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Deadman Wonderland Shiro Ganta W Quizzes

Would you survive in Deadman Wonderland? by silkysilmae

A quiz on if you would be able to survive in DMW owo Good luck!

Deadman Wonderland! The Quiz! by Akamiya

· TV
Do you really know Deadman Wonderland? Find out here. Questions will probably have spoilers and it will invovle manga too.

Which Deadman are you? by Bibby-chan

· TV
Are you Ganta, Senji, Minatsuki or Shiro?

Which deadman wonderland person are you? by Mizore Shirayuki

· TV
Are you Ganta,Shiro,senji,Makina,karako?

Deadman Wonderland Shiro Ganta W Stories

My Lost Bird (Deadman Wonderland: Senji Love Story!)

93 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Romance · Horror
Today is the hardest day for Senji. This is the birthday of the girl he knew long ago. She was with him no matter what. They had good times and bad times. Ganta talks to Senji on this day to hear his long tale. What happens when Senji finds the truth about what REALLY happened to her?

The Woodpecker's Blue Jay (A Ganta Igarashi Love story) by Rinstu Jaeger

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Hey guys Im now into Deadman Wonderland and I'm now making A Ganta love story (There hasnt been one yet gahhhhh)

Deadman wonderland (Toto Sakigami love story) by αиgєℓιcα ιѕ α иєяd.ˣ

9 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
So this is my own twist I have put on Deadman wonderland and I'm sure you'll see right off the bat that its different but I hope you don't mind the change and I also hope you like it ^ ^

A Deadmans Savior Is His Own Demise by Kηιƒє Cαℓℓєd Lυѕт

1 page · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Ganta didn't escape the undercover battle prison he was put in. He stayed, knowing the consequences, but it was ok as he was with Shiro. Though he didn't know what truly lied ahead of him, as the hidden aspects of Deadman Wonderland begin to leak. Toto goes compleatly mad, Crow is missing, a...