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Jason Mccann Quizzes

Would Jason McCann kidnap you, beat you, date you, or kill you? by Alicia

Would he kidnap you? would he kill you? or would he date you? or beat you?

Kidnapped by Jason Mccann

· Music
What happens when Jason McCann kidnaps you? Do you end up dead or in love? Please take my quiz! :D

Kidnapped By Jason McCann by violetbeatricebaudelaire

Your choices will decide what result you get... WARNINGS: Some violence, scenes that may be upsetting,etc. Hopefully Jason is not too OOC, I've only seen short clips of the episodes his character was featured in... Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot, just a fan of Justin. All ph...

Jason Mccann by cinnamon apple

So... You get kidnapped. By the hottest kidnapper on the planet.

Talk to Jason Mccann! by Taylor McCann

Have a conversation with Jason Mccann to see if he likes you!

Are you a real Belieber? by вeyoɴcé

Find out if you're a real Belieber here where we test your knowledge about Justin Bieber. It's not amazing, I know, but it's my first time making a quiz and if you genuinely forgotten a couple of things about Justin and got a boo or whatever on it, don't take it to heart, this quiz is jus...

Jason McCann by Leanne chillin with spongebob

· Music
What happens when Jason McCann kidnaps you? Take my quiz to find out!

Will justin fall in love with you? by pxnkpixie

Me and justin are gonna have an interview with you so lets see if he'll fall head over heels in the middle of the interview ;) -first quiz sorry if it sucks-

Justin Vs. Jason quiz by xXNew Girl LoveXx

This is a quiz that goes to my story "Justin Vs. Jason" in this quiz you'll find out if you would end up with Justin, Jason, Ryan, Or Chaz :)

What ending, will you and Jason Mccann have? by Betty

· Movies
Find out how you will end: His wife, his victim? Click and find out.

Will you get lucky by Jaden

Is Jason gunna kill you marry you beat you or just set you free

What Would Jason Mccann Do after He Kidnapps you by çøöl stõrÿ brô

· Music
Will Jason Kill you, Get to know you, Kiss you , Or beat you

Your Prom With Justin :) by ᴊᴇss

Want to know how your prom would be with Justin? Then take this quiz! P.S. Don't forget to follow&favorite!♥.I follow back if you ask. ♥

How do you feel about Jason McCann? by Zoe Roberts

What do you think about criminal badboy Jason McCann?

Could you date Jason Mccann? by Katrina Pierce

· Music
You know you wanna find out! wink wink* take the quiz!

Jason Mccann Stories

His Everything (Jason McCann) by c.j

61 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
It was love at first sight. She was the new girl and he was the bad boy. Every guy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. He was dark, mysterious, fearless and feared. He cared about no one, that's until..she came. [Published August 28 2014]

The Psychology Project. by נαℓєнℓу

242 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
"Jason McCann has a girlfriend. He’s captain of the soccer team. He’s popular. He thinks his girlfriend is his whole world." "And what do you think?" I asked, tucking a strand of wavy, dark brown hair behind my ear. "That he’s a joke. But he’s got something to hide. He...

Twisted |Jason McCann| by Ariana

92 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
“NO! Please stop...d-dont come any nearer!” I cried out as tears slipped out of my eyes, the guy kept advancing me, cloth ready in his hand to knock me out. “Who are you...? I dont know are after the wrong person...” I stammered trying to keep him away. “I am after the correct p...

The Secret (Sequel to My Kidnapper) by SevanJan96

22 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
“Jason! Why are you this way? What happened to the caring, sweet and loving Jason I fell in love with and married!” I scream at him through my tears. Jason has been distant since after we had gotten back from our honeymoon. He's been coming home drunk and has been abusive towards me. I hope ...

Heartless -Jason McCann- by gεηιυs נσкεя

83 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Action
And then all of a sudden, she changed.She is back, a complete different person.With an new mindset, a new outlook, A new soul.The girl that once cared too much about anything and everything no longer cares at all.She's heartless now. Even more heartless than most wanted criminal Jason McCann him...

Addicted by Ivory

"Please Jason. I am sorry." I cried for help, tears streaming my face. "You will be sorry, darling." He smirked, sadistically as his hand collided with my face. It would be an understatement to say, I was scared. I am terrified of him. "I won't do it again." I begged, ...

Chained. |Justin Bieber| by camˣ

35 pages · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
He was madly in love with her. In insane desire and burning lust for her. He needed her in his life to be complete, she was his everything. The thought of his life without her was completely non-imagine able, making him paranoid of losing her. Without her he felt like he couldn't cope living at ...

Innococent Beauty by Emmaline

142 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
It has been happening for a year now, the strange and frightening texts, the weird gifts, and the subtle feelings of being watched wherever I go. I just wanted it to stop but I had no way to make it. My dad hates me and my brother is at college, I have never felt so alone. Ignoring is the best thi...

His baby ( Jason McCann love story ) by MyBaby-Biebs

44 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
She was 14 he was 18. She was a freshman he was a senoir. He was addicted she was nervous.. This is a young love story. She was his. ( SLOW UPDATES )

Baby Girl [Jason McCann] by XLXXNDXR

77 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
"I'm not good for you," he panted, either of his hands on the sides of my head, tears threatening to fall from each of our eyes. I whimpered, "If you're not good for me, then what the hell is, because I only want you Jason. I love you, I'm in love with you." His hands c...

DareDevil by ᴀʟᴇx sᴛᴇωᴀʀᴛ

233 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
Alana is this delicate, shy and vulnerable girl who fell into a world she didn't understand. He's a perilous criminal that had no mercy. A daredevil who did the most hazardous, unspeakable things. He was feared but for once, she wasn't afraid. She's his soft spot. {Warning: Contains...


63 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
"P-please don't hurt me" I cried as tears started to roll down my cheeks. A smirked form upon his lips. "We'll see about that babe. Well what's your name?" I became shaken when he came closer to me "Come on tell me your name." "umm S-s-Samantha" He smiled ...