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Did you mean keaton Strindberg?

Keaton Stromberg Quizzes

What Type of Guy Do You Attract? by Hilary SKITTLES Rose

Each category has a guy from One Direction and the ICONic Boyz. Some have a guy from Emblem3 and Big Time Rush. Hope you like it!

Your perfect match (Emblem3) by NIC013

Wesley, Keaton, or Drew? Who's it going to be? Are you Mrs. Stromberg or Mrs. Chadwick

Which Emblem3 guy will be forever yours? by Jessica Stromberg Jesley

If you like your answer, you can ask me for an imagine. Imagine falling into water and almost drowning. Now picture waking up in Drew Chadwick's arms. Or imagine swimming and then seeing Wesley Stromberg surfing. Imagine being pulled backstage by Keaton Stromberg at his concert! You decide! p.s....

Who's your Emblem3 guy? by jayмιe vιcтorιa

Who's your E3 guy? Keaton, Wes or Drew?Short story on how you guys met too!

What type of famous singer would you fall for? by Hey duddee

· Music
Includes: Keaton Stromberg (Emblem3), Harry styles (1D), Kellin Quinn (SWS), Eminem, Macklemore (By the way, sorry, this is my first quiz soo.. sorry if its bad ^.^)

What Emblem3 Guy Would Date You? by Emilay Caniff

Do you love Emblem3 and want to know which hottie would date you? Take this quiz to find out!

Battlefield (Part 4) by LiveLifeFreely

You now have no place to practice, thanks to the 1D boys. And you already don't like certain girls, Ariana, Victoria, and Elizabeth. And what are the girls talking about when they're talking about Keaton Stromberg? You may have a liking for him...

2/3 of Emblem3 fights for you by CookieEaterOreosAreAwesomeBunnyDestroyer

Do you want 2/3 Of Emblem3 To fight Over you?OF COURSE YOU DO!That's why your reading this!Well then lets get started then,Shall we...

Who Do I Ship You With by Jenny

Out of the boy's of One Direction, and Emblem3, who I think would be you

Your Emblem3 Guy! by Skyler Chadwick

Will Drew, Wesley or Keaton be the guy for you?

Emblem3 PROM INVITES! by StAy BeAuTiFuL

· Music
Includes video on how he asked you

Which Emblem3 guys for you? by Born Under a Bad Sign

· Music
Keaton? Wes? Or maybe Drew find out which Emblem3 guy is for you! (Just realized that rhymed XD) ~First quiz/story~

How well do you know Keaton Stromberg? by BriBabe

Its all in the title! Some easy questions and some hard!

How Well Do You Know Emblem3? by Inspire

Take to find out if your a true Emblem. ♥

What would E3's Keaton think of you? by Skyler Chadwick

It's all in the title Emblems! :3

What would Keaton Stromberg think of you? by Aleigh

Only take if you are not a hater!

Keaton Stromberg Stories

Chloe by Emblems4Life

213 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Chloe Jacobs is a Cali girl who has had a double life for as long as she can remember. By day she's the girl next door who loves to skate. But, at night she is forced to sleep with people for money (by her step father) so she can support her mom and step dad's raging drug addictions. Her li...

Satisfy My Needs.

57 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
She was nothing to me. She was there for what all other girls were there for. To satisfy my every need. But she gave me the one thing I didn't need, and the one thing I wasn't expecting to love more than life itself, my daughter. - Wesley Stromberg

What Happened? (An Emblem 3 and R5 fanfic) by Magconfamilysc

17 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
16 year old Madison has lived in an orphanage all her life. She has given up all hope of ever being adopted. What happens when star adoption day comes and everyone HAS to be adopted? What happens when Emblem3 picks her? Soon Madison realizes that life is worth living and that there are people that l...

My Solution is You (Completed)

100 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
(Emblem3-KeatonStromberg-Fanfic) Drew Chadwick has always been over protective of his sister Samantha Chadwick. She's shy, quiet, awkward, and super smart. Whenever guys would try to ask her out Drew would always scare them off. But out of all the guys Samantha has liked there is one boy she will ne...

Keaton Stromberg Fanfiction by E3-Forever

54 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
When spending the night at Drew's and his sister's house (your best friend) you get to know Keaton a lot better which leads to a lot more ;)

Tell Me Why

101 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
"Wes I can't do this anymore!" Her screams boomed throughout the house. "Tell me why? Why can't you be with me?" She looked up at me and showed me her phone...

Starting Over |Keaton Stromberg AU| -Finished- by Iт'ѕ α Bєccα Tнιηg

189 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Leslie Monroe is a troubled teen who recently got out of a Juvenile Detention Center after being held inprisoned for up to six months. She violated her probation and was charged with criminal mischief and petty theft. After being the long six months, she was released on June 6th. After her release h...

Trouble | Wesley Stromberg by ℓσttiє ˣ

61 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"You should've stayed away from him! Look what he has done to you! He's dangerous!" That's what everybody told me. At first I didn't believe them, but right now I wish I had listened to them. I wish I could've just stayed away from him. We all knew; His looks, his movings...

The Simple Life by dαyѕcнαಌ

67 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Keaton, please listen to me!" I begged, my eyes filling up with tears. "There is nothing to hear! You lied to me." tears escaped my eyes rapidly, his stare almost scared me, it was different, more violent than before. I tried to hug him but he pushed me away, slapping my face. I sprinted away, igno...

Fire Starter (Wesley Stromberg Love Story) by Courtney

105 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Isabella's been through hell and back from her past and now with her ex-boyfriend. Her only happiness is when she's with Drew, Keaton, Or Wesley but when walls have to be built and misunderstandings happen what happens when everything just becomes too much? Read to find out.

3,000 Miles Away (Keaton Stromberg Fan Fic) by ĸeaтon'ѕ ĸιттy

29 pages · Realistic · Fan Fiction
Emily is a normal girl who lives in New York. But when Emily and her best friend, Megan, move to California, they aren't so normal anymore. They meet people they never thought they would meet, and their whole lives change because of that. But what happens when you came from a place that's 3,...

Criminal |Drew Chadwick AU| by Iт'ѕ α Bєccα Tнιηg

34 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
20 year-old Carolina James was forced into law enforcement by her parents at the age of eighteen. Her dream was to become a choreographer but her parents had other plans. Now, Carolina is one of the most famous undercover cops in the U.S. completing over fifteen missions with success. Her next missi...