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Dirt 1d Story Quizzes

Crazy sleepover with 1direction by nicole banks

*warning* for people that have the mindset of 1d they are very dirty so don't be suprised...enjoy the quiz There is no cure for 1d! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! ! I'm sorry its not in order but this is my first quiz so bear with me if its bad!

Whose your 1D boy? (Imagines&What the boys think of you included!) by ʝєɲɲα ʜσƦαɲღ

· Music
Is it the lucky irish Niall? or the flirty dirty harry? or is it the bradford bad boy zayn?

What does 1D think of you? by ѕnowғlaĸe ĸιng eмojι jacĸ

Okay! FIrst quiz! any of you dirty folk, can get your nasty, perverted butts outta here! Please no hate. First quiz, almost summer vaca, very stressful.

Sleepover with 1D! Pt.4 by 156Tori

Sorrry to keep you guys waitin:D I recently broked my lefthand so it was hard to make it! SORRY BTW THERE"S SOMETHIN DIRTY IN THIS CHAPTER!

Supernatural 1D *4 by Original Allstar

· Scary
Did he really just bite you? Welcome to a nightmare. Part 4 of the supernatural 1D series.

Your 1D boy~Long results by KïTty Kät ïN cönVërSë

Includes dirty story picture and what the lads think of you!(; Enjoi!

Dirt 1d Story Stories

Request your own 5sos/1d imagines by SourPatch23

The title mainly say it all :) I will accept any request, that are not dirty haha 1)Your name 2)Name of band member 3)The story you want

Dark (Harry Styles fanfic) by Those crazy weirdos

29 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Will Harry change to fit Bo's needs? Will Bo change to fit Harry's needs? Harry, such a protective, flirty, dirty boy, as for Bo. Bo is so shy, pure, sweet, not use to affection. Will Bo keep trying to push Harry away? Will she escape from Harry or will she learn to love him?

I Fell In Love With A Vampire by Gina

Cassidy Sanders, a normal 18 year old that lives in London. Not until Cassidy got captured five good-looking boys that changed her whole life and unfortunately, she ends up falling for them. Who will she end up with? Do they like her back? Do they have a dirty little secret?

Imagines by I love chicken

This is a whole bunch of imagines, I do take requests. Please send in requests. Some will be how a famous couple met (Not actually how they met). Some will be imagines with a famous person. I DO NOT DO JUSTIN BEIBER OR ANYTHING DIRTY.

You can run but you can't hide. by hollymaay

309 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
{One Direction ft. Jrew Fan Fiction. Love/hate story} Harry Styles, British Born, 18 year old band member of One Direction has been running from his past for years with a guilty conscious. But as they say you can run but you can't hide. The dirt will be dug. His past catches up with him in the form ...

Just a Game (A 1D FanFic) by Dakotah

3 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Jay is the go to girl for information and infiltration. She's fast, witty and smart. Add on to that the fact that her mom is a make up artist and her dad is a paparazzi, she's unstoppable. Well, she would be if she hadn't quit two years ago. But now her mother is dying and her father presents her wi...

Imagines by Abbey Dennis

Anyone you would like? msg me and ill make one for you! No dirty ones!

Memories (Zayn Malik One Shot) by ѕтreeтlιgнт claѕѕιcѕ

"Memories are what make up the ashes in the dirt of the earth."

Louis Tomlinson X Reader - Before we go to sleep (ON HOLD) by Just Being Me

"Who are you?" you ask immediatly, sounding a bit rude. "Sweetie, it's okay," he says, showing a perfect smile. His accent his Britisch. Are you in England? Sweetie? He just called you sweetie. So this isn't a one-night-stand. Unless he's a huge flirt and says tha...

Mobsters by Caroline Grace

When A-List criminal Liam Payne finds out the secret of the dirty Chicago Police Cheif, Cheif Sean Ramsay will give anything to make sure Payne keeps his secret; including his 17-year-old daughter, Ariel. {Liam Payne Fan Fic}

Promise (Luke Hemmings Story) by Chrissy

19 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Niall Horan's little sister Emily went on tour with One Direction but niall doesnt know she cuts,cries herself to sleep every night,and doesnt eat much. But what's happens when 1D tour with 5SOS and she meets a guy called Luke Hemmings, will he know her dirty secret and try to fix it or wil...

Clarity by Sanitye

As I was walking down a dirt road. I picked a daisy along the way. I thought of my true love, and where he was today. I look at the daisy’s petals.They were each white as snow, I thought that I should pull them. To see if he still loved me so. He loves me, he loves not, went running ...