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Carl Grimes Love Story Quizzes

Who is Your Lover in Walking Dead? by Jan1024

Choose either Carl Grimes, Rick, Shane Walsh, or Daryl Dixon in this quiz! Find out who your boyfriend in the Walking dead and see if you get what you expect!

Which The Walking Dead guy would be your boyfriend?

· TV
Hey guys! A word of advise: answer truthfully, not what you think your favorite guy would answer, and see who you would really get! :D. Let me know who you got, what I did wrong etc. I appreciate messages. Possible answers: Rick, Daryl, Carl, Merle, Shane, Glenn, T-Dog and The Governor

Does he love you back? by thewalkersarecoming

This is a roleplay on Chandler Riggs, The Walking Dead. It's 3 year after all this became the apocalypse and when you find a way in to what looks like an abandoned prison, but is it really? NOTE: This is before The Governor tried to take over the prison and killed Hershel. It is when the prison...

Would Carl Grimes fall in love with you? by BandsAreLife

· TV
This is a quiz to see if Carl Grimes from the walking dead would fall in love with you during the zombie apocalypse

The Walking Dead (TV Show) by Katrina

· TV
We all love The Walking Dead :D but how much do you really know about the Walking Dead? Find out here!

Who would you date by katie clara

The walking dead characters for girls only unless your gay

Carl Grimes Love Story Stories

Holding On *Carl Grimes Love Story* by Brooklyn101

542 pages · Romance · Action
"I'll protect you," Carl whispered to me. "You shoot or you run, understand?" Rick said passing me a rifle. "Shoot or run," I repeated. "I've got this." Then I turned my attention to the oncoming herd. Shoot or run.

The Vixen (The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon) by J0rdanReedusDixon

353 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Fan Fiction
"Man, she was a vixen. Gorgeous and easy on the eyes. Hard to believe God still made girls like that nowadays. Every babe in the country was now some rotting bloodthirsty geek. Except her. She didn't think much of herself, but by the way her eyes flashed when she argued, the way she held her...

Lets Take A Walk (Chandler Riggs) by MarrieIsAwkward

59 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
You're outside late at night in the summer, burning love letters your stupid ex-boyfriend gave you, and get an unplanned visit from a charming boy with blue eyes and a smile that could outshine the sun. That would be the night that changes everything.

I'll Protect You by ικιηαβι-Ѕέиpαι

82 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Horror
I had lost everything. My best friend, my only family. Even the last of my supplies. I felt I had nothing left to live for, ready for the world to finally take my life. That is, until I found him. Or, he found me. That's when I found a new reason to fight.

Dont leave me by MariBæ

43 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I felt his arms wrap around my waist from behind me, I instantly knew who it was getting butterflys in my stomah, as I started to blush. "Carl Grimes" I said as he spinned me around towards him "Yes?" He laughed pressing his lips on my forehead, "I love you" I whispered in hi...

Stubborn Love (A Daryl Dixon Love Story) by Chloverfields

144 pages · Romance · Science Fiction
Mai Smith's past is anything but bright, but it did give her strength, the strength required to live in a world where the dead have taken over. A world where you have to watch your back around every corner, because the living are just as dangerous. It's a time like this, a time when your lif...

Bipolar Beauty ~Daryl Dixon Love Story~ by Carter

70 pages · Romance · Action
"Heh, everyone called her Bipolar Beauty. She was hot, then cold in a second. She was the most beautiful gal anyone has seen in that town, prettier than any model, inside and out. Every man adored her, every girl wanted to be her. With her sense of humor, generosity" Rick told this story, wh...

Carl Grimes Imagines by Chloe

41 pages · Fan Fiction
Different Carl Grimes imagines each chapter. I take requests, but not personal ones. I would love comments and suggestions!

Fighting for Survival *Daryl Dixon* by Loony82Lovegood

136 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Violet Wolf wakes up in the hospital not knowing how she got there or why. She meets a Man named Rick Grimes and that's where her story begins. Will she survive or will she be struck down?

Nothing Is Normal Anymore *Carl Grimes Love Story*

162 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
After the apocalypse a teenage girl was forced to hide out in a department store for months all by herself. Made sure never to go out at night, never make a lot of noise and most important of all, don't get bit. Everything was fine, until something or someone got in. . .

Bleed Out. (Daryl Dixon Love Story) by NeedusTheReedus

220 pages · Thriller · Romance
"You accept the love that you think you deserve but trust me when I say this, Daryl." I spoke closing the gap between our bodies. "You deserve so much more." I whispered pressing my lips to his whether he liked it or not. But I knew he loved it.

Dixon Daughter (~Carl Grimes Love Story~) by Ima Merp Monster

53 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
Living in a zombie apocalypse sucks. Vallory Dixon's entire family is gone. Friends, gone. Home, gone. But when she runs into a small group in the woods, maybe even meeting a long lost family member, will all hope be restored? Or will everything slip out of her grasp once more? (Not all events a...