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Gang Harry Quizzes

Harry Potter Snuggle-Bug by Queen Elsa

· Books
You and the Harry Potter gang get to play a muggle game at one of the Twins parties.

What do the Harry Potter gang think of you?/Sorting Hat by Sam Weasley

· Books
Wand, Pet, Bf/Crush, Friends, House, Patronus, Personality, Secret Talent, and more! Sort of long results, not to bad.Girls only!

Your One Direction Lad by נσѕєρнιηє

· Music
Find out who you will end up with out of th 1D gang♥! Includes Lonnng Results! But it's woth it♥!

Simply your life in Spectacular! by Swagger Jagger

· Books
A high school choir is fading in popularity, Whats your life in it who are you related who are your friends and who is your enimes. pretty detailed warning I am a huge harry potter fan and added some of the harry potter gang for your children

Your AU One Direction Boyfriend. by Mazza

In another universe, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry aren't international superstars. In fact, they're anything but. Which one has fallen for you? The rebel, the nerd, the gang member, the guardian angel or the boxer?

Can Harry Potter and the gang maake you laugh? by Suicide Silence

· Books
This is the first one, there will be nine

What is your life like at Hogwarts? (Girls only please) by Sam

· Books
Find out which house you are in, your Hogwarts boyfriend, and what the whole Harry Potter gang thinks of you.

What do the Hogwarts gang think of you? (Girls)

· Books
Ever wondered how you would make your mark at Hogwarts?

What does the harry potter gang think of u? by Justine

· Books
Have you ever wonder what the harry potter gang think of? and who you would be if you were in hogwarts!

Your Life In Hogwarts(Girls Only) by Laena

· Books
Find out what the Hogwarts gang thinks of you, and what your life at Hogwarts is like!

What does the Harry Potter Gang think about you?(Girls only sorry boys) by Kaicea

· Books
Pictures taken from many of my favorite animes

What does the Hogwarts gang think of u?

· Books
What does Harry, ron and the other think of you? Who will you marry and who will you hate? Take this quiz to see!

What do the Harry Potter gang think of you! by FaxieO_O

· Books
The Title says it all really!

Gang Harry Stories

Taken |Punk Louis| by doodleвoв тнe pυɴĸ.ᴱʷ

188 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
I was the kinda girl who stayed home and read books. The type of girl who listened to what people said. I always did my home work. Got good grades. I was the good girl. Louis Tomlinson was like my opposite. He killed people, was in a gang, broke the law, hurt people, and he kidnapped me. H...

Life Surprises You (Marauders Era) by Skye

242 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Skyler Snape unlike her twin brother is a beautiful, funloving gryffindor prankster that tries to always keep her spirits up. People say she's like a girl marauder. She refused to believe this though, Skyler agreed with her best friend Lily Evans. The Marauders are annoying bullies. That's w...

Knives & Scrubs [Harry Styles AU] by just ellie

"Breaking News! Local London gang fight ends with twelve dead and eight injured. More details to come." Charlotte Reynolds is just one of the many hospital staff on duty when this tragedy occurs. She could have never prepared herself for what chaos ensues.

You're mine - Harry Styles Love Story

182 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
One Direction exists, but not as a band. As one of the most feared gangs in England. When Louis reunites with his younger sister Samantha, him and the boys do everything to keep her safe but she has a mind of her own. With so many obstacles in the way, will the love Harry and Sam develop for each ot...

Dangerous (Punk Niall AU)

70 pages ~ Completed · Thriller · Fan Fiction · One Direction
"You honestly think you can run from me? My love, you're so wrong." He pushed me against the wall, I couldn't fight back. "You're mine now, and there's nothing anyone can say, not even you, that will change my mind." And with that he left me alone, chained in a dark c...

He Owns Me (Punk Harry Styles)

77 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Action
"Harr-" "Didn't I say that I owned you." Backing me up against the wall. "Nobody owns me." Getting slapped across the face. "Ill say it again, didn't I say I owned you." "Yes, Harry you own me."

Something Different (Harry Styles Punk\Love Story) by Val

236 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Dahlia Lawson, a senior at Hilleston Academy in London. Her mother left when she was five never to be heard from again, leaving Dahlia to raise herself with a father who was barely ever there. She struggled with anorexia and self harm since the age of 12, all because of an abusive relationship that ...

Kidnapped by my brother (Harry Styles) by erika

One direction. The gang overruling London. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik. Harry Styles the leader, my kidnaper, my brother?

Gone like smoke [Harry Styles love story] *FINISHED*

50 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
"Harry Styles aged 23, green eyes, brown curls and tattoos, about 6'ft' as escaped London prison. Citizens are advised to stay in doors and lock every window and door. Styles is a dangerous man and not to be messed with." If only I had listen to the warnings. But now here I am stuck with a wanted cr...

The Stalker *Zayn Malik Love Story* by Amparo Silva

95 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Marceline Vega was just a girl living on her own in the state of New York. With her edgy style and hardcore personality she was an easy target for bad boy Zayn Malik. He watches her from a far for months before finally making his first move. But does this first move put her in danger? Or does it act...

Kidnapping Beckham (Punk 1D-Niall love story) (Finished) by Emily AKA Em

118 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Striker Beckham lives the perfect soccer life, after all she is David Beckham's daughter. When a gang (1D) kidnaps her will she fight back? Or will her emotions for a certain blonde get in the way?

In Love With the Kidnapper by Kennedy Nabozny

17 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Action
"Please just let me go..." "I cant do that honey. You're too beautiful and you're mine now." "I hate you though!" He kisses my neck and I start to cry. "I hate you!" -------------------------------------- I was just an ordinary 17 year old high schooler wh...