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Maid For Malik by Rainbow_Unicorns

143 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
I had another account but i cant login to it, i also have this story on Wattpad! this story is not really in chapters, i just started typing. but ill just stop it, kind of like on a cliff hanger. One Direction - As themselves Selena Gomez - Selena Rosales

Fake is the New Trend. -on hold.- by ғαr тoo yoυɴɢ тo dιe

8 pages · Realistic · Romance
What am I doing? I thought to myself as I saved pictures of a random girl I'd found on Google to my laptop. Going back into the Facebook login tab that'd already been open from earlier, I began to fill out the sign up form. When I finished filling out the sign up form, I hovered the cursor over the...

Birthday oneshot for Mrs. Uzumaki!(Naruto) by Sexy Fox-Chan

2 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Naruto
SO as a present(A late bday present actually)I mad ethis oneshot for Mrs.Uzumaki!It's in dedication to her login name and her b-day!

The land of fog by Shania

2 pages · Adventure
Sit down head gear on login play.