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Emo Quizzes

What Type of Girl are you?

Are you emo, scene, girly-girl, tom-boy? Will lets find out! ♥ Includes Outfits c: I apologise in advance if i got you totally wrong.

What Is Secretly Killing You Inside?

Title says all. The unanswered questions in your life... Long results! Sorry if you don't like your result. Copyright © 2011

How Old is Your Soul? by Dracili

How long has your soul been lurking around the air between heaven and earth?

What ghost is in love with you?

· Scary
Wanna know what ghost loves you?

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend by Cat Radke

Create Your Perfect Boyfriend quiz. ♥ Is your perfect boyfriend athletic. emo, preppy, musical? Take this quiz to find out! ♥

Create a boyfriend with a story! -Long Results!-

Yes i am awere theres like 6 billion trilion of these quizes but I just wanted to make one >.< girls only! SOrry if your answers are crap. couldnt think of anything. O.o

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RESULTS - M*A*S*H #8

Another quiz of MASH! So if you have never taken my MASH's, i do Picture Results meaning instead of a story, i use pictures to tell the story if that makes sense? hah! TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT: Your Future Husband Future Wedding First Date Your Kids + Ages Your House + Location Your Future...

Your Boyfriend (accurate, DETAILED, long)

Who is your perfect match? Find out with this accurate quiz. There are lots of results!

What is Your Stereotype? by aleх ιs ĸewl

Well? Are you classified as a Nerd, Girly Girl, Jock, Popular, Emo/Goth/Scene/Punk etc., Rebel or Average? Take this quiz to find out ~ Just for fun, I do not believe in these stereotypes nor should you! Don't take the result too personally!

Emo mythical boyfriend *LONG RESULTS* by zombie nick

Don't do if you don't like reading. For girls, bis, or gays. what kind of hottie will you get?

What clique are you in? by Olivia

This quiz is to see which high school clique I would put you in. 4 anwers. Just for fun!

Personality quiz

Find your personality

10 Minutes In Heaven ~Emo Style by xxCantDrownMyDemonsxx

You read the title! for anyone who likes guys :p

Create-A-Boyfriend. (Very Long Answers)

So yeah there's tons of these - idc. They're cute and i love writing little romances :) Hope you guys like these! :D I'm hoping to have the most diverse answers i can do! (More specific for girls. Sorry lads!)

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RESULTS - M*A*S*H

Take my quiz to find out your future: Husband Wedding Dress Proposal Ring Wedding Place Your Kids + Names! Pets Your House AND MORE! If you have taken my other 2 quizzes, its the same format and stuff, there are picture results meaning, theres no typed story, everything is in pictures!

What Kind Of Girl are you? (+ Plus Outfits And Music!) by HaiTayRawr

Look up lovelies! ^^^^ For Non normal people only. No girly girls or hipsters or anything (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC OR IMAGES) I don't believe in labels. This is just for fun! Just a disclaimer! ♥♥♥ ^-^ (theres a few minor glitches with the outfit links but I'll fix them :))

Emo Stories

Twists and Turns (THIRD BOOK) by LiveALittle

51 pages · Romance · Action
"Well, what do you choose?" Teresa growled. I looked at Brandon through tear-filled eyes, the barrel pressed against his temple. His face was utterly blank, clean of emotion. "Brandon," I said softly, my voice wavering. "Choose. Now!" she barked at me, flipping the safety...

With The Dark by Dramatic Zombie

186 pages · Romance · Vampires · Fantasy
Riddle, a nerdy pretty boy who has nothing in his room but text books, shiner for his glasses, and nothing in his closet but high-top Converse, bow ties, and comic book t-shirts, is doing a study on mythical creatures for a school project. However, he gets carried away on the subject of the beautif...

Love Stories (Set 8)

372 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Emo Love · Romance

The Possessed by MissCrazyBabe

60 pages · Vampires · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Story Rated PG-13 Love is the greatest weakness. Vampires aren't supposed to be hindered by such emotions, especially not Klaus Mikaelson. It was...well to say the least, surprising, when Nicole Donovan captivated the big bad wolf's heart. Whether it by accident or whether it by choice. It w...

The Moon's Glimmer -Naruto Fan Fiction- by Seito

217 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Miku Uzumaki is nothing like her twin brother, Naruto Uzumaki. While Naruto's still persevering and has that bright, cheerful but obnoxious personality of his, Miku's long given up and succumbed to the resentful stares and hateful looks given from the village. Now, other then the happy face ...

Lost In Pain.. -Naruto Fanfic by Destiny

175 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Reina Hizo, is a young girl hated and despised by everyone in her clan for her strength.. Reina suffers day after day, bearing all the pain thrown at her. Beating, torture, not only physical pain, but emotional as well. With Reina being neglected and hated upon by her own blood, it puts her into a d...

Emo' Love Stories by Dinosaursxx

52 pages · Romance · Short Stories · Emo Love
So this is my first story and i was thinking of doing requests if you like. Just give me a name , pic (optional) , description of him , and what you want the story to be about (ex: cheater , jerk , bully.. ) . :) Enjoy

Rage~TMNT 2012 by n-n SUGAR n-n

132 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Letting your emotions out in a fiery way may not be the best. Yet, when the anger consumes a fellow ninja turtle, it may just lead him to the grand solution. Image belongs to Nickelodeons TMNT 2012

ʙʀᴜᴛᴀʟɪᴛʏ sᴇʀvᴇs ʜɪᴍ ᴡᴇʟʟ [ᴇʀɪᴄ] by GreaseBunny Follows Back

33 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Stay away from him if you know what's best for you." Four, my brother, spat quietly at me, pressing me towards the wall by my frail shoulders. "Why?" I asked, my pale blue orbs searching his for something. His eyebrows furrowed together, deep brown they were. "Because ...

Lost [Peter Pan] by cнʟσε тнε cяεαтıνε

37 pages · Adventure · Romance
[Peter Pan/OUAT] "Enough." He snarled, slamming her against the tree trunk. Erin winced as he gripped her wrists tightly above her head. "I want this to end now. I want you to go home and fall in love with someone who isn't a monster." Peter released her wrists and she brought ...

She's A Broken Doll. -Seth Clearwater.- [Completed.]

88 pages ~ Completed · Twilight · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
She was walking through La Push High School, holding her books tightly to her chest ignoring every insult thrown at her. The petite female went to take another step, when she tumbles to the floor her books scattering. Laughter filled the hallways, enchanting her already horrible self-esteem. Biti...

Love Stories:Songs of the Heart by HappinessInFrame

112 pages · Short Stories · Emo Love · Romance
Just some love stories staring you :3 I hope you enjoy them. I'd really appreciate if you let me know how I did and if I should continue. I'll be willing to take request♥