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Limbo Quizzes

Which Reaper are you?

Find out what type of reaper you are. Includes aura, scythe, quote, and powers.

Life In Limbo by GeArMaSTeR

This is a kind of sad at first sorry :/

What will you do when you die? by KazziKolorZz [IMMA FIRIN MUH LAZER!]

FOR ALL RELIGIONS! Some may go to heaven, some may be casted to the deep, dark, depths of hell, some may be cursed to wonder in limbo, or maby you will just choose to do so. Or is hell the place you want to be? Will you be chosen to do the grim reapers bidding? Will you be a guardian angel?

Life in Limbo...part 2 by GeArMaSTeR

I'm so glad you guys liked this! I was a little worried you wouldn't! :)

What Pixel Horror Series Might You Like? by Kaitii Blayze

I JUST finished The Crooked Man on March 31st and OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING! So I thought, "People wonder why I love these games so much... and it's because of the story and the meaning behind each one that really touches my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I wish more people knew about them!" and ...

What game is right for you? PART 2 by Pompeii's Berlin Wall

**You don't have to play part 1 first, this is just an add-on :)

Will you go to heaven, hell, or be stuck in everlost?

Find out if you belong with god in heaven, go to hell where satin will dominate you or be stuck in an everlost world where your between life and limbo for kids.

Heaven, hell, or limbo love? by Deeply-Earthly

Who will choose your punk ass? (mainly) Medium length results Dont screw up kid.

Heaven, Hell, or limbo by XXI will eat you aliveXX

Find out where you will go when you wil die.

What would you do in The afterlife by Marie

· TV
Ever wonder on what will happen 2 you after die or what you will become well here's your chance 2 find out

Limbo (RP romance, Female/Gay) PART 1 by Riley

Something fun for those who like mythical/si-fi role play.

Limbo (RP Romance, Female/Gay) PART 2 by Riley

Well, here's part 2 of my little project~ ♥

Are you from hell, heaven or limbo?

Are you bad good or normal?

Where will you end up? Hell,Heaven, or Limbo? by Caity

Ever want to know were you will end up after you die? Take this quiz and find out(:

Limbo Stories

Mine For Eternity by Deborah

9 pages · Fantasy · Romance
Jude a man killed before he could ever confess his undying love to his beloved Melanie stays suspended in limbo as he does not want to move on without her. As time passes he gains certain supernatural skills and connections high above and in the depths of hell. Now being able to pass between worlds ...

A Collection From The Hearts & Minds of Others by RoseRedd

25 pages · Horror · Short Stories
A collection of different types of short stories

Limbo by Kay

3 pages ~ Completed · Realistic · Short Stories
He was tickling the stars in a denim jacket, reliving the 70s with more metal in his head than a screwdriver and panda eyes that irritated you beyond belief but you loved the way his eyes looked in green light and how the way he bit his lips made you feel fuzzy inside. Possible trigger warning: ano...

Little Things (Takashi Morinozuka) by KapleTheta

47 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
A new student becomes a new love and a new edition to the host club. Though not a member nor a client Ash is stuck in Limbo as she makes her way though Ouran-High. With her only friends being incredibly rich it pulls her into a life she's being trying to escape. Will leaving her life of fame and...

Make Damn Sure (Kankuro Love Story) by Yasashii Kumori ShimmeringSplendid

58 pages · Fan Fiction · Naruto · Anime/Manga
Being one of Orochimaru's favorites, Yasashii the Keeper of Secrets. She plans and positions Orochimaru's hideouts, keeping well informed what happens in the outside world thanks to her Shadow Possesion. Normally being reffered as "Limbo Goddess" for controlling those Gate Keepers of "...

Harry's Limbo. by So Here You Are

11 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Larry Stylinson ! Harry's dead, but is stuck in a world between life and death. He follows his friends around, looking after them, but what happens when he falls for one of them? Is his love strong enough to break back into this world?

Fallen Angels: Flint's POV by Wingsofwords

80 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Romance
Humorous love story. Four Guardian Angels fall to rescue Talon, who had failed in an earlier mission and became Human. Part one.

Existence by Germaine

68 pages · Romance · Thriller
Ariel never expected to meet the one and only. Her soul mate. There's only one problem- he's dead. Well, sort of.

Her Name is Alice by Paige

9 pages · Fantasy
"I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time. And every creature lives until they change their state of mind. And the girl who chased the rabbit, drank the wine, and took the pills, has locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels. Her name is Alice." -Shinedown

Catch Me If You Can by вαм ιт'ѕ вαιℓєу

3 pages · Realistic · Romance
Having a strong taste of hate for your one true love, can prove to be difficult; as Ellie Ramirez soon finds out in her struggle through her last year of school. With exams, and important decisions daunting on the sixteen year old, the last thing Ellie needs is a boy getting in the way! However, t...

Reality,or Hell? by Death Is Simple

17 pages · Anime/Manga · Mystery · Fan Fiction
Fairy Tail/InuYasha/OC crossover Highschool is called so many things. Haven,hell,limbo,anything. For eight students at Lambridge high,they cant even truly call it reality. These eight have no idea of what has happened or why. All they know is the slowly regaining memories,the confusion of ...

Limbo by сïεɾɾα ಞ ṃÿṡτïсαl

20 pages · Adventure · Short Stories
“I’m Kan,” He answered with a wide smile, his purple chin-length hair falling into his face slightly. He looked devilishly into Cronas’ eyes, and somehow managed an even wider smirk. Crona gulped and stood back a bit, “What do you want?” He managed to choke out. “What do I want?”...