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Jack Frost Reader Insert Quizzes

Jack Frost xYOU and...Rapunzel? by Bonkers the Cat

Okay so Jack is..well uhm Jack and you and Rapunzel like him.. a lot... so lets see how it goes? :| ALL RESULTS ARE HAPPY SO NO ONE GETS REJECTED!

Jack Frost Reader Insert Stories

Lost Love (Jack Frost x Reader Love Story)

25 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
(Jack Frost X Reader) Jack died. But he left behind more than his family. He left behind the girl he loved. What will happen to her?

I Never Stopped Believing

73 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
*Jack Frost x Reader* You were practically alone, besides your Mother, but she's all you had. No one else liked you. NO ONE. That is, until you meet him one day, but he left just like everyone else. He promised he would come back, but it seemed like he wasn't going to. Why did it kill you that ...

Believe In Me (Jack Frost x Reader) by Nathan Chung

11 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Have you ever felt a cold tickle brush past your nose while walking in the wintery day? When building a snowman, have you ever felt a shiver run up your body, but at the same time, giving you a warm joyful feeling? When deep in sleep, have you ever wondered if someone really is watching over you, pr...

This is where you belong by Miƨƨ Ƨεŋƨuɑliʈy

28 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Jack Frost x Reader "This is where you belong." Thy Jack Frost cheered enthusiastically. You shook your head with your mouth a gap. "B-But I don't... Belong here." You lowered your gaze. You felt his cold finger tips made contact with your skin on your face. Adverting your eyes ...

Halloween Queen (insert reader) by FanFiction Freak

21 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Imagen waking up to a new world and you have no idea why your here. Well you need to ask the moon for that question... if the moon doesn't answer well what do you do? This is a female insert sorry boys. I don't own rise of the guardians or the pictures. I own the plot.

Red String ~Rise of the Gaurdians~

3 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
In 1997 {Name} {Last} was born. The newborn was visited by the one and only Cupid herself. The spirit of love took out a red thread and tied it around her left pinkie. Once that was over she visited one of the five guardians and tied the string around his pinkie. Now it's 2014 and about time the...

Wipeout (Jack Frost x Reader) by Anna

11 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
You are sick and tired of Jack and Bunny fighting all the time. It's driving you crazy! But have no fear. North has a plan. What is this plan, you may ask? And why on Earth is this titled "Wipeout"? Well, my dear reader, just read and find out! I'm sure you'll have a splashing go...

Spirit or Ghost? (Jack Frost x Reader) by EscapeTheChaos

47 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Frosty messages, icy laughs, crystal blue eyes watching you everywhere you go. It soon dawns on you that either a spirit or a ghost is haunting you...well, that is until you meet Jack Frost, Spirit of Winter and Guardian of Fun. (Jack Frost x Reader)

I will love you not matter how long it takes.

17 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
(These suck but whatevs yo) Jack has found her again. Who? He can't remember, all he knows is that he needs her.

You Can See Me? by Aeden

28 pages · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jack Frost/Reader Insert. One day, when you're out in the woods, you meet Jack Frost, the winter spirit you have been mesmerised by since childhood. At first everything is great; but then, when Jack is called to become a Guardian, your life gets even stranger- and more dangerous- than ever before. T...

Snow Storm by Brittany

48 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Its finally Christmas break and you get to spend 2 weeks up in Michigan with your family, your dogs, and plenty of SNOW! But something's meet a new friends in the woods who likes the snow even more than you do. Disclaimer: Pictures found on Google, are not mine!

Frostbite by Mуѕтιqυє

7 pages · Short Stories · Romance
Jack Frost x Reader Drabbles Chestnuts roasting, on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose ]