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Justin Bieber Love Story Ariana Quizzes

Which celebrity would you date? by ughgone

Its in the title :o (sorry theres no description for the celebrities, i dont know all of them that well..)

Whos Your Boyfriend?

Mini quiz to findout what kind of guy is your perfect boyfriend! This is my first quiz so bare with me lol

Who's Your Celebrity Best friend? by Taylor

Take the quiz to find out who your celebrity best friend is. (:

Justin Bieber Love Story Ariana Stories

On the hush by Amber

41 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
"Justin, i-i can't do this. We can't do this." Ariana stuttered as he pressed her against the wall even harder. His hand firmly on her petite waist. She felt his hot breath against her neck, her chocolate eyes shot straight to his lips. Justin smirked, "finally" he thought.

Amour by Cloυd Nιɴe.ˢʰʰ

52 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
Mr. McCαɴɴ wαѕ тнe ɴew Eɴɢlιѕн тeαcнer αɴd I wαѕ jυѕт α ѕтυdeɴт, wιтн тнe ɴαмe Aɴɢelα Grαɴde, тнαт ғell нeαd-over-нeαlѕ ғor нιм. Iѕ нe α ѕweeтнeαrт or αм I ιɴ love wιтн α crιмιɴαl?

Lust by sᴀʀᴀ

52 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
"I can't blame myself for what I feel for you." I hear his whisper in my ear, his warm breath cascading on my skin as I shiver. "Tell me, Jason. What do you feel when you look at me?" I mutter, looking into his caramel, glowing brown eyes. "Lust. Pressure to be perfect just f...

Adopted by the Biebs (A Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by A n a

58 pages · Justin Bieber · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
Hi, my names Analia Evans, but I go by Ana. I am fifteen years old and I love in an orphanage. My parents were in a plane crash and died when I was 10. It sucked, because I was attached to them. They were my rock, my anchors and then they're we're gone. Just like that. My life started to tur...

His Everything by Trυlyмαd

It was love at first sight. She was the new girl and he was the bad boy. Every guy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. He was dark, mysterious, fearless and feared. He cared about no one, that's until..she came.

The Way You Make Me Feel

476 pages · Fan Fiction · Thriller · Justin Bieber
Ariana and Justin have been in each others lives for forever nearly. And she has loved him for the same amount of time almost. What happens when she is enlisted on Justin's Believe 2013 tour? Justin, already with on off girlfriend Selena Gomez -who is on the tour as well-doesn't realize how ...

Never Let Go (A Niall Horan Love Story) by Livvy

110 pages ~ Completed · Justin Bieber · One Direction · Fan Fiction
"You promised you would never leave me, you promised you wouldnt break my heart, you promised me you would always be here for me through everything. But I guess promises are made to be broken."

Alexandria. |Jariana| by αмnєѕια.ˢʰʰ

~This Story Was Inspired By A Close Friend~ Alexandria Bieber is the daughter of Ariana Grande. She is 4 years old, has big brown eyes, and dimples; just like her mother. Her hair is honey brown/blonde, her favorite color is purple, she has a voice that's pretty amazing for a 4 year old, and he...

You & I (Jason McCann) by xoxo gossip girl

26 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
"Why are you even near me?" "I believe there's more to you than just the bad boy" Sam Walker was a very quiet person. She just wanted to get through her last year of high school then be done with that hell hole. She walks through the halls unnoticed and friendless. But that ...

Heartbreaker (Justin Bieber love story) by Belieber

59 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
He pinned me against the locker as I stared into his hazel brown eyes. "You know you want me" he whispered seductively. Did I? No, I couldn't fall for him, his a player, he'll break my heart cause that's what he does... he's a heartbreaker.

Lucifer's Property by satan

70 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Justin Bieber
'B-but you're marked! You're his!' the priest yelled. I stepped back, 'You're Lucifer's Lilith! Step out of this church! Leave for God's love!' I guess I'm just Lucifer's Property and obsession.