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Did you mean joey graceful?

Joey Graceffa Quizzes

Who is your YouTuber boyfriend? ;) ;) by Pierce The Kurt Man

Read the title hunny :P (Pretend the gay boys aren't gay)

Who is your Youtube boyfriend #3 by Miss Horan

Since Pewdiepie took my quiz, I figured- why not make another one? HAPPY 1K FOLLOWERS GUYS I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH THAT I COULD CRY! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ #1- Who is your Youtube boyfriend? #2- Who is your Youtube Boyfriend #2! VALENTINE EDITION- Which Youtuber is your Valentine?

How your YouTuber boy asks you out by Jαγςhεllε

I'M BACK WIF A NEW QUIZ! YEAH BUDDY ;) Be sure to take this quiz, heart, comment and follow ♥ *WARNING: LONG, AWESOME RESULTS*

Who Would Be Your YouTube Boyfriend? by simply awkward

How you two met, and your first kiss. Enjoy ♥

Which youtuber should you watch? by Adriana Jensen

Which youtuber should you watch? Answers based on your personality. (NOT AT FAULT IF YOU DISLIKE THE YOUTUBER)

Who Is Your Fullmetal Alchemist Boyfriend? by Mimzy

· TV
You're friends just set you up on a blind date with a Fullmetal Alchemist character! (dun dun duuun) Who will it be?

Which youtuber would you be bffs with? by SianyBarney

Sorry if your favourite youtubers aren't in this quiz

Do You Know youtubers? by Nicole ˣ

Test your skills on what youtubers you know

Can these Youtubers Make You Laugh? by BloodClaw

· Humor
Well? Can they? Includes: Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Tobuscus, Shane Dawson, Joey Graceffa,Tyler Oakley, Jacksfilms, CapnDesDes, & Ahoy Nateo. :D

Are you a YouTube addict?

What's happening, forum? Do you firetrucking hate barrels? Are you #SHOEY all the way? I Love yo' faces! Outro of darkness, then redness, then whiteness, then, BOOP! If you understood anything I just said, then you should probably take this quiz...

Do You Know Your YouTubers? by simply awkward

These YouTubers range from the gamers to the beauty gurus to the really famous YouTubers who do challenges and tags. Do you know them all?

Which YouTuber are you most like? by simply awkward

It's all in the title babes :*

My youtube Boyfriend by Madison Irwin

An unorginal idea, made orginal again! Do you think your perfect for Nash? Joey? What about Cameron? take the test to find out. {Long storys at the end}

Do you know these famous Youtubers? by Bryonna

These are some of the most popular youtubers? Do you know them alll?

Who is your YouTube boyfriend? by Sophie likes marshmallows

Look up, my little minions! Girls and Gays only!

Youtuber quiz

See how well you know these youtubers faces and names!

Joey Graceffa Stories

Adopted By Joey Graceffa by Swággÿ Bīębèr

16 pages · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Caroline is a 13 year old girl who was taken out of her house because of abuse at the age of 2. She spends 11 years at the adoption center to finally be adopted by none other then Joey Graceffa.

One-Shots And Drabbles~ by ρєωdιєριє

Hello Queens! So, I decided I would make a One-Shot collection since I like writing shot little stories. Requests are open, so feel free to request! I have no limits, so whatever you like is fine. From a Drabble to a Songfic, to a Ship or to a Lemon/Lime, I'll write, you read. Thanks for your t...

That's My Girl - Sam Pottorff (ON HOLD) by kira-jane

63 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Rosa Maddison is a beautiful girl but she doesn't even realise it and she is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. She has just moved schools and on her first day she becomes friends with one of the most popular boys in school. Sam Pottorff. Is this the beginning of something?

Just a everyday YouTuber by ɱöllyɖαÐɨʀecƭɨoℕeƦ

54 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Realistic
Taylor is a famous youtuber. She has tons of Youtube friends and a lot of subscribers. She gets a suprise of her life. Will she take the deal. How does she react. What is she going to do.

YouTube Ronpa by Wishing You A Meeshy Christmas

68 pages ~ Completed · Mystery · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Everyone loves YouTubers. Except, perhaps, the YouTubers themselves. When 15 YouTubers are trapped inside an abandoned supposed-to-be convention, they struggle to survive in peace. For the only way to escape this prison is to kill. (YouTube and Dangan Ronpa crossover)(Very slight Phan, Ianthony, Sho...

Aɗσρтєɗ ву α уσυтυвєя. by megan

22 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction
I was adopted by a you tuber.I didn't think for a second that I would even be adopted.I mean who wants a kid that has been to jail and has a job as a tattoo artist.No one.But he is giving me a chance so I'll give him a chance.

Half A Heart - A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction by Sharmaangie

54 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
I was once the girlfriend of Zayn Malik's. I loved him to pieces, but he used me. He used me to get with his ex, Perrie Edwards. I had nothing against Perrie, though. She was my friend. It was Malik's fault for playing with my emotions. Without him, my world seemed different. The blueness sk...

Glitch by Klarissa

24 pages · Fantasy · Adventure
W-what are these feelings in my chest? Why am I starting to Feel? I was never supposed to be "friends" with Humans. I was supposed to kill them all one, by one; in the most painful ways possible. Am I... Glitching...?

From City to City *COMPLETE* by hailεy thε snowflakε

125 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sophia Marie Walters is an 18 year-old girl living in the Video Game Capital of the World: Ottumwa, Iowa. With the National Gaming Expo on the way, Sophie is hoping to meet some of her favorite gamers. She never knew one of them would fall in love with her and bribe her into coming to L.A. How could...

The Our2ndLife Family *sequel to My ex is my neighbor again?*

38 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Kayla and Connor are happier than ever. Connor's youtube career is rising and Kayla is just living life with her new best friends (the rest of O2L) But what happens when an unfortunate event happens and somehow she ends up with someone she'd never thought she would. How will this effect Connor? Alon...

Youtube Boyfriend- A Joey Graceffa FanFic by Emily Sophia

15 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Twilight
You and your best friend Kalel Cullen move across country from New Jersey to Los Angeles, California to room with Kalel's boyfriend Anthony Padilla and their friend Joey Graceffa. Who knows what could happen under a roof full of youtubers...

I'm Not Perfect, But You Are

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Shelbs, what's wrong?" "You are, Joey! I've... I've loved you for so long and you never said anything! I'll never be good enough, Joey." He stared at me, shocked. "I gotta go," I murmured, grabbing my drink, and getting out the car. Joey only stared, and then shut his eyes.