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Homestuck Kankri Vantas Quizzes

Who will you fill a Pail with?

IT HAS ALL THE POST SCRATCH AND PRE SCRATCH MALE TROLLS. Just what the title says since trolls dont have gender it would apply to everyone but some people feel some type of way about getting a "male" troll

Talk to Kankri! by Urt

Have a talk with the Seer of Blood, and see what he thinks of you!

Talk with Kankri by Sylph of Heart

Well its all in the title! Chat with him and see what he thinks of you what quadrent would you be in?

Homestuck Kankri Vantas Stories

Homestuck Reader Inserts~REQUESTS OPEN by LordSpanglish

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I'll do any character upon request so don't be shy~ Homestuck and all it's lovely characters belong to our god Hussie, so do you.

Lock him up!~Hide the key!~Insane!Rayn(Me)x Kankri(MIIINNNNEE) by Nepeta Leijon

2 pages · Fan Fiction
Meh this was based off of a drawing I made. I made my friends little brother cry X3. So yea.

The Unfinished Book In The Back by IWriteLameThigns

21 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Karkat's life is rather normal, he works in a bookstore and his life is just what he wanted. When an accident happens, Karkat will have to fight to stay alive and keep himself in check. Will he survive, or fade out of existance? Will I ever be able to write a good summary? We just don't know...

Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios by Dave Strider

6 pages · Romance · Humor
Includes all of the trolls, the beta kids, and Alpha kids. (Trolls: Pre-scratch, Beta.)

Homestuck Fanfics

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A Bunch of Fanfics I've written. ANy requests will be taken Okay there will be reader x Character And Also Character x Character. //requests closed//

Kankri x Reader] Earth's not too bad I suppose by saturn's moons

15 pages · Fan Fiction
AU: sburb doesn't exist but the trolls do, yet they are living in somewhat of a spaceship millions of light years away, won't be nessacarily sticking to any plot of the original homestuck, i'll just be using the characters who belong to Andrew Hussie not me

Shipping fics (Homestuck inserts) by Karkat

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Collection of one-shots of Character x Character, and Reader x Character. Even Genderbends. //Requests Open//

They think your crazy... by Dave Strider

3 pages · Romance
Kankri x reader (sadstuck) (songstuck)

Heart Like Honey,Love Like Homestuck by HomestuckLuver

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor
(Mituna x Sollux x reader) When you move all by yourself after your parents died. Now, You live with your old friend Karkat Vantas and his brother Kankri. There dad Signless watched you when you were a little girl. you have small troll horns.But,your mostly human. You meet two boys and there dad. A...

A Way of Life [Kankri/Reader] by MikiMoke

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
It should have been a regular day. Regular being "home alone once again with a microwave dinner and terrible movie". But something weird happened. You were hardly expecting it. Now? Well, let's just say you're stuck with someone you're amazed you can tolerate.