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Did you mean creepy pasta fanatic?

Creepypasta Fanfic Quizzes

Your Creepypasta Story by Cobra

· Scary
I'm tired of all the answers in quizzes being obviously one character or another so I decided to make my own. I don't know much about most of the characters other than Slenderman so I'm going off of other stories and such since it's such a pain to find the true original story for eve...

Are you a mary sue creepypasta? by Static the glitch

For those who make new ocs, i RECOMMEND you take this quiz! If you didnt get the result you wanted, its fine! It just needs work! And this is my first quiz so im still trying to figure out how this works.

Proxy Training Day 7! by Merrielle

· Scary
This is the seventh quiz in a series quiz I'm doing. You will be training to become a proxy. try to survive. Enjoy! ^u^

Your Life as a Mary Sue

· Humor
Here, you can find out which perfect, depressed, super-duper beautiful Mary Sue cliche you would be! Includes many fandoms. Long results. More results coming soon.

Creepypasta truth or dare P2! by Merrielle

· Scary
This one will be more about you. I got a complaint about that on the first one. :) its cool though! It just turned out that way before *rubs back of head embarresedly* ill be careful this time! As an apology, most of the questions will have a unitato picture. XD ENJOY!

Who is your vocaloid boyfriend? by Aiayla

Haii~ Results include Len, Kaito, Mikuo, Gakupo, Usee, Leon and Kiyoteru. ❤️ Vocaloid boyfriend ❤️

TRAINING TO BE A PROXY! Day 2 by Merrielle

· Scary
This is the second quiz in a series quiz i am doing. You will be training to become a proxy. Try to survive.

TRAINING TO BE A PROXY! Day 3 by Merrielle

· Scary
This is the third quiz in a series quiz i am doing. You will be training to become a proxy. Try to survive. Trippy is my friend Blackblur28's oc go follow her shes awesome! sam hayne is my oc.

TRAINING TO BE A PROXY! Day 5 by Merrielle

· Scary
This is the fifth quiz in a series quiz i am doing. You will be training to become a proxy. Try to survive

TRAINING TO BE A PROXY! Day 4 by Merrielle

· Scary
This is the fourth quiz in a series quiz i am doing. You will be training to become a proxy. Try to survive

Your life in Gotham City

Just for fun. A little quiz because I wanted to. You can be a character from my story too, if you want to read it's on "Time for a Change"by CreepypastaWriter. But I don't think you will so... I will write stories to the other characters sometime... soon. Maybe.

Truth Or Dare! (Creepypasta) by NεȻħίί

Hi guys! I'm sorry, I call lots of people guys, sorry girls! I got a little bored on working on the epic FanFiction for you guys, and I wanted to do something for you guys. I like to make surveys and all that, simply because it's shorter fun! Even though I know the story, sequence, and all of that ...

Are they love you (1)? by Erina lunablitz

Who will be your bf?jeff?slendy?ej?lj?ben?smile dog?ticci toby?hoodie?masky? this is your first adventure with me and creepypasta

Creepypasta life by Nicole

Yes, yes i know there are many of these out there. but i right many fanfictios, and have written a couple of books and thought that a quiz like this would be very interesting and fun to do. LONG ANSWERS

CreepyPasta Kitty Mayhem! by Willow

I've read a few fanfictions with this particular subject and I absolutely love them! I absolutely had to write one! I hope you all enjoy it! I do NOT own any of the pictures used in this!

Which creepypasta oc of mine are you? by Merrielle

· Scary
Well, are you decieving cold blooded killer? Are you a sympathetic cannible? Or are you following in someone elses footsteps? Maybe youre following around your 'savior'? Lets find out! All storys and characters are MINE! :) enjoy!

Meet the Creepypastas by Scratches

Hello This is my first quiz im sorry if it sucks. But please take it anyway. Also all pictures used in this quiz belong to their rightful owners i dont own any of them.

Creepypasta Fanfic Stories

Trick And Kill~Jeff The KillerXReaderXEyeless Jack by Raphaelia

317 pages · Fan Fiction · Thriller
How much can a human take before the reality around him snaps? For you it was the most unbearable loss of them all. It was more than enough to drown everything sane inside of you. The monster rose inside of you and everything went up to flames. But you are not alone. Madness knows no limits. The sam...

Various One-shots (Requests Not Accepted)

Various one-shots, or reader-inserts, from animes, homestuck, creepypasta, anything! No pictures or characters are ours by the way.

When You Smile by Brooke Levi

62 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
(Y/n) was the perfect student, daughter, girl, friend, just perfect. She loves to sing and dance and draw and knows how to defend herself. She is kind to everyone around her and smart too. Her life couldn't be any better. (Or could it?) So how was (y/n) to know that she was in love with a killer...

He's a virus. (BEN DROWNED x Reader) (BEN DROWNED Love Story) by M E O W L I N

77 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"You interested in Puppet, huh?" BEN whispered in my ear. I froze in place as his cold breath hit my neck "I thought I did...b-but, I like someone else..." I said quietly looking at the ground. BEN tilted his head slightly and pressed himself against me "And who may that be Y/N?&...

One-shot Madness o.O (Requests are CLOSED) by Segway

97 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
One-shots will include creepypasta, various animes, and homestuck. This will be reader x character only, with the occasional ships. I'm also willing to do male reader x characters so any guys out there are welcome to request something (When requests are open)! :) Rules are listed on the first pa...

Depths of Fate by Silverfeather

27 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
BEN Drowned x reader. With a twist. BEN's personality is based completely off the pasta, not fanfics, and it will not be love at first sight, oh no, my dears, it will not. ;) Updating (fairly) regularly! (Cover is not mine, credit to owner)

Pinkamena's Revenge by Sunsetblossom

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
Your number is up. Readers beware: This is a creepypasta, if you are squeamish, don't like stories that involve violence or are really easily scared, do not read. Copyright notice: this story is loosely based on Cupcakes, a story I do NOT own. Characters are based on characters from a show ow...

Herobrine x reader] Alone in the dark by Kathi

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
There was a rustle. She turned around, scared for her life. Once again, [y/n] managed to get lost and she wasn't able to find her basement. As if this wasn't enough yet, it has become dark. The pitch black night covered the whole blocky word, the moon watched her silently with the little lig...

His Crazy Lullaby by Ghostie

100 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
My name is Lullaby Jones, my friends call me Ghost. I've been locked in a cellar for 11 years, and i've finally escaped. I joined a weird family called creepypastas, and Slenderman acts like my father. Follow my story as i try to readjust to this new world. As I learn to let go of my past. A...

Savior (Jeff the killer X reader) by xX ќïττÿ ќατ'ṡ ṃυṡïсαllÿ ïṉτøχïсατεḋ Xx

28 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Horror
*Jeff's POV* Why do I feel this connection to that girl? Is it friendship? Lust?...Love? I stopped at that thought... It can't be! Me, Jeff the killer can't fall in love with another target, a mortal girl!... can I?

Your New Life (Creepypasta X Reader) by bubblyIssues

34 pages · Romance · Action
You were the average, troubled teen. You had parents who always hated everything you liked, always yelled and fussed at you for no reason, never the perfect daughter in their eyes, the list could go on and on if you had the time. You don't have the time though. At least, not right now anyway. Ri...

Insomnia - Jeff the Killer Romance Fanfiction by Ace

34 pages · Mystery · Romance
As soon as I met her silver gaze, I was mesmerised, and for once I hesitated to bring down my knife. She didn't show a trace of fear, and instead of those terrified eyes and gaping mouth I expected, she wore a wide grin and a gaze filled with determination. For the first time in my life of k...