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Glee Quizzes

Which Glee Character are you?

Which character from the TV Show "Glee" are you most like? Just a nice quiz to take if you are a fangirl like me:)

What boy from Gravity Falls loves you? by Rose Cipher

Who would your ideal boy in Gravity Falls be?

Which Gravity Falls Character are you? by тнє ƒαηgιяℓ

The title says it all. You can either be Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Stan Pines, Gideon Gleeful, Wendy Corduroy, Soos, Bill Cipher, Robbie, Waddles

Who is your Bad Boy fantasy?

· Music
Find out whitch one of this bad boy will be perfect for you? cato ( hunger games ) Draco malfoy (harry potter) ,jacob black(twilight) ,andy biersack(BVB) , gale howthrone (hunger games), noah puckerman (glee)

Which R5 Member are you Most Like?(:

· Music
Are you most like: Riker, Ratliff, Rocky, Ross, Rydel, or Ryland?

Would Ross fall for you? by Austin Mahomie

This is my first one!Haha its only a joke so dont be offfended by what you get okay? :)

What does the cast of gravity falls think of you? by a dapper triangle craves that mineral

I really like Gravity Falls, but i haven't seen a lot of these quizes around, so I though I'd make one! in the end, we'll have all the character's opinions of you, and a little story-time maybe. it's more for girls, but I'm not stopping you from taking the quiz! It's not ...

What is your Glee life like? by Sami

· TV
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were enrolled in William Mckinley High School? Well, whether the answer is yes or no, you should take this quiz.

Your glee life by jocelyn

· TV
Title says all *Girls only*

What kind of fangirl are you? by Glens Men

NOT JUST FOR BANDS! This could be for a TV show, a book, a movie, youtube, anything you want it to be! I may hint at specific things in different questions but this is for ALL fandoms! For boys and girls :)

What TV Show would you fit into/should watch?

· TV
Which show will you get, The Vampire Diaries, Glee , 90210, The Fosters, Teen Wolf or Pretty Little liars

Your Glee Life

· TV
Very Long results! Love glee? Wanna know what your life at Mckinally would be like? If you answered yes both times then take this quiz!

Life in William McKinley High School pt. 1 by aaliyah

How will your first day turn out?..

What will your glee life be like? by Ramona

· TV
Who are you friends? Who are your enemies and who is your Boyfriend?

Which type of boys fit you? Part3 by GleekROCK

With Boy's name :) Have fun!

Your TV Twin! by alisonxoxo

~♥Girls Only♥~ ~♥ What TV Celebrity is your Twin? ♥~

Your Life In Glee [gurlz only] by ~куяαα♥

· TV
What would happen if you found yourself in the world of Glee? What would your life be like? And what would your name be, or your boyfriend D:

Glee Stories

I try... by Sir. Dipping Sauce is HAPPY

9 pages · Romance · Mystery
You move to Gravity Falls. You're not really sure what you're in for. You are staying at the Mystery Shack for the whole summer. There, you meet Dipper (and Mabel, duh.) You also meet Bill Cipher. And then of course, Gideon Gleeful. The three boys fall for you. Who will you fall for? ...

The New Girl by LittleLove

95 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Senior year a new student arrives in WMHS questioning the forefront of the Glee Club within. Issues are addressed, ones that no one even knew were there, feelings are thrown around, and lives are left changed forever. QUINN/OC

Math Class Partners (Smythe) by ocean.ˣ

163 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
As the new girl at Dalton Academy, Melody Love is sure to receive attention from all of the boys. But one boy in particular manages to receive all of hers, despite his attitude and rocky relationships with her new friends. What is Melody to do when she realizes that something more than friendship mi...

What lies behind those eyes (Nico di Angelo love story) by StormyDiAngelo

37 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
He gazed down curiously at the girl sprawled out in his lap with her arms around her neck. He carefully put his arms under her then lifted her up, he set her on the bed but she had a death grip around his neck. So he was forced to lie down with her. He hesitationly leaned over and kissed her forehea...

Crazy in Love (Ryder Lynn Love Story) by Gιaппa

118 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Andrea Jimenez is afraid of falling in love due to a past that's difficult for her to talk about. She transfers to McKinely High School for her sophomore year and meets this boy. Will he change her idea that every guy will break her heart?

Coming Home [Peter Pan/Once Upon A Time] by JustAFanPage

26 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"What do you think your doing?" someone at the docks demanded. Aubrey just smirked and turned at the man and the people running towards the portal. "Going home," was the last thing Aubrey said before she jumped in right after poor Henry was dragged in there.

Such A Bad Boy -Sebastian Smythe Love Story-FINISHED- by rose

30 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"You think you're so bad Smythe" Rose challenged, every fibre in her being wanting to stab him repeatedly because of how repulsive he was being. "Oh you haven't seen how bad I can get" He told me taking a drag of his cigarette.

Illuminati Dorito (Reader Insert)(UNDETERMINED HIATUS) by Cherubim

47 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
Gravity Falls is one strange town. Everything gets stranger when people start seeing a yellow triangle floating around in random places. They call it a demon. You call it an Illuminati dorito. ~ This is by no means a one-shot. Yes, it's a reader insert with some random twists. I'll say not...

It Was Shocking... [BRVR x Reader] by GriffinCraft

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
[Y/N] was a gleeful girl, with a cheery life. That is, until her heart is shattered by grief at the death of one of her closest friends, who had been mutilated beyond recognition. The grief remains somewhere in her heart... But it is also mended. [Warning : Cuss Words | Religious Mention]

Welcome To McKinley High (your life and love) by TuiXLa

250 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
It's your freshman year,and high school is already as bad as it can get. But,when you have to move to a new state, you have no choice but to transfer to a new school! But,you meet some new people, and find some hope in a little club called "New Directions",you experience lots and even new love!

Short Stories by ғrαɴĸeɴтeeɴ

68 pages · Fan Fiction
I've decided that instead of doing One-Shots, I'm going to short stories for some characters I come across in films etc (: