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Girly Quizzes

What Type of Girl are you?

Are you emo, scene, girly-girl, tom-boy? Will lets find out! ♥ Includes Outfits c: I apologise in advance if i got you totally wrong.

Are you a tomboy or a girly girl? by supersheep21402

Are you a tomboy or a girly girl? Take this quiz to find out! (kinda long... :p)

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RESULTS - M*A*S*H #8

Another quiz of MASH! So if you have never taken my MASH's, i do Picture Results meaning instead of a story, i use pictures to tell the story if that makes sense? hah! TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT: Your Future Husband Future Wedding First Date Your Kids + Ages Your House + Location Your Future...

Whats your Label? by EyelessJenna

Are you a Girly Girl, Tomboy, Emo, or Scene? FIND OUT!

Are you a tomboy, girly-girl, or in between? by Haley Que

Choose HONEST answers, not what you like or want to be!

What is Your Stereotype?

Well? Are you classified as a Nerd, Girly Girl, Jock, Popular, Emo/Goth/Scene/Punk etc., Rebel or Average? Take this quiz to find out ~ Just for fun, I do not believe in these stereotypes nor should you! Don't take the result too personally!

What is your personality? by Kayla

Possible Results: Scene/Emo, Girly-Girl, Tom Boy Have fun!

Are you Emo,Popular,Sporty,or Girly-Girl by Unicorn Freak

Are you Emo,Popular,Sporty,or Girly Girl?Well take this quiz and you'll find out

Personality quiz

Find your personality

Create Your Own Boyfriend - PICTURE RESULTS - M*A*S*H

Take my quiz to find out your future: Husband Wedding Dress Proposal Ring Wedding Place Your Kids + Names! Pets Your House AND MORE! If you have taken my other 2 quizzes, its the same format and stuff, there are picture results meaning, theres no typed story, everything is in pictures!

What stereotype are you? [Girls] by alana the space unicorn

The shy, glam girl, smarty, hyper, so many stereotypes! This quiz for girls is gonna tell you your stereotype!

Which anime girl are you? by Skittles

The Girly Girl, the Tomboy, the Emo, the Nerd, or the Weirdo? Find out here!

What's your One Direction life? by Niall Horan

You met One Direction! But what's your life? LET'S FIND OUT!

Are you a good friend? by Ella

Read the title :))

Your Stereotype by Emily

What is your stereotype? Are you Emo, Girly, Tomboy or Nerd? Take the quiz to find out! ;-)

What will you look like at age 18

Emo? cute? punkrocker? beautiful? metalgirl? or just girly?...

What Kind Of Girl are you? by Nightmaire

Are you the Creative one, the Smart one, the Athletic one, the Popular girl, the Hipster, the Tomboy, the Bookworm/Fangirl, the Punk, the Quiet one, the Scene Girl, or the Kawaii/Girly Girl? Take this quiz(which I made out of pure boredom), and you will soon find out ♥. (Mostly for girls, but guy...

Girly Stories

It Started With A Dance by camryn101

295 pages · Romance · Humor
Katrina Chance is a girly, feisty, innocent girl. Now, here's Christian Duke. The school's badboy. He's reckless, and a little on the rebellious side. No, actually far off the deep end. When the two polar opposites are forced to dance together at their town's annual ball, what will h...

Living With Boys by Pastel Booty

110 pages · Romance · Humor
"I know you're falling for me, Taytum. Just admit it." Jace whispered in my ear sending shivers of disgust down my spine. "You probably wish I was." I muttered before spinning around so I was facing him, and pushing him away. I'm Taytum Rivers, lets get to the point alr...

My Secret by ιяσηιc sιηcℓαιя

186 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
In academy, where boys dominate, the reader is forced to pretend to be a boy herself. Yet there is one certain boy named Levi who notices that the reader is way too girly and nice towards others to be a boy... Will she be able to keep her secret? LeviXReader

True Tomboy

82 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Romance
Mackenzie is a tomboy, considering she grew up in a neighborhood full of boys. Even Olivia, her bests friend, is cool with it. Everything in Mackenzie’s life is perfect- until she starts to have feelings for Ian, her other best friend, and next door neighbor, since childhood. She’s never liked a...

From Ashes [ a Stiles Stilinski fic ] by anarchxst

187 pages · Fantasy · Vampires · Mystery
"You're a hero. Like a legit, comic book type super hero. Girly clothes and giggling and perfect hair isn't you. Because you're freaking Wonder Woman." A dark road lies ahead - and Chris Argent is running out of options. At a time when help is hard to come by for the Argen...

Love is Love (Markipier Love Story) by Girliplier

32 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Mark Fischbach, AKA Markiplier. A gamer on YouTube who's known for his personality, girly screams, and his low voice. He soon turns from a gamer, into a lover. He soon gets to meet her. But something's weird about his crush. She's a survivor, Warrior and a sweetie, but not exactly human....

Bella's Twin (An Embry Call Love Story) by faith and trust and a little fairy dust

64 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Fantasy
Bella's twin, Sydney, moves with her to Forks. What will happen? Will Sydney approve of Bella's infatuation with Edward? And how will she fit in the the supernatural world? Read on to find out! WARNING: It will get a little girly in places.

Mr Player, Mr Popular and I by єvєrч flσwєr must grσw thrσugh dírt

48 pages · Romance · Humor
They're the rich irresistible brothers, she's the new scholarship girl. They have the looks that make other guys envious, she's oblivious to her beauty. They're what every girl wants, she's just like any other girl, well, kind of. They're swimmers, she's a swimmer too. Th...

Transformers Animated is for real! by Ivy

2 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor
Have a dream of a dead robot tell you "Don't change. Be who you are."and then, probably months later, after the show is canceled; try waking up in Transformers Animated. A show that captured the imaginations of many Transfans, united people at some times, and best of all; made a whole ge...

Cherry Blossoms In The Wind ~OHSHC Fanfic/Kyoya Love Story~ by The Mortician's Daughter

18 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Yuki Fujioka is Haruhi's twin sister, but is the total opposite of her. Where Haruhi is an obvious tomboy, Yuki is a total girly girl, where her sister is outgoing, she is a wallflower, and where Haruhi is book smart, Yuki is musically gifted. She has a singing voice of gold, but refuses to talk...

тнe ιɴjυѕтιce тнαт cαɴ'т вe вroĸeɴ |deαɴ αмвroѕe by oopѕ мy нoυɴdѕ αre cαllιɴɢ

44 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · WWE
Alexis Drake is one of the most popular faces of WWE. Everybody fell in love with the sassy badass with a hint of girly girl act. But 3 men caught eye of the unique girl. Especially a certain Dean Ambrose. But can she learn to like a person with an apparently cold heart?

Caught (Levi X Reader)

61 pages
They find you in the Forest of Giant Trees. They won't let you bite your thumb? This is the story in my imagination. There was no point keeping it there, so I'm writing it out. Enjoy:) The reader is portrayed as a strong character, rather than a flimsy, girly person. (Like always, I try...