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Fanfiction Sasuke Naruto Quizzes

Could You Be Sasuke Uchiha's Girlfriend? by Kurenai

Could you be the girlfriend to the dark, torn, full-of-hate sasuke uchiha?

Fanfiction Sasuke Naruto Stories

Therapy [Modern!Yakuza!Sasuke Uchiha Love Story]

85 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
[Name] [Surname] was just a normal girl. Until she crossed paths with, and undoubtedly ticked off, the son of Japan's most notorious mobsters. Apart from payback, what else does this sadistic mafia heir want from her? [Reader-insert.] [Third Person] [Cover image by вℓαcкρυмα]

A Shinobi Story (Reader x Various) by Palomaa

311 pages · Romance · Naruto · Anime/Manga
(Y/N) Hanninzowa is the daughter of nobility, her father and mother are nobles of Konoha. But when (Y/N) was six years old, her parents are murdered in front her own eyes. All she remembers is that they wore midnight black cloaks with blood red clouds. Seeking revenge for her parents death, (Y/N) st...

Heartbreak Boy [Modern!Sasuke Uchiha x Reader]

21 pages · Naruto · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Sasuke Uchiha is known for his looks, wealth, and intelligence. Regardless, he also happens to be the worst at holding down relationships, and it always results in him crawling to his best friend, [Name] [Surname] for help. They say that, "sometimes the thing you're looking for is right in f...

Regrets (Gang leader! Sasuke X Reader) by Haven

6 pages · Naruto · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Sasuke kicked out (Y/n) (L/n) out of the gang since she was too weak. It happened when she was fourteen. It has been two years and (Y/n) has gotten together and is finally over it. What happens when that same gang comes to her school? Warning: Profanity, Modern, etc. I do not own Naruto, You, Son...

Animal I Have Become (Gaara X Reader X Sasuke) by Haven

21 pages · Romance · Naruto · Anime/Manga
Weak. Useless. Ugly. Stupid. Not good enough. Monster. You are sick of being treated like dirt by Sasuke. No you are not a fangirl. He makes you feel low. As a ninja. As a human being. So you decide to change. Near the Chunin Exams, After the mission with Zabuza. ...

Turn Away [Modern Sasuke] by Me Myself and I

45 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
[SasukexReader] Naruto slowly walked over to Sasuke, not wanting Sakura to notice, and whispered, "[Name]-Chan's a very good liar, ne Sasuke?" "Hn." Sasuke grunted in agreement, his eyes narrowing a bit on the new Yamanaka. She was lying so smoothly to Sakura,...

Sensei (Kakashi Hatake x PastStudent!Reader) by KapitanSam

8 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Soooooooooo even though I'm pretty sure Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke were his first students, I just wanted to make it like you, the reader, was his first student a few years before Team Kakashi was established :3 Taking place in Shippuden, I think Kakashi is like 30 in Shippuden? So you're like 22 ...

Book 1: The Scarlet Eyes

385 pages ~ Completed · Naruto · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
It is well known how Naruto was born on the Nine tails attack. His parents perished and a great loss came upon the Leaf Village. But what if he wasn't the only one born on that day? What if deep in the village a baby was born, and her birth was only known to 3 people in the entire world? What if...

You're mine! [Yandere! Sasuke! X Reader One-shot] by sαүυяι αкιүαмα 秋山さゆり

4 pages ~ Completed · Naruto · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
"You're mine and only mine." Sasuke said as he licked his lips deviously whilst smirking. [Name] panicked. 2013-2014 Fanfiction [One-shot] by Sayuri Akiyama, author of this.

My Cousin's Your Fangirl (Modern!Sasuke X Reader) by Morgie The Dorky Ninja

76 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Naruto
You're Sakura's lazy gamer cousin. And looks like you moving in with her is going to cause some problems~

My Rival & What...? [Naruto (manga/anime) Universe]

358 pages · Naruto · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
Book 1: A girl. A kunoichi in particular. A kunoichi who has everything you could ask for. Friends, a nice place to live in, and enough money for her to survive. When she's put into the same team as her best friend, another kunoichi who's her friend but annoys her to no end, and an Uchiha wh...

Kakashi's Sister by xXMelkLanguageXx

26 pages ~ Completed · Naruto · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
[Naruto x Reader x Sasuke] What will happen when Kakashi's adoptive younger sister, ______ Hatake, unexpectedly shows up in the middle of their training?