dearly. You knew that he loved you back just as much. But of course there were many reactions he would make when you did particular things.

I'll Try (Jack Frost)

78 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The thing is, even if you don't believe, you'll still see them, kind of like seeing ghosts. You don't have a choice. You're special, and whether you want to believe it or not, the Guardians are real. Maybe a certain guardian will change your mind? ;) *READERxJACKFROST*

Winter Kisses ( Jack Frost Love Story ) *COMPLETED*

87 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Her name? Maya Winter. She believes in all of them. Who? Only the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa, the Sandman... Including, the one and only, Jack Frost.

Mini Me (Jack Frost x Reader) by AbsinthexMind

5 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Hogwarts AU Because of Jack's recent prank you were most definintely going to be late for detention with Professor Bunnymund. Cover art belongs to frozenblume on tumblr

Forget-Me-Not(Jack Frost Love Story)

71 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Conscious isn't any normal human. In fact, she isn't human at all. She is a guardian, but unlike most, she is invisible to all, because no one has ever believed in her. The only two guardians who have ever seen her, or spoke to her are the Man in the Moon, and Pitch. After the Dark Ages, she went ...

Winter Breeze by SkittleRachelle

233 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Gabby Signorelli is a perfectly normal girl ready to graduate high school. Jack Frost is a guardian and the spirit of winter. What happens when these two meet, and what happens when Pitch Black gets involved?

Frosty Love (Jack Frost Love Story) by Kimiko Loves Kevin

29 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Gabby Valentine is the Guardian of Friendship. What will happen when she gets close to the Guardian of Fun? I am going along the lines of the movie. There may be a lemon scene. Actually, there probably will be. Jack is just that adorable.