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Create Boyfriend Quizzes

What type of boys are attracted to you :3 by B E Y O N D your eyes

Mmmmm... who would date you with out a doubt? Maybe... Bad boys, Sweat hearts, athletes, geeks, come on whit my test and found it ;)

Realistic Create A boyfriend (VERY LONG RESULTS+PICS)

FOR GIRLS AND BOYS! Create your own boyfriend, very long results :) thanks so much for taking! Includes when you first met and first date and kiss! If theres no pics it's just because my computer hates me. This took me a week to make! Thanks Again!

Your Dream Dude + (LONG Story Results!)

· Music
First quiz ^^ Super duper looong results.. just warning ya C:

Create a dream boyfriend you may meet in the future! by SnowButNotINsideYou

Here you will create a guy with the personality you want him to have but it bases on reality..these characteristics are real so he wants the perfect girl like you...the future is a mystery you want to explore so make your dream come true! i hope you like it ♥

Create a boyfriend with a story xD

Title says it baby ;) Good luck :P By the way if it comes up with in the story '___' < Means your name :) ♥

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RESULTS - M*A*S*H #8

Another quiz of MASH! So if you have never taken my MASH's, i do Picture Results meaning instead of a story, i use pictures to tell the story if that makes sense? hah! TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT: Your Future Husband Future Wedding First Date Your Kids + Ages Your House + Location Your Future...

Create a boyfriend with a story! -Long Results!-

Yes i am awere theres like 6 billion trilion of these quizes but I just wanted to make one >.< girls only! SOrry if your answers are crap. couldnt think of anything. O.o

Create Your Dream Guy

Just create your dream guy! *WARNING; LONG RESULTS* By the way, this is my first boyfriend quiz so please don't give me hate or judge me for it or anything but please leave comments! Thank you(:

Create a relationship (+breakup,makeup) by Amanda's Lost Ok

Includes First meet, first kiss, breakup, makeup. Didn't mean to use stereotypes, but they may be included, Sorry! One of the results has some touchy subjects in it so don't take anything personally please! You guys seemed to love my last quiz, so I made another one. *BEWARE SOME CURSE WORDS INCLUDE...

Create Your Boyfriend Part 2 by Hannah Lubs You

Includes Break up, Make up, ect. If you haven't, go take the 1st part of this first! Mwah! Love yous!

Who's your soulmate? (Magcon) by GilinskyMendes

Girls only (unless you're gay, that's cool too♥)

Create your own boyfriend! by Sarah

There's a title above this writing

Realistic Create A boyfriend 2 (VERY LONG RESULTS+PICS)

Includes breakup/fight and make up. For those of you who asked and asked for a sequel, this is for you!

Create Boyfriend Stories

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

32 pages
I read a lot of these so I thought why not create my own? Includes Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Masky, Hoodie, Sonic.exe and Eyeless Jack.

Cute Love Stories For You~

36 pages · Romance · Short Stories
Love stories that I created in my random mind for everyone to read. c: Mainly for girls but anyone could read it. ♥ (I own no pictures in these stories)

Love is in the Air

31 pages · Romance · Short Stories
This is a collection of romantic short stories that I write. Enjoy. © 2013 Unusual Unicorn Production

Homestuck Matesprite Scenarios -Trolls only-

11 pages · Romance
'Sup my fellow Homestuck fans? I created this because inspiration struck me, and I thought it would be fun. I was thinking of making one for the girls too. Hmm... Well, enjoy.

Pete x Reader - Goths and Conformists... by Angel4Life001

14 pages · Poetry · Romance
You just broke up with your ex-boyfriend and joined the goths, the only people that know your pain. You swore you'd never fall in love again and create pain filled poems to present to the goths and only attract the attention of a certain one through your poetic words. Can he handle conformist fe...

Eyeless Love (Eyeless Jack Fan Fiction) by Us

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Created by Anna. After having lived a simple life, Karen finds herself swept off her feet by a mysterious stranger she stumbles upon a certain night. However, he holds more secrets than she can bare.

Opposites Attract- Jai Brooks Fan Fiction by ʏօur ցırl jօɴɑһ

53 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Alexa Brenner has never broken a rule, not once in her life. She has the rest of her life planned out, and that includes college, grad school, and a job at a hospital. She has absolutely no time for parties or drinking, and certainly not boyfriends. Jai Brooks is the stereotypical bad boy. He skips ...

If I Said No by кαтєтяєє

51 pages · Romance · Humor
Writing out love stories is what Ray Carolina does. She spends all her time inventing and writing them down, but never takes time for a real boyfriend for herself. In fact, she doesn't want one because no one could possibly compare to the fictitious loves that shes created herself; or the boy th...

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

36 pages
Bluh... I know they are about a million of these, but I want to try my hand at it. For now it'll have Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Masky, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, and Ticci Toby. Let me know if you want more! Oh, and I created this for girls, but I honestly don't car...

Truth by Charlotte

37 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Vampires
What is Klaus completed his transformation into a hybrid using Katherine but of course she survived thanks to Elijah? What if now being a hybrid he has created his own hybrids but a powerful witch takes him back to square one where he must break the curse once again. With Katherine a vampire he must...

Don't Let Go by Sapphy

9 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
My name is Madeline. Most call me Maddie. I'm 16 and I live with my bestfriend Matthew Espinosa. The viner. We've been best friends since I was in 1st grade, Matt was in 2nd grade. When he first started magcon he asked me to tag along with him and through that I created some great friends. I...

Vampires Will Never Hurt You by Kerry Wentz-Way

23 pages · Vampires · Romance · Fantasy
Vampire boyfriends Gerard and Frank are walking around at night when Gee gets hungry. So he feeds upon a young girl but then things go horribly wrong. Mikey/OC I do not own My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, or Paramore. I do however own the plot and the characters I created. If I find out ...