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Eli Shane Quizzes

Which One Of My Slugterra OC's Would You Be? by HicHaddockBTR

Take this quiz to see what OC of mine you will be and who you will be paired with for Slugterra. Boys can take this to but there is only one guy result. But enjoy. Sorry I could only come up with a back story for Ashley

Are you strong enough to take on Hunter and Larz by EXILE2398

· TV
You have been recruited by the Shane Gang and are on patrol with Eli, Kord and Trixie (Pronto has suffered injuries from the last mission and is on bed rest for the week) and notice a two strangers issuing a challenge to any team of four to duel them both at once. Take the test after reading The sto...

Who would you get along with? by Melanie x

Me, Rachel, Shane or Eliot. Find out who you are most like

Eli Shane Stories

It's Only Love, Baby, That We're Fallin' In by ƙʌƭɪȥɲɪɲʝʌ Hiatus

36 pages · Romance
OK Im obsessed with this new show Slugterra and, ONCE AGAIN, there were no other stories on here. So you know what i had to do. ELiXOc

Superluv *a shane dawson and others fanfiction!* by Alyssa

10 pages · Fan Fiction
Elizabeth Scott used to be best friends with Shane Dawson when they were little. Keyword USED! Now they're in high school. Elizabeth is once again the outcast of the school with her friends Margret and Collin. Well she prefers Reject, like the 5SOS song, it sounds less GLEE-like. Shane is datin...

Vampire Club by Yuki Sakamaki

19 pages · Romance · Fantasy · Vampires
My name is Elisa Chambers. My best friend, Shane, hasn't been at school for weeks, he hasn't even been answering my calls. The night my friend, Cass, and I go out getting drunk in clubs, something strange happens. I see Shane. He looks different. But why?

What are friends for by Ivy

17 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Elizabeth and Shane have been best friends since a young age but always have been dating other people. Now that they are both single and got out of terrible relationships will there friendship become more

SlugTerra *ON HOLD* by Yuki

86 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
14 turning 15 weeks after he entered Slug Terra, but doesn't know it. Has one slug that is rare through her eyes meaning he is a Vine Slug. (Not a Vine Drill)

Slugterra: A Girl with Creepy Visions by Korie

24 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
A girl named Ashlyn has very odd dreams, or even visions. She actually has a freaky power that scares people sometimes, so she hides it and tries her best to conceal it. But when she meets the Shane Gang, will they findout her secret and except her for who she is? OR will they be scared of her and h...

Tough love (Slugterra Eli love story) by Lily

21 pages · Romance
What happens when the unbeatable masters granddaughter meets Eli Shane...Read to find out

The Slug Enchantress by EmeraldFairy5

5 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Meliah Midnight isn't your average slug-slinger. She's a slug enchanter, and those people have died out many, many years ago. What will happen when she meets the Shane Gang? And what will happen when they find out about the dark secret deep inside her.

You and Me Against the World by Calli riffin

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
"Holding yourself back dose not make you weak, Sometimes it means you have the strength to let go"

Slugterra: The Cursed Chronicles, Part one The story of Hunter by EXILE2398

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Hunter is an experiment gone wrong through the dark water testing lab. He manages to escape and tries to get his revenge by defeating Blakks minions. His nemesis Diablos, who is participating in the next slugslinging competition held in Lands End Cavern. and what will happen when the Shane Gang try ...

One-Shots For My Bestie Eli

Well... These are One-Shots for my friend Eli, And it's her Birthday so... Happy Birthday, Eli!

Run Away with Me *It Cost's Your Heart Productions* by booboo

6 pages
Eliza loves Peter. Peter loves Eliza. What's the problem? Shane moved when Eliza turned 13, literally he had to move on her birthday. Now what happens when they get a second chance. Eliza is nearly killed in a car crash on a family road trip. As for everyone in her home but her and a baby brother, t...