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One Love: Justin Bieber Quiz/Story - Part 5 by soswaggie816

NOW FT. ONE DIRECTION AND SELENA GOMEZ! If you haven't taken the other part(s) of this quiz..take em now! On my my profile. :)

Justin Bieber Fanfiction Stories

Stay (Justin Bieber) by Aisha

20 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
Isabel is Justin's girlfriend. He has been cheating on her, for who knows how long, what he doesn't know is Isabel only have 1 week to live. "Please show me love...please Justin, I only have short time to live."

On the hush by Amber

41 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
"Justin, i-i can't do this. We can't do this." Ariana stuttered as he pressed her against the wall even harder. His hand firmly on her petite waist. She felt his hot breath against her neck, her chocolate eyes shot straight to his lips. Justin smirked, "finally" he thought.

Blindfold (A Jason McCann Fanfiction) by Elina

33 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
He took everything away from her, but most importantly, he took away her sight. He kept her blindfolded all the time, never allowing the blindfold off. His excuse? He was shielding her from all the bad in the world. In his mind, he was just protecting his princess. © mccannshoe, 2014

The Way You Make Me Feel

476 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Thriller
Ariana and Justin have been in each others lives for forever nearly. And she has loved him for the same amount of time almost. What happens when she is enlisted on Justin's Believe 2013 tour? Justin, already with on off girlfriend Selena Gomez -who is on the tour as well-doesn't realize how ...

My Best Friend the Troubled Popstar by Tiaira

43 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
''You promised we would be friends forever.''Tears fled my eyes. He simply shrugged.''You of all people should know promises never last forever. I mean you promised to be the person I could trust always didn't you?''I only stood there.With a chuckle he turned and ...

Miss Independant by OVOhan

51 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
"You know." Justin whispered as he kissed her neck "There's something sexy about you Shay. You're not like other girls. You're independent-" Shay chuckled as she pulled his tee over his head and threw it on the floor. "-Miss Independent."

Bound |Justin Bieber|

38 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
Lucky was just a shy girl who grew up in an orphanage. She didnt deserve what came her way. She was kidnapped and given to Justin Bieber, leader of a dangerous gang. She is now used as a slave. How will she escape this hell hole?

The Worst

62 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
“The desire to love someone always exceeds the desire to be loved by someone & that's exactly why we end up loving the person who doesn't deserve that LOVE.” -Maya Silverstein & Justin Bieber are: The Worst.

Silent Suicide

85 pages ~ Completed · Justin Bieber · Romance · Fan Fiction
His finger motioned me to come closer, so I did. But once I did, he didn't do anything. I didn't do anything. We just stared at each other, barley even blinking. Just examining each other's features. I continued to stare at him, drinking from the cup I had in my hand still. I could feel ...

Changed by Celine

136 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
"To be honest, I don't even know you anymore, this is not the Justin i know. You've changed.." She says, frustrated. He looks at her. "Everybody changes" he says. With that he walks out, out of her life. At least thats what she thinks.

The Night Nurse by OVOhan

35 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Romance
Behind the cameras, smiles, songs and articles about Justin Bieber- he is a human. He thinks, acts and feels just like everyone else. So why doesn’t anyone except him get that? It takes a life changing stay on Suicide Watch and one Night Nurse for Justin to realise that not everyone is rooting for...

B.r.o.n.x by Justin'sBelieber

91 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
"Every girl wants a bad boy that will be good just for her." [Justin Bieber Fanfiction.] Story credits to: swaggiebiebsie Banner by: wonderstruck143