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Janoskian Quizzes

Who's your celebrity Brother?

You have a celebrity brother, now take this quiz to find out who!

Which boy is for you? by Kat5SOS

A small quiz to see if you suit any of the following boys from different groups/bands: Luke Hemmings Nash Grier Cameron Dallas Luke Brooks Harry Styles ♥ ♥ Enjoy! And, this is my first quiz, so sorry if it's a little crap:) Love, Kat x

Your youtuber boyfriend

Includes mostly everyone popular on youtube! Girls only! Sorry Pewdiepie is not in this one. Short results. Cool quiz though! (I hope)

Who is your Janoskians boyfriend? Find out :) by Skip'sBae

Well,the title says it all :) P.S. I hope you get your favorite :)

Which Janoskians' Boy if for you? by Issy Pitt

Personality quiz based on The Janoskians.

Who I ship you with?

· Music
Who's your soulmate?

Do you know these famous faces? by Bryonna

Test your knowledge! Some Easy, Some Hard!

1D fight and break up

· Music
Read this and find out how you and your 1D boyfriend break up and then make up ♥

What Band would ask you to go on tour with them? by Robannkat

What band would you go on tour with and be best friends with! Includes the following bands! One Direction The Janoskians 5 Seconds of Summer Emblem3

The Janoskians- Break up to Make up

Read this to find out how you break up and then make up with your Janoskian boyfriend

Which Janoskians member would be your boyfriend?

Always wanted to know which hot and lovable boy would be your lover? You're in the right place!

Janoskians Boyfriend by Lisa Egert

All is in the title! +Long results

How your YouTuber boy asks you out by Jαγςhεllε

I'M BACK WIF A NEW QUIZ! YEAH BUDDY ;) Be sure to take this quiz, heart, comment and follow ♥ *WARNING: LONG, AWESOME RESULTS*

Do you know these popular guys/celebrities? by TABLE FLIPPER

· Music
I'll put a picture on every question and you have to guess who is that... as simple as that... I guess...

Which member of the Janoskians do you suit? by Brooks

If you should marry one of the boys, who should it be? Let's see who you suit! (Notice; you suit all of them. It's just for fun)

Can I Guess Your Style? (Girls Only) by Bryonna

The choices are: Scene Girly Boho Chic Sporty Hipster Includes: Hairstyle Dat e Outfit Everyday Outfit Prom Dress

Who is your Janoskians baby daddy ? by яαтcнєt тαℓια

Who helped make that attractive baby of yours ? Jai Brooks ? Luke Brooks ? Beau Brooks ? James Yammouni ? Daniel Sahyounie ? TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT ! ♥

Janoskian Stories

Player-Luke Brooks Fanfiction by яσχу αη נαѕмιηє

64 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
When the schools quiet girl gets involved with the schools biggest player her personality, friends and surroundings will change dramatically.

Converse - Luke Brooks

267 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Avery Johnson. The top student at the Melbourne Ballet Academy. Except, she isn't the goody two shoes you expect her to be. What happens when one day she meets a boy by the name of Luke Brooks? It's all about to change for her. Now, she isn't the ballerina, but 'The Girl in the Red Converse'.

Ariana's Sister *Luke Brooks Love Story*- done -

125 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"I think you should go back to Australia with Jai. it would be nice for you to meet Luke." Ariana stated to me as Jai stood next to her. I shrugged my shoulders, "I guess." Ariana squealed and Jai sent me a small smirk. I rolled my eyes playfully. I guess I'm going to Australia.

Romeo and Juliet? ~Beau Brooks Love story

126 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Two Families. Both hate each other. What happens, when a boy and a girl fall in love. Will their families get in their way?

Kidnapped by the Janoskians and One Direction by Myodine

55 pages · Humor · One Direction · Fan Fiction
"Uh, so you know what my name is?" I asked. "Yeah, we all do. You're MaeJustine," Louis says, everyone else nods in agreement. "Stalkers," I coughed. -- MaeJustine: typical, average fourteen year old, right? Wrong. She's beyond that. She puts meaning into...

Rainy Days (Jai Brooks Story) by Låüręñ

52 pages · Fan Fiction
Normal people stay inside on rainy days, at least thats what I was doing. Normal people dont pay attention to girls like me, with my blue hair and tattoos. But this guy wasnt normal like the rest. He loved rainy days, and strangely enough, he liked girls like me...

Liar (Luke Brooks Story) *Finished*

165 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
“Then get out.” He ordered. “Fine.” I said opening my car door. I unbuckled my seatbelt and stepped out. “Beau’s right. None of this happened until you showed up. Don’t talk to any of us, especially me. Don’t text, or call, or anything! Just- stay out of my life from now on, Charl...


Austin Mahone, Alex Constancio, Cody Simpson, Ross Lynch, One Direction, Union J Imagines and more. ;) *Not Accepting Requests At The Moment*

Save Me -Luke Brooks by demi

225 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
When Sophie's parents abandon her in Australia, she is left to grow up and fend for herself. She slowly slips into depression and is in desperate need of a knight in shining armour. Could that knight be Luke? .

Playing The Player

151 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
This story be about the O2L boys and the Janoskians. This story is a love story. And I totally know that Sam would never do most of the stuff in this story, but I had to make it interesting, right? We do not on any pictures.

Give Me A Reason |Luke Brooks Love Story|

175 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
"I'm tired of trying to fit in here!" I protested, crossing my arms tightly across my chest. "I don't think I can do it anymore." "Please, just try to stick it out a little bit longer. It'll get better, I promise." he whispered, coming closer to me. "I don't belong here! Don't you see that? Al...

The Janoskian's, O2L (Connor Included) and Magcon Preferences/Imagines by Georgia

30 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
*REQUESTS OPEN* Preferences and Imagines varying from Magcon, O2L (And Connor) and The Janoskians. Request for either an imagine or send me an idea for a preference. I'll try my hardest to do them all. ♥