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Homestuck Kankri Vantas Quizzes

Who will you fill a Pail with?

IT HAS ALL THE POST SCRATCH AND PRE SCRATCH MALE TROLLS. Just what the title says since trolls dont have gender it would apply to everyone but some people feel some type of way about getting a "male" troll

Talk to Kankri! by Urt

Have a talk with the Seer of Blood, and see what he thinks of you!

Talk to me! Kankri!~ by Tweenta

Hell9, it is me, Kankri Vantas, I h9pe y9u all read this, 9therwise it would be very triggering, but anyway, lets talk shall we?

Talk with Kankri by Sylph of Heart

Well its all in the title! Chat with him and see what he thinks of you what quadrent would you be in?

Homestuck Kankri Vantas Stories

Savior by MissDuckyDuck

3 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
( Kankri x Shy!Reader ) Oneshot

Lost (Vantascest) by Gazlene

37 pages · Mystery · Romance
It's been a few years since he's seen his parents. He doesn't remember his family. But his life seems normal. He's got a decent job at a coffee shop. That is until a new guy comes to town. How will he be related to this man?

Dream Bubbles by Tweenta

26 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
This is a Kankri x Reader thing...idk I was bored of doing short storys

Homestuck Reader Inserts~REQUESTS OPEN by Maria Robotnik

8 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I'll do any character upon request so don't be shy~ Homestuck and all it's lovely characters belong to our god Hussie, so do you.

They think your crazy... by ıllıllı вσяαн Dεнυεη ıllıllı

5 pages · Romance
Kankri x reader (sadstuck) (songstuck)

Love Hurts (Homestuck) by ˣₓˣ rєвєllíσn twíns ˣₓˣ

11 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Cora and Sam were starting another day of their boring old life, until something they'd never expect to happen happened. They catch the attention of two special people. (HUMANSTUCK)

The Unfinished Book In The Back by I Write Lame Things

32 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Karkat's life is rather normal, he works in a bookstore and his life is just what he wanted. When an accident happens, Karkat will have to fight to stay alive and keep himself in check. Will he survive, or fade out of existance? Will I ever be able to write a good summary? We just don't know...

Could You Ever Love Me? (Karkat x Reader) by Maple

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Karkat x Reader #TriggerWaring #BadLanguage This fanfiction may also include John x Reader Kankri x Reader and possibly at some points Dave x Reader, but I doubt i'll add Dave x Reader in.

Homestuck Boyfriend Scenarios by ıllıllı вσяαн Dεнυεη ıllıllı

21 pages · Romance · Humor
Includes all of the trolls, the beta kids, and Alpha kids. (Trolls: Pre-scratch, Beta.)

Heart Like Honey,Love Like Homestuck by HomestuckLuver

8 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
(Mituna x Sollux x reader) When you move all by yourself after your parents died. Now, You live with your old friend Karkat Vantas and his brother Kankri. There dad Signless watched you when you were a little girl. you have small troll horns.But,your mostly human. You meet two boys and there dad. A...

Supernaturally: Ghost Kankri x reader by 8thDimension

46 pages · Romance
After moving into your new house, you discover that you aren't the only one living there....