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Justin Bieber Love Story Ariana Quizzes

Which celebrity would you date? by ughgone

Its in the title :o (sorry theres no description for the celebrities, i dont know all of them that well..)

Whos Your Boyfriend?

Mini quiz to findout what kind of guy is your perfect boyfriend! This is my first quiz so bare with me lol

Who's Your Celebrity Best friend? by Taylor

Take the quiz to find out who your celebrity best friend is. (:

Justin Bieber Love Story Ariana Stories

The Way You Make Me Feel

477 pages · Thriller · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
Ariana and Justin have been in each others lives for forever nearly. And she has loved him for the same amount of time almost. What happens when she is enlisted on Justin's Believe 2013 tour? Justin, already with on off girlfriend Selena Gomez -who is on the tour as well-doesn't realize how ...

Jella/Jasiet Imagines by Justin's Slave

12 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
Imagines based off my stories Alien and Obsidian. Comment what you want them to be about and I'll make it happen! This is made for people who want more information and different POV's in situations

Adopted by the Biebs (A Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by A n a

64 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
Hi, my names Analia Evans, but I go by Ana. I am sixteen years old and I love in an orphanage. My parents were in a plane crash and died when I was 11. It sucked, because I was attached to them. They were my rock, my anchors and then they're we're gone. Just like that. My life started to tur...

Truly, madly, deeply. by Elisha McNamara

Elisha has it all, the caring family, the most loyal friends, the best grades and to top it all of an amazing boyfriend. Her world was perfect; right up until the point where she walked in on her 'amazing' boyfriend with another girl. She was in love with him and he broke her, he smashed her...

Undercover. by Elisha McNamara

Her plan was to get revenge. Her destiny was to love him. What happens when Elisha Gilbert goes undercover to seek information on the one and only Jason McCann, but only to find an undeniable connection towards the criminal? He never suspected her; because he fell in love.

Im Right Here by ImHoldingJerry

158 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
"I know you lost a lot of people in your life, your mum..your dad but Lillie i promise you baby Im Right Here and Im never leaving you" Two house mates, both clueless of love changed each others lives forever. - Jason McCann Love Story.

Royals. (Jariana) by zàhrëa follows back asap

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber · Mystery
Princess Ariana is a royal. Her mother is the queen, and her father is the king. Her parents are forcing her into an unwanted marriage with a boy she cannot stand. That is until she meets this one bad-boy named Jason McCann. Now, she and Jason are determined to fight for their love.

She Changed. by Angel.Brooks.3

Justin & Ariana Were Best Friends Before They Could Speak. One Day , Justin Got Signed & Left His Past Behind. Even His Best Friend. What Happens When Ariana Gets Signed To Island Def Jam. The Same Record Label As Justin? Will He Finally Remember Her? Or will things change between there frie...

Amour by Cloυd Nιɴe.ˢʰʰ

56 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
Not many people get to experience love at a young age,but I was lucky enough to fall completely in love with my teacher.

Didn't Mean It by Shay

Jasmine Villegas is just a normal girl. She is currently in an abusive relationship and is about to leave her boyfriend. Justin Bieber recently got out of a bad relationship with his ex-girlfriend. On one cold night December, Jasmine finally decides to leave him. Jasmine is then out on her own and h...

Lovin' It | Juriana Love Story | by Mikayla

27 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
In the beginning Justin and Ariana were the two smartest kids in their class, always bickering about whose right and whose wrong, everyone knew they would never be together, let alone have a CONVERSATION with eachother, but when the two are paired up for a reproduction project, they become closer th...

Shotgun love by Amber

111 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · Justin Bieber
Dangerous bad boy Justin Bieber, leader of Americas most wanted and feared gang in the world, needs his next victim. He soon finds inncoent girl Ariana Grande and can't seem to kill her, he eventually finds out he's in love with her. But will all the torture Ariana has been put through with ...