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Did you mean KC cay len?

Jc Caylen Quizzes

Which O2l Boy is for you?

Connor Franta, Sam Pottorff, Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillon, Trevor Moran, Ricardo Ordieres, Christian Novelli or JC Caylen? (:

Truth or Dare

Just Kian, JC, Ricky, and Connor

Which YouTuber Likes You? by turtle emoji tegan

Found out what YouTuber you're perfect for.

Who's Your O2L Best Friend, Brother, Boyfriend, , Rival + More (Adding More) by Kayleah

Title says it all. Includes Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley, Trevor Moran, Sam Pottorff, Connor Franta and Ricky Dillon.

How does JC Caylen feel about you? by Sw

Jc is going to ask some questions and see if you and him are really compatable!

Who Is Your Youtube Boyfriend? by мιĸαylα ɢrιer

· Music
Jc Caylen? Connor Franta? Sam Pottorff? Kian Lawley? Chris Collins? Jeydon Wale? Damon Fizzy?

Which member of Our Second Life is best for you?

Bascially a quiz to see which member of O2L you should date (: Don't be dissapointed if you don't get who you want! You picked your own answers.

What boy is perfect for you? by Jessica Jean

Your boy, first date outfit, Venue where he asks you to marry him, wedding dress, wedding ring, venue, and kids. Boys: Jack Griffo, Dylan O'Brien, Harry Styles, Dylan Sprayberry, Ross Lynch, and Jc Caylen

A Conversation With O2L by Faith

Will they like you? Will they hate you? Will someone fall IN LOVE with you? Take this quiz to find out!

Who is your YouTuber boyfriend? ;) ;) by Pierce The Kurt Man

Read the title hunny :P (Pretend the gay boys aren't gay)

Who's your perfect o2l member *stories* by Sasser

Take this quiz to find out who you're perfect for in the group, Our2ndLife! Stories at the end. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading this.

What YouTuber do I ship you with? by Mary

Connor Franta, Jack Harries, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Jc Caylen or Casper Lee - which one do I ship you with!

O2L Life by Lolo

Includes boyfriend, best friend, your YouTube status, enemy, and more.

O2L Prom by Meriah

Who would take YOU to Prom?

Do You Know Your Youtubers by WalkOnTheDarkSide

How well do you know the youtube world? Do you know the most popular youtubers? Know every video? Lets find out shall we?

How well do you know O2L? by Emily


Which two O2L boys will be in your love triangle by CalumsHood

All in title...sorry there's only three :( oh yeah and I know that Connor isn't technically in O2L anymore, he'll always be Monday to me :)

Jc Caylen Stories

Jalyn by FanFic Queens

66 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Jalyn has been friends with Mahogany since diapers. But, when Mahogany decided to take Jalyn to a Magcon event Jalyn's life is changed. She falls for someone really hard, and she gets an opportunity of a lifetime.

Fixing Her by cαѕѕι яσѕє

147 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Ariel Britcher never goes to parties, but her friend Riley dragged her to a bonfire on the beach. As she was there she met Kian Lawley and they became friends. Kian starts to fall for her but he doesn't want her to know so soon. The o2l crew look out for her and want Kian to be the one to help h...

The Prince with the Beanie

95 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
That was the first thing I saw-his red beanie. It was Disneyland the happiest place on earth, how could one not fall in love there, especially with a cute, tall blonde haired boy wearing a beanie?

Los Angeles *sequel to Jalyn* by FanFic Queens

7 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Mahogany forced Jalyn to go to Magcon event, which spun her life out of hand. Now, she is going to LA to try to get her boyfriend back, but LA living+Jalyn and Mahogany can get very interesting...

Our 2nd life with her by Adrianna

108 pages · Realistic · Fan Fiction
Kian lawley. The internet knows him as a cute and funny youtuber, Kamryn lawley knows him as her amazing big brother. He's helped her through everything; their parents death, her bullying, and her incident. Ever since then she only goes out rarely, because Kian thinks thats what's best for h...

Arranged To Love.-Sam Pottorff Love Story-

84 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Romance
What happens when you're arranged to be married to your worst nightmare? What happens to you and most importantly, him?

It Started That One Day (Jc Caylen Fanfiction)

91 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
It Was Three Days After I Was Officially 18 And 1/2. Aside From That The More Important Was I Had Just Moved To Texas. I Was Skateboarding Out Of The Parking Lot When Something Unexpected Happened. I Crashed But Let's Say.. Things Turned Out.. Okay?

Girl Undercover ~Sam Pottorff love story~ by Viçtøriå

262 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Taylor Moran is YouTube sensation, Trevor Moran's sister. She's bubbly, smart, beautiful, and kind to everyone she meets. But when Taylor changes to fit her new persona, 'Taylor Hart', she must turn from the popular, bubbly girl everyone wants to be around to an introverted and shy nerd. But everyth...

The Babysitter

145 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Estelle is girl looking for a job. Sweet, caring, playful, and up for anything. She finally got a job at babysitting, but who happens to own the house? Thats right the Pottorffs. Ya know as in Sam Pottorff. But heres the thing, who falls in love with who first and who will not approve? Read and find...

Forgive? Sure. Forget? Can't. by Sue Chung

54 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Stella Franta. Connor's sister. Nope. Connor's cousin? Nope. Connor's adopted daughter? Yep. Ran away from her family at 15 and became O2L's most prized possession. Besides their pennyboards, snapbacks, and Arizona tea. She ran away from her past but her past is keeping up with her.

Something About Him ~Connor Franta~ by Diana

105 pages · Thriller · Romance
Finn Marie Lawley, was Youtube-Famous Kian Lawleys' sister. When her brother and his Youtube group go to Hawaii, Finn decides that it was time for her to break out of her shell and come with her brother. Never did she imagine a romance with one of the boys.

Not love [Sequel to Magcon Girl]

86 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
After Audrey is sent back home by the cause of Taylor, she returns weeks later back in condition. Will Audrey ever forgive Taylor, or will they always have the same hatred for each other?