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Jack Frost Quizzes

Will Jack Frost love you ? by Kiki The Dragon Girlx

Its My First Quiz and I re-post it for 2 times already ! :(

Your Movie Boyfriend :) by Anna Roberts

Flynn Rider, Jack Frost, Johnny Stein, Percy Jackson and Peter Pan! You get a question from each of the five! But which one has fallen for you? >_<

Which animated character is your boyfriend? by ElsaFan

· Movies
Every girl knows they like at least one animation character! Well... in this test, you can find out your perfect match! Enjoy! :) (You can have either Jack Frost, Nod, Kristoff, Flynn, or Hiccup)

Babysitting The (Little) Big Four by Enchancer 26

It's Christmas Eve, the jolliest time of the year! But due to an accidental wish made by Rapunzel; her, Merida, Hiccup & Jack Frost had temporarily shrunken to kids! & because of Christmas being the next day, everyone at the North Pole are super busy, so it's up to you to take up the...

What Does Jack Frost Think Of You? by Michele

This is my first quiz so no mean comments please.

Meet the big four plus *drum roll*meee *jazz hands* by Chloe Spark

· Movies
Ever wanted to meet the big four? well, here they are!

Talk To The Three by Rin Yukituji

· Movies
Talk to three main characters that are created by the same person! Alex from Madagascar, Hiccup from HTTYD and Jack from RotG! *Only for Girls, sorry boys!*

A Story With A Heart Eater (Hiccup X You) Part 1 by Vinyl Waters The Crazy One

Hi my Dirty Penguins! So, this series is about you falling in love with Hiccup at a boarding school and there's a Heart Eater and, well, I don't wanna give it all away! (WARNING: Role Playing Advised) ...

What do the guardians think of you? by Megan

Girls only. sorry. What do the rise of the guardians characters think of you, who you are, what your name is, who would have a crush on you etc.

Big Four Part 1 by animalgirl

Part 1 of a series of quizzes! You get to chat with them, YAY! Okay well I'm awkward so that's a warning but ah well. This one we are just getting to know you but then we will play some games!

In what movie would you live? (Long results) by NotWithoutMusik

Your life in ROTG, How to train your dragon, Brave, Tangled Who are you, what relationship do you have with the main character etc :)

Talking with the Big Four by WillowPurpleZap

This is my first actual quiz. Girls only.

ROTG 7 Minutes In Heaven

· Movies
This is actually only for Jack Frost but your choices affect the ending.There are 4 endings. 1)nothing 2)friendzone 3)rejection 4)love also,this is my first quiz sorry if it's not nice :( sequel: ROTG 7 Minutes In Heaven Sequel

Which 'Rise of the Guardians' person are you?

· Movies
I watched the movie today, got inspired. So, here's to me. Don't own anything but the questions. You can get the results of: Pitch Black, Jack Frost, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and Sand Man.

Elsa, Jack, Rapunzel, Merida and Hiccup? by Anna Roberts

You've heard of them... Jack Frost, Rapunzel, Elsa, Merida and Hiccup... but what do they think of you?

Your life as a Guardian by The Blue Raven

· Movies
OMG I am IN LOVE with this movie, and Jack Frost ♥ so here's my first Rise of the Guardians quiz! It'll tell you what you represent (St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, etc. [note: it may not be a holiday]), your personality, your life and age before you became a guardian, what happened after that, whic...

Your ROTG Life! ~Longish Results~ by Bee H

· Movies
Includes: Name, back story, outfits, the guardians opinions and more! Just take it, no hate please

10 Minutes in Heaven -Rise of the Guardians- by Vanessa Chan

It's the day before Christmas and North has invited you to his little party, however, little did you know that you were going to get involved in the game 10 minutes in heaven. Who will you get? Who will you be alone with? Let's see, shall we? Long results too :D

Jack Frost Stories

Snowflakes by Anna Roberts

64 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Jack Frost, the guardian of fun, meets you in the most unexpected way. He has feelings for you that he can't explain, but he does know that he'd go to the end of the earth for you. And so would you. When evil strikes, both of you are put to the test. Is Jack's love for you real? Or is it...

Sparks Fly ~Jack Frost X Reader X Hiccup~

229 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Moving to Sweden. Who’d have thought that would ever happen? You left your friends, your home and your life... All for your dad’s new job. Only one thing remains…. Jack Frost. The boy you had met when you were five and had grown to love like a brother. But lately things haven’t been the same...

North's Daughter [Jack Frost Love Story] (Finished)

30 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
"Everyone gather 'round." North announces. Us Guardians walk over to him to see what he needed. "What is it, mate?" Bunnymund asks. "You all know my daughter, Aria. She'll be joining us for awhile." North says. North has a daughter? How come I never heard of her before? "Bunny, you and Jack go g...

Angel of Music [A Rise of the Guardians Love Story]

67 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Pitch is back and he seeks revenge on those who defeated him. aka the guardians. Now we meet Eve, a beautiful and talented singer now destined to be the Guardian of Music. And what will happen when she meets the mischievous and devilishly handsome Jack Frost? Only time will tell. [Adult Conduct! &a...

I n f a t u a t i o n (Jack Frost x Reader) by ibelievex3

45 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"wнy long ғor a ĸιѕѕ ιn тнe raιn wнen ѕnowғlaĸeѕ are ғallιng and oυr lιpѕ are вoтн lonely?" || { jacĸ ғroѕт х reader draввleѕ and one-ѕнoтѕ}

Why Is It So Hard To Tell Her! by Αiɴɑ Aɴiмαgicα

117 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Hiccup and Heidi used to be best friends.Hiccup couldn't accept the fact that Heidi likes her so he ended his friendship.Hiccup soon felt the loneliness without Heidi.Heidi left Berk because of some urgent reasons without Hiccup's knowing and came back a few years later...

Give or take a few by Xx-Oreo-xX

71 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Adventure
Y/n- was somehow mistaken to be a guardian when you, yourself, is not immortal. You are just sixteen, a careless young teenager.How were you suppose to handle a big responsibility? How are suppose to take care of children and protect them? You never believed in the guardians and yet, you could hear ...

Rise of a New Guardian (Jack x reader) by NatureGirl216

43 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
At the age of 16 you saved your little sister choosing her life over your own. How it happened? You have to read. Along the way you meet frostbite the guardians and a lot of crazy stuff goes down.

Tis the Season ~A Jack Frost Love Story ~

177 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Romance
Natalie Reed's life isnt what a normal teenager would want. Her mom's dead. Her dad is an abusive alchoholic, and she is left alone to care for her little brother Bentley. After getting slapped, her true father, North, otherwise known as Santa Claus rescues her. In his workshop, she meets th...

You are my world (Jack X Reader Love Story) ~Finished~

53 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
You had the most awful childhood ever. You thought you will never be happy in your life time. Until you meet Jack Frost who is that ray of sunshine in your dark world. The only thing is that you don't know that you are his chosen one. ⓒ Copyright of Melanie Miller

Boyfriend Scenarios (cartoon/creepypasta/Homestuck) by Burning Alive

23 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
The boys are Danny Phantom, Dave Strider, Marshall Lee, Jeff the Killer, and Jack frost. (Sorry I haven't updated. Writers block.) Poll: Story Poll

The New Guardian| Jack Frost by oopѕ мy нoυɴdѕ αre cαllιɴɢ

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jack Frost knew what it was like to be invisible. Not many kids believed in him. But then a new Guardian appears. The Guardian Angel, Brianna who seemed to be more unknown by the children then Jack. Jack is glad there is someone who he can relate to but there is one problem, Brianna and Jack hates e...