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Harry Potter Life Quizzes

Your Hogwarts Life! Girlies only! IMPROVED! LONG RESULTS!

· Books
Improved from my last one! Includes boyfriend, patronus, talent, wand, anamagis, personality, house, blood, family, teachers opionions, student opionins, friends, enimies, your past, your future, and more! Love you all so much, I made this just for you guys!♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Your Hogwarts Life! LOOONNGG RESULTS!

· Books
Includes Boyfriend, House, Wand, Personality, Friends, Enemies, Favorite teachers and subjects, Past, Life though Hogwarts, Future, Family, Opinions of you, E.T.C, E.T.C. Lets just say its detailed :) Enjoy! P.S. SOME OF THE STORIES ARE NOT COMPLETED BUT PLEASE BE PATIENT AND I WILL UPDATE TH...

Harry Potter Life! IMPROVED

· Books
Your wizardy life! for girls only! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG results: full name, nickname, house, age, blood-status, personality, talent, wand, patronus, animagus, boyfriend, friends, enemies, nationality, parents, siblings, past, school life, future and pics! This took me like AGES to do, so ...

Hogwarts Love Life (Super Long!) UPDATED! 2/23

· Books
UPDATE 2/23 ! I decided to go and update everything! ANDDD I CHANGED A FEW THINGS!

THE MAGICAL YOU! (Your full life at Hogwarts) by Deanna

· Books
This quiz gives you a full description of you at Hogwarts (your bf, best friend, school ,grades, future, and what people think of you based on the info you give me.)

Your Life At Hogwarts! (Very long results!) by ℓιєυтєηαηт σƒ αηgвαηd

· Books
What would your life be like if you went to Hogwarts? Includes house, personality, appearence, outfit, opinions, husband, kids and more!

Your Hogwarts life! by White Meadow

· Books
Ever wanted to know what your Hogwarts life would be? This test will tell you! Includes house, wand, boyfriend, friends, enemies, patronus, animagus, class, teacher, future, and more!

YOUR HOGWARTS LIFE! (Marauders Era) by EliseBlack

· Books
I've been dying to make one of these! COMPLETED

What is Your Life at Hogwarts? *Girls Only* by Abby

· Books
This includes a love story at the end of each result. This quiz tells you who is your BF, who is your BFF, what grades do you get, what blood type do you have, and what people think about you! :) Ideally for ages 11 or 12 and up!

Your Own Hogwarts Character!

· Books
LLLOOONNNGGG results! Who are you? who are your friends? who is your boyfriend? what do the existing characters think about you? What is your personality?

Your Life at Hogwarts :) by Sara

· Books
Kinda detailed Results and Pictures :) - first quiz -

Your Life At Hogwarts :) by Ariana Grande

· Books
Your life at hogwarts! four results include Patronus, house, blood type, boyfriend/crush, personality, favourite class, favourite colour, quidditch position, friends and hair colour and more!

Your Hogwarts love life by CaptainHook

· Humor
What will your Hogwarts life look like? What will your name be? What will you look like? In which house will you be? Which Howarts Hottie (hehe) will you fall in love with? Would it be the famous Harry Potter? The funny guy Fred/George Weasley? Side Kick Ron Weasley? Bad Boy Draco Malfoy? Or Dark T...

A Marauder's Life by Hikaru

· Books
Hey :D This is an opportunity to know what life you would have had during the Marauders era ! 5 long results with Pets, Stories, Wedding, Kids etc ! This is my first quiz so I'd love some feedback. Have fun ! ^o^

Your Life In Harry Potter *Long Results with Story*

· Books
Each result includes a long story of your life and times in Harry Potter. Sorry lads, but girls only. Enjoy :) x

Your Life at Hogwarts (LONG RESULTS)

· Books
What house are you in? What's your blood status? What guy will you be with? Who are your friends? Where do you end up? How does the Yule Ball go for you? All these questions and more will be answered inside. Hope you like it! :)

Your Hogwarts Life by Pippi and Aimee

Find out what character in Harry Potter are you, House, Patronus, boyfriend, friends, personality, wand, broom stick, children, wedding dress and cloak! Long results

Your really Hogwarts life. by BlackMalfoy

· Books
Based on your answers, you'll have an entire and loooong life including your house, personality, patronus, other people opinions on you, crush/boyfriend, your past and future and other things.

Harry Potter Life Stories

The Slytherin Prince And The Gryffindor Princess ((Draco Malfoy Love Story))

392 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
A story was told thousands of years ago, once Hogwarts was founded, that a thousands years from then, that The Slytherin Prince and Gryffindor Princess would somehow fall in love. Very Unlikely when there Riley Harries and Draco Malfoy. They've been enemies since that first time in Hogwarts. Sh...

Life Surprises You (Marauders Era) by Skye

263 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Skyler Snape unlike her twin brother is a beautiful, funloving gryffindor prankster that tries to always keep her spirits up. People say she's like a girl marauder. She refused to believe this though, Skyler agreed with her best friend Lily Evans. The Marauders are annoying bullies. That's w...

Daughter of the gods (Percy Jackson/Nico Di Angelo/Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy- lo by Arianna

136 pages · Vampires · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Skylar Luna Destiny Gold: proud, cocky, kind/protective (only to the ones she likes), smart (almost like a nerd) and for last the beauty herself (she is the only one who doesn't realize it). All by all a pretty avarage girl, or so you think... Sky her gardian is the richest man in America, an...

My Protector by dυмвledore'ѕ daυnтleѕѕ dυnderнead

60 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Are you helping Sirius Black into the castle?" A hufflepuff fifth year shouted into my face. "Hey, lay off her!" Fred said protectively, putting his arm around my shoulders. This is the life I live now. This is the curse of being Sirius Black's daughter.

Met His Match by Love Never Fails

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A new girl is starting at Hogwarts. She's from America and is full of life. The Marauders instantly take interest in her, especially Sirius Black. Turns out she is a prankster herself and is Remus's cousin. Her and Remus are more a like than they thought... This is Evie's life. He...

The Reckless and the Brave by Kayla

300 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I first met Draco Malfoy in Diagon Alley. And then we shared a compartment on the train on our way to Hogwarts our first year. That is when I started hating him. He insulted my family, which is never okay with me. Naturally we became rivals when he was sorted into Slytherin and I in Gryffindor. But ...

Fandom One-Shots

106 pages · Horror · Short Stories
As long as we know them, we'll write them. *REQUESTS ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*

Stolen Hearts [Marauders] by Gigi Winchester

250 pages · Fan Fiction
Estella Blackwood is sent to live with her aunt after her parents were murdered. She is then transferred to Hogwarts, where she meets the infamous Marauders. Her life is turned upside down, but can one certain Marauder turn it right side up again?

Always *Draco Malfoy* by ѕaвrιna мalғoy-ѕalvaтore

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
“What are you doing Draco?” she asked quizzically as I stepped towards her. “Taking what I want.” I growled at her. I closed the distance between us and pressed my lips to hers. ~ Draco Malfoy; the handsome, cruel, intelligent, cunning, cocky Slytherin Prince. Alyssa Grey; the beautiful...

The Fallen Princess by Alexandria

133 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
-Disclaimer: The events do not going according to books because I had intended to, it's not a mistake or a mixup, it's intentional- Amelie Darling, a sixteen year old wicth who has been living in the Muggle world for her life. Then, a twist and she is whisked into Hogwarts and the wizarding...

Marauder Preferences! by Lauren-Anne

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
Having an amazing boyfriend, a brilliant life-and finding out about it has never been easier!

σηℓу ƒσя нєя by мσση

40 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The laughs and whispers of the past grabbed him back in a time long forgotten. The memories of a soul so pure, A touch so gentle Lingers, Always. A soul so blackened by Evil that one could only imagine. And yet it holds a spot for her. Only for her.