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Jack Frost Quizzes

Your Guardian Life ;) by Angel

· Movies
Im new so please no hate..

The Big Four (Part 1) by Angel of Death

You know who they are right? Rapunzel, Merida, Hiccup and Ice Pants, er, Jack Frost. Anyways, you'll be meeting them. Let's see how this goes.

Conversation with the big four (part 3) by Mother Gothel

· Movies
Sorry, no Elsa and Anna! Welcome back! I have the aweshum big four with me! And... Wait what? And... Nothing else but me and the big four! Yay..?(Sorry, no guys :()

Your Movie Boyfriend :) by Anna Roberts

Flynn Rider, Jack Frost, Johnny Stein, Percy Jackson and Peter Pan! You get a question from each of the five! But which one has fallen for you? >_<

The Big Four ~Part 1~ by Girl On Fire

You know who they are, right? Rapunzel, Merida, Jack Frost, and Horrendous Hiccup Haddock III-er, Hiccup. Just, Hiccup. You'll be meeting them. Let's see how this goes.

Big Four In High School Part Two by Jack Frost

· Movies
Welcome to the second part of this series... To take the first click this link... Big Four In High School Part One Enjoy!

Big Four In High School Part One by Jack Frost

· Movies
It's your first year of high school and guess what? It is also all of the members of the big four's first year too! You guys are going to the same school! Find out if you guys would become friends, would romances bloom, or would you awkwardly sit in the corner drooling! Just kidding about th...

Big Four Part 1 :D by Winterly

Find out what Rapunzel, Jack Frost, Hiccup and Merida thinks of you. By taking this quiz! :D

Creepypasta Institute part 10~ by FrostedShadow

· Scary
You weren't getting off the hook after your previous actions. The Slenderman now has his suspicions and your only ally is Frost and possibly the mysterious Ben. Can you still manage to hide? Or will your secret ultimately lead to your death?

Conversation with the big SIX (part 2) by Mother Gothel

· Movies
We have a SURPRISEEEE! Guess who? The frozen sisters! I did both of them. I mean seriously, why is Anna the one left out? Anna: Its okay, Skye. NO IT ISNT (ends complaining)

What does Jack Frost think about you by Meital

· Movies
Will he love you, hate you, see you just as a friend or finds you as a creepy fan girl?

In what movie would you live? (Long results) by NotWithoutMusik

Your life in ROTG, How to train your dragon, Brave, Tangled Who are you, what relationship do you have with the main character etc :)

What do the guardians think of you? by Megan

Girls only. sorry. What do the rise of the guardians characters think of you, who you are, what your name is, who would have a crush on you etc.

Conversation with the big four! by Mother Gothel

· Movies
Hey there! This is my first quiz.. Anyway, enjoy. Hiccup: Psst be more descriptive Me: Shush dragon boy Hiccup: (huff)

Who out of the Big Four are you most like? by WindyBreeze800

Who are you most like out of the Big Four? Hiccup, Jack Frost, Mérida, or Rapunzel?

Jack or Pitch by Peyton

· Movies
How will you react when Pitch Black kidnaps you? Will jack save you? Will you stay with Pitch? Find out!

Which animated character is your boyfriend? by ElsaFan

· Movies
Every girl knows they like at least one animation character! Well... in this test, you can find out your perfect match! Enjoy! :) (You can have either Jack Frost, Nod, Kristoff, Flynn, or Hiccup)

Conversation with the big 4- Part 3 (final part) by Katie

Prequel to Conversation with the big 4 and Conversation with the big 4- Part 2 (Truth or dare)

Jack Frost Stories

Sparks Fly ~Jack Frost X Reader X Hiccup~

172 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Moving to Sweden. Who’d have thought that would ever happen? You left your friends, your home and your life... All for your dad’s new job. Only one thing remains…. Jack Frost. The boy you had met when you were five and had grown to love like a brother. But lately things haven’t been the same...

Snowflakes by Anna Roberts

64 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Jack Frost, the guardian of fun, meets you in the most unexpected way. He has feelings for you that he can't explain, but he does know that he'd go to the end of the earth for you. And so would you. When evil strikes, both of you are put to the test. Is Jack's love for you real? Or is it...

Boyfriend Scenarios (cartoon/creepypasta/Homestuck) by Counting the blessings

24 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The boys are Danny Phantom, Dave Strider, Marshall Lee, Jeff the Killer, and Jack frost. (Sorry I haven't updated. Writers block.) Poll: Story Poll

Tis the Season ~A Jack Frost Love Story ~

179 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
Natalie Reed's life isnt what a normal teenager would want. Her mom's dead. Her dad is an abusive alchoholic, and she is left alone to care for her little brother Bentley. After getting slapped, her true father, North, otherwise known as Santa Claus rescues her. In his workshop, she meets th...

The Rise of a New Guardian by Lana Del Rey

51 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
When Man in Moon chooses a new guardian, and that new guardian happens to catch Jack Frost's eye, what will happen? Will Jack get distracted from being a guardian? Will love last? Will it work out? As these two lovers go through many bumps in road, including the return of Pitch Black, will love,...

The Frosty Halloween (Jack Frost x Reader Story)

83 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
Your name is Raven Nightingale, and you’re the Spirit of Halloween. A year has passed since the battle between the Guardians and Pitch, but what if he was rising again? And the Guardians needed your help? With only Halloween being a week away, can you get ready for the scary event and protect the ...

Guardian High by Jack Frost

11 pages · Action · Realistic
Welcome to Guardian High, the world's leading high school for future Guardians. Where students discover their powers and how to use them. Ultimately in the goal of preserving and protecting the innocence and safety of children... Also check out my quizzes about Guardian High where YOU get to ...

You are my world (Jack X Reader Love Story) ~Finished~

53 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
You had the most awful childhood ever. You thought you will never be happy in your life time. Until you meet Jack Frost who is that ray of sunshine in your dark world. The only thing is that you don't know that you are his chosen one. ⓒ Copyright of Melanie Miller

North's Daughter [Jack Frost Love Story] (Finished)

28 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fantasy
"Everyone gather 'round." North announces. Us Guardians walk over to him to see what he needed. "What is it, mate?" Bunnymund asks. "You all know my daughter, Aria. She'll be joining us for awhile." North says. North has a daughter? How come I never heard of her before? "Bunny, you and Jack go g...

Believe In Me (Jack Frost x Reader) by Nathan Chung

10 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Have you ever felt a cold tickle brush past your nose while walking in the wintery day? When building a snowman, have you ever felt a shiver run up your body, but at the same time, giving you a warm joyful feeling? When deep in sleep, have you ever wondered if someone really is watching over you, pr...

Why Is It So Hard To Tell Her! by Iɴfiɴity Sαɴity

38 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Hiccup and Heidi used to be best friends.Hiccup couldn't accept the fact that Heidi likes her so he ended his friendship.Hiccup soon felt the loneliness without Heidi.Heidi left Berk because of some urgent reasons without Hiccup's knowing and came back a few years later...

What is Love? Jack Frost x Reader by Sam

59 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Pitch Black has been giving you nightmares and messing with you for a month before Jack sees him sneaking into your house. (warning for use of curse words)