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Did you mean creepy pasta fanatic?

Creepypasta Fanfic Quizzes

Your Creepypasta Story by Cobra

· Scary
I'm tired of all the answers in quizzes being obviously one character or another so I decided to make my own. I don't know much about most of the characters other than Slenderman so I'm going off of other stories and such since it's such a pain to find the true original story for eve...

Creepypasta life by Nicole

Yes, yes i know there are many of these out there. but i right many fanfictios, and have written a couple of books and thought that a quiz like this would be very interesting and fun to do. LONG ANSWERS

Your Life as a Mary Sue by A Random Howler from Animorphs

· Humor
Here, you can find out which perfect, depressed, super-duper beautiful Mary Sue cliche you would be! Includes many fandoms. Long results. More results coming soon.

Truth Or Dare! (Creepypasta) by 尺ЦらŤ

Hi guys! I'm sorry, I call lots of people guys, sorry girls! I got a little bored on working on the epic FanFiction for you guys, and I wanted to do something for you guys. I like to make surveys and all that, simply because it's shorter fun! Even though I know the story, sequence, and all of that ...

Are they love you (1)? by Erina lunablitz

Who will be your bf?jeff?slendy?ej?lj?ben?smile dog?ticci toby?hoodie?masky? this is your first adventure with me and creepypasta

Who is your vocaloid boyfriend? by Aiayla

Haii~ So not long ago I made a 'What creepypasta is your boyfriend?' C: The results were pretty good~ So I decided to make a 'Who is your vocaloid boyfriend?' Hehe :3 Dedicated to Katie. Results include Len, Kaito, Mikuo, Gakupo, Usee, Leon and Kiyoteru.

Your life in Gotham City

Just for fun. A little quiz because I wanted to. You can be a character from my story too, if you want to read it's on "Time for a Change"by CreepypastaWriter. But I don't think you will so... I will write stories to the other characters sometime... soon. Maybe.

CreepyPasta Kitty Mayhem! by Willow

I've read a few fanfictions with this particular subject and I absolutely love them! I absolutely had to write one! I hope you all enjoy it! I do NOT own any of the pictures used in this!

Your time with the Creepypastas (RP) Part 1 by The Secret Guardian

· Scary
This is my first Creepypasta quiz although I love the stories; please don't hate this, it's only my second quiz that I've published and there will be more parts to come~

Meet the Creepypastas by Scratches

Hello This is my first quiz im sorry if it sucks. But please take it anyway. Also all pictures used in this quiz belong to their rightful owners i dont own any of them.

What kind of Quotev user are you? by Eric Harris

(I'm going to make a series of these, I was inspired by another quiz like this.) Can I guess what type of Quotever you are?

Can you win the place in my story? by ChickyPooPeople

I'm writing a Fanfiction on me and Masky from creepypasta and i made a contest so people can be in the story. you want to win and be out in my story then here you go.

A day with Richard (my character) by RichardtheDarkboy918

This quiz lets you hang out with my anime character "Richard". For girls only.

Which Creepypasta Is Interested In YOU! by Emma Cataloni

If you fanfic about this,you'll know what I mean. WHO IS YOUR CREEPYPASTA BOY!

Demented and Proud - Part 1

· Scary
I was the orphan who was kicked around when the others needed entertainment, I was ignored when they had no use of me. And it made me so sick. Now I'm the big girl they said I'd never turn out to be. Hah, I'll kill them, all of them, and wash my hair with their blood, decorate my c...

Should i post a Jeff fanficton? :I by Jeff The Killer

· Scary
I want to know if I should post my Jeff the Killer fan fic. It would be different. It would kind of be like how he went insane but different. Like, he falls in love with a girl and yeah. :T

Which of my creepypasta OC are you by Red

Welcome to my first quiz were we'll find out which of my OC you are. I just want to say now i don't own these images. I just used these photos because they look like my OC and i think the photo goes well with the charcter. Since this is my first quiz please no hate.

Creepypasta Fanfic Stories

Various One-shots (will rename later)

112 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Various one-shots, or reader-inserts, which ever one you want to call it, from animes, homestuck, creepypasta, anything! Requests are accepted. No pictures or characters are mine by the way.

He's a virus. (BEN DROWNED x Reader) (BEN DROWNED Love Story) by Proxy Heartfilia

29 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Just as I started to feel my body fall deeper a figure appeared before me, it was the Link look alike. "You've met a terrible fate haven't you, Y/N?" was all I heard before everything around me went black.

Trick And Kill~Jeff The KillerXReaderXEyeless Jack by Raphaelia

41 pages · Thriller · Fan Fiction
Madness knows no limits. The same goes for love~~ A Jeff The KillerXReaderXEyeless Jack fanfiction

Your New Life (Creepypasta X Reader) by LadyOtaka

27 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
You were the average, troubled teen. You had parents who always hated everything you liked, always yelled and fussed at you for no reason, never the perfect daughter in their eyes, the list could go on and on if you had the time. You don't have the time though. At least, not right now anyway. Ri...

One-shot Madness o.O (requests are closed for now) by Sarah

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Short Stories
One-shots will include creepypasta, various animes, and homestuck. This will be reader x character only, with the occasional ships. I'm also willing to do male reader x characters so any guys out there are welcome to request something! :) Rules are listed on the first page.

Is it love Ticci Toby X Reader by supercaity

43 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Ticci Toby is falling for one of Slenderman's new proxy but little does he know Little red is Splendorman's daughter but there is two things getting in the way Splendor is making Little red date Jeff the killer and Splendor doesn't like toby for some odd reason and Little red is hiding a...

Slowly, Will You Fall? [Ticci Toby x Reader] by Yumera

20 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
YouxTicciToby This is my first story so please go easy on me :)

Doubting Faith (A Jeff the Killer X Reader) by 砂漠の Jessica

63 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
You live a sad & lonley life with your foster parents who don't care for you at all. You have no friends and are constantly bullied. So when you see new neighbors move in, you hope for the best to try & make a friend.However, you soon realize that HE is just as lonley as yourself and tha...

Savior (Jeff the killer X reader) by xX ќïττÿ ќατ'ṡ ṃυṡïсαllÿ ïṉτøχïсατεḋ Xx

28 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Fan Fiction
*Jeff's POV* Why do I feel this connection to that girl? Is it friendship? Lust?...Love? I stopped at that thought... It can't be! Me, Jeff the killer can't fall in love with another target, a mortal girl!... can I?

When You Smile by Brooke Levi

33 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
(Y/n) was the perfect student, daughter, girl, friend, just perfect. She loves to sing and dance and draw and knows how to defend herself. She is kind to everyone around her and smart too. Her life couldn't be any better. (Or could it?) So how was (y/n) to know that she was in love with a killer...

Laughing Jack has a...Daughter? by TheOriginalMe44

37 pages · Fan Fiction
You were normal, but then again...You weren't normal. You were half and half? Yep...Half Human and half Creepypasta. What will happen when Laughing Jack finds his long lost daughter?

Pinkamena's Revenge by Sunsetblossom

31 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
Your number is up. Readers beware: This is a creepypasta, if you are squeamish, don't like stories that involve violence or are really easily scared, do not read. Copyright notice: this story is loosely based on Cupcakes, a story I do NOT own. Characters are based on characters from a show ow...