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Emblem 3 Imagines Quizzes

Which Emblem3 guy will be forever yours? by Jessica Horan Hemmings

If you like your answer, you can ask me for an imagine. Imagine falling into water and almost drowning. Now picture waking up in Drew Chadwick's arms. Or imagine swimming and then seeing Wesley Stromberg surfing. Imagine being pulled backstage by Keaton Stromberg at his concert! You decide! p.s....

Are you My Twin 2.0 by Jenny

The Really! UPDATED version of if you're my twin!

Emblem 3 Imagines Stories

Imagines~Emblem3, One Direction, BTR, YouTubers, and More! by Audreahna and Minda

64 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
REQUEST ARE OFF FOR THE MOMENT. WE'LL LET YOU KNOW WHEN THEY ARE BACK TO BEING AVAILABLE! Some imagines I have written because I was bored. Have fun! Hey YOU! Yes you, reading this! We want to say thanks to everyone reading this story! We used to think that 50 reads was insane and now this has over ...

Imagines for you (Taking requests) by Easy Breezy Beautiful

Imagines of One Direction, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, R5, Unionj BTR, Glee Dudes, PTV, BVB, Blink 182, Tumblr guys, Youtubers basically every cute dude in the world! I'm taking requests!

Ylissean Academy by Forgotten Warrior

13 pages · Fan Fiction
Another year has gone by. Another year filled with bullies, broken arms and insults will come again in a mere 2 months. You've had enough. You decide to enroll in a boarding school-but things you never imagined are to come...

Emblem3 One Shots, Preferences, & Imagines.

3 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Emblem3 One Shots, preferences, and Imagines. [Not taking requests at the moment]

One Direction & Emblem3 Imagines! by ραу ραу

I am NOT taking requests! (I need to catch up on other people's imagines) Requests will resume soon though!

One Shots/Imagines by Lexerz

Just some imagines/one shots. Requests are allowed. I'll do it for anyone with anyone. Just ask.

3000 Miles (Wesley Stromberg story) by Mckenzie

5 pages · Humor · Romance
Imagine being Drew Chadwick's little sister, think it would be amazing right? Not really, especially when you have a crush on his band mate and best friend.

Imagines/Preferences -on hold, requests closed for now- by Kaylee Brooke

31 pages · Fan Fiction
For any youtubers/celebrites that I tagged:) -I WILL be finishing the imagines, i just dont have a computer right now to do them. I had to put this on hold because i have TONS of requests already that i havent done yet. Sorry for the inconvenence (I think thats how you spell it). ♥

Imagines with any of your Favorite Celebrity by Brittany Hemmings

Imagines that are about you and your favorite celebrity like... Justin Bieber , One direction and more (not done)

ACUTE [Yandere x Yandere!Reader] by grin at me

5 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Horror
Imagine your favorite anime/ video game character going insane at the sight of your new boyfriend. Will these unrequited feelings cause them to go Yandere, and being Yandere yourself, this will not end well

ImAgines (Requests Now Open) by ѕиσωfℓαкєѕ

I'm starting imagines for emblem3, justin bieber, one direction, austin mahone, ryan Beatty, union j, josh devine and anyone else you may prefer

Emblem3 Preferences, One Shots, and Imagines by ρυяρℓє тυятℓє

49 pages · Romance
Title says it all, TAKING REQUESTS.