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Loki Quizzes

Your Avenger boyfriend by Tileaf

This does include Loki, but it isn't going to be anything romantic. This includes Thor, Tony, Clint and Steve. I hope you enjoy.

Your super hero life

· Music
Mainly avengers but I guess, I will add superman,batman and maybe spider man. AND GUESS WHAT! IT INCLUDES LOKI TOO CUZ WE ALL ♥ HIM Includes: superpowers, boyfriend, age, weapon, bff, and more if your good or evil and maybe a story if I like the result (answers based on personality) read Peasant ...

Why me: An avenger's WWFFY (Part 1) by Odette

(Set after the Avenger's 1) S.H.I.E.L.D. comes knocking on your door, with a big surprise for you. You have to look after Loki, careful he might just kill you.

Your Life in the World of the Avengers by AbsintheZ

· Movies
The results are incredibly long and detailed. The possible romantic outcomes are the six main Avengers from the films (including Natasha), along with Loki and Maria Hill. Possible spoilers for all the Avenger movies through The Winter Soldier, although I don’t think that I reference anything that ...

Your Life in the Avengers by AdrianneStryker

· Movies
Your Avenger life! Long results! Includes a name, appearance, power, weapon, personality, and love interest. Also includes a story, what they all think of you and picture of you! ( I used the Saints Row Inauguration Station to create the characters.) All characters are original! Results are all girl...

Your Avengers life! (SUPER LONG RESULTS AND INCLUDES LOKI!) by Kat Dowen

INCLUDES LOKI OF COURS! Will you fall for the genious playboy Tony Stark, the star spangled man with a plan Steve Rogers, the prince of Asgard Thor Odinson, the archery man Clint Barton, the science geek Bruce banner, the master assasin Nathanial Romanoff, or will you betray the avengers and fall fo...

Avengers Heaven by Avengers Fan

· Movies
Avengers 7 minutes in Heaven. All the avengers are at Stark's party and, obviously, they play 7 minutes in Heaven. Long results. Results are all the male avengers, Bucky Barnes, Phil Coulson, and Loki. If you have any others that you can think of that you'd like, let me know!

Who should you cosplay as?

· TV
Ever wonder who you should cosplay as? Naruto, Eureka, Sasuke, Loki? Many answers.

Can I make you laugh? Part 8 (50 pictures)

· Humor
Oh god, not another one of these!

Why me: An avenger's WWFFY (Part 2) by Odette

· Movies
You were taken by S.H.I.E,L.D. What do they want from you?

Who's Your Fairy Tail Boyfriend?

· TV
Title says it all! Find out who your Fairy Tail man is ;)

What would the avengers think of you/ your life

Very long results, and includes Loki because he's a sexy villain and we crave subjugation and were made to be ruled

Which Marvel Guy Is For You? by Castiel'sGirl

Find out which Marvel guy is for you!

Your life with the Avengers by Laura

· Movies
With name, age, boyfriend, bestfriend, power, weapon.. Your future with your crush and of course, what they think of you:3 With Loki included.

What villain would fall for you? by Claire Elizabeth

Each result comes with a villain, a character description, a backstory, and what the other character from the land that that villain is from think of said character. Apologies for typos, girls only. Enjoy!

Who is your bad boy fantasy? by JuBow

Includes fictional characters and musicians! Have fun xoxo

Who is your Medieval/Fantasy series soulmate?

· Movies
What kind of true love might you encounter if ever you had lived in the Middle Ages? (Results may vary with a short description of a relationship or a brief story)

Avengers Seven Minutes in Heaven by Melanie Ravenclaw

Yes, another Avengers Seven Minutes in Heaven quiz! Unfortunately, Results only include Avengers men and Loki, 'cause who doesn't like Loki? (No one answer that!) Anywho, basically roleplay for a Tony party up until they decide to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. Warning! Long results.

Loki Stories

The Avengers Preferences

82 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
YouLightMeUpRogers Productions © WaitingForCaptainAmerica Productions © One-Shots and preferences featuring the Avengers, including: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Thor, and Bruce! And since he isn't an Avenger, Loki is included also. We hope you have a great time reading th...

How to Save a Life: A Tony Stark Fanfiction by Jσηѕєу Jєтт

114 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Have you never been in love, Tony?" The reporter demanded, aloof and still austere, trying to seem tougher than the man before her. Tony's face hardened and he stood up, towering over the blonde woman, striking fear into her eyes. "Yes, I have. But the person I was in love with was ...

Avengers One-Shots

265 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
No more requests, bitte

The end of forever

239 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
What happens if Loki escapes the Avengers before Thor was able to bring him to Asgard? What happens if he has to hide somewhere, and disguise himself as a dog? Nicole Banner, Bruce Banner's younger sister, finds Loki the dog, and takes him in. What will happen if his secret is discovered? What i...

Prince charming save me by Nightingale

155 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Abigail is a single mother of a two year old boy. She was kicked out of her family because she got pregnant at a young age. Life has been hard for her. She only had her friend Shannon there to help her, and when a special someone who happens to be her, and her son's idol (Tom hiddleston) comes i...

Avengers Preferences by Chunkamunk

53 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Preferences for Avengers characters Heart, Comment, Follow :)

Who am I? (A Loki Love Story, Sequel to Who are you?) by Book lover Sadie

49 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
SEQUEL TO Who are you? ( a Loki love story ) Sophie wakes up. In the middle of her own funeral. While everyone rejoices the fact that she isn't dead, she does come with a message. Fuller isn't the only one after her. A bigger threat appears, and when the team figures it out, will it destroy...

Daughter of the Monster by Kat Hiddleston Laufeyson

When Alex is left for dead, she is found by the State. They then put her in a Adoption Center. At age 12, she is adopted by the one and only, Robert Bruce Banner. They have much in common, their anger issues mainly. But soon, he discovers something extraordinary about his daughter. When she's ol...

Say What?

809 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
I cant think of a good description, normally I'm good at that...oh well. Please read, i hope everyone likes it!

Avengers Preferences by Joyfar

79 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A collection of preferences including Tony, Steve, Thor, Clint, Bucky and non-Avenger Loki. Sorry, No Natasha or Bruce or any of the other Avenger. These six are the only ones I know how to write for. **REQUESTS CLOSED TEMPORARILY!

Who are you? ( a Loki love story ) by Book lover Sadie

249 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Being kidnapped is bad, being kidnapped when you are an undercover shield agent is worse, but when you are kidnapped from a underground bunker while working for director Fury at the suggestion of a man you thought you trusted is the most scarring thing ever. Sophie is kidnapped by Loki, god of mi...

Forever Love (Steve Rogers Love Story) by Kat

114 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
Martha, a 22 year old SHIELD agent, is thrown in the midst of a global crisis, involving a certain god. But when she meets the famous Captain America, she is instantly in love. Will he love her back?