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Funny Skits Quizzes

A Chat With The Pastas by Sup Brotha's

· Humor
Its basically Just choose the ....skit answer that you find funny or .....attractive. ( This is how jeff thinks about you and others but mostly Jeff.... but if you request another part itll continue :D )

Which Skitzo character are you? by TangledShoelaces

From a video created by the popular Youtube user,Nigahiga, I have created this personality quiz- Which Skitzo character are you? There are 4 Skitzo characters-Ryan,R-Dizzle,Regina and Hanate. Let's see which one YOU are!

Funny Skits Stories

My First

13 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
One drunk tweet and suddenly, Ash is hanging with Kim Kardashian. But someone else played the part of getting her there. It's a possible whirlwind of love.

The Professional Pokemon Academy!

103 pages ~ Completed · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
Like a Lucky Star/Pokemon crossover! Very random and you're sure to laugh! Finished: 1.1.2013

Random Funny Skits by Sara

4 pages · Short Stories · Humor
Each chapter is a new and completely random skit :) they could be funny sad or scary skits but ...most likely funny it depends on what i come up with. JUST READ IT!

The Idiot Games by вιтємє

14 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Simply a funny hunger games skit.

Me and rainbow skittles Convo's by Triki Niki

9 pages
Just for fun and just some of the stuff are really funny XD

Superglued! by Jenna

1 page ~ Completed · Humor · Short Stories
A youtube duo, OMFGitsjackanddean, have a skit call "superglued". Here is the script.

Random skits c: by Noah of Silence

4 pages
XD I have like another one in a half hours before I got ta school, soooooo... Skits!

Nonsense by Alyss

6 pages · Humor · Short Stories
The funny skits of 2012-?

The Wonderful Skits me and my friends made! by Im not weird IMA DINOSAUR NAMED BILL

2 pages · Short Stories · Humor
Me and my friends get bored often,so we'll make skits XD I suck at desprictions,but thata really it anyway XD

Hold on by Skittlez

23 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
She's no one. A griffindor, a loner, occasionally seen with William Potter and his group, but not all involved. She was a social outcast who merely went about life at Hogwarts, she, Cameron, never bothered with being in tune with social norm. But spending the summer at Sirius' house due to t...

The Professional Pokemon Academy! 2!

40 pages · Anime/Manga · Humor · Fan Fiction
Like a Lucky Star/Pokemon crossover! It's a whole new year, some students graduated, and new students come in! # of forms left: NONE! Updated: 07.17.14

Man with Shades #1 by Kianna the Wolf

7 pages · Short Stories · Humor
Man with shades is a series of skits i came up with and wrote. Dwayne Johnson is the main character and his enemy is a man who refuses to sell Dwayne anything. Why? he just does it to annoy him.