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Did you mean luke hemming?

Luke Hemmings Quizzes

What do people see you as? by Jas

How do people see you?

Who is your 5SOS boyfriend?

So, who member from 5SOS would love to go out with you? Go through this quiz and find out who your prince charming would be.

Who's Crushing On You?

Find out what boy is crushing on you. Includes One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer ~somewhat long answers~

Truth or Dare with 5SOS! by mary

You're hanging with 5sos and they decided to play Truth or dare . So what are you going to do?

Who Is Your 5SOS Man? by Peace Tea Baby

Will you get Luke? Michael? Ashton? Maybe Calum? Take to find out who loves you.

Luke Hemmings Sees You As A .......? by Zoë

Do you want to know what Luke Hemmings would see you as? Would he see you as a girlfriend, a best friend, a sister, or a competitor. Do these 10 questions and find out :D

Your 5SOS Romance. [Long Results] by kai nicole

{long, detailed results} Each boy has result is in the form of a one shot and I hope to God you enjoy it. All about love, which we all adore.These are all detailed and original! Comment, heart, follow, but most of all, enjoy!

5SOS High School RP Part 3 by Allie

5 Seconds Of Summer High School Role Play Quiz Part 3

5SOS High School RP Part 2 by Allie

5 Seconds Of Summer High School Role Play Quiz Part 2

Is It Hi or Hey? 5SOS lads by Ali Hood

Hiya this will be a quiz about the 5SOS lads lol so yeah who do you belong with? also comment if its hi or hey CUZ I DONT KNOWW IF I COULD LET YOU GO! (srry)

5SOS boyfriend by Elly

Which 5SOS boy will be your soul mate? find out by taking this quix xxx

5SOS High School RP by Allie

5 Seconds Of Summer High School Role Play Quiz

Personality Quiz+Which boy you are like+outfit+Who you should listen to(music)+Q by Sayda

Title explains everything!Sorry if it's bad it is my first time making a quiz!This quiz tells you your personality,which boy you are like,which artist you should listen to,and two quotes!

Your 5sos cute moment by just call me ash

Wohs your cute moment with ? Mikey , cal pal , lukey or ash bash. Take it to find oit

5sos ultimate know it all by ashysgurl

· Music
Are you a 5sos know it all? if you think so then take the quiz to find out

Your 5sos Story (part 12//final) by sadie

You opened the door and...

Luke Hemmings Stories

The Voice Within (Harry Styles AU)

722 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · One Direction
The British Performing-Arts Academy - Where stars are made, legends are born and a ton of talented, gorgeous and young musicians call home. It’s a brand new year and American Sweetheart, Shaylene Montgomery, was one of its many new first years to enroll into the boarding school with the hopes of o...

Disconnected |Luke Hemmings|

225 pages · Realistic · Fan Fiction
You see we were best friends, since age four. But one night he thought he ended a call and well, he didn't. Heard every word. Everything became, well, Disconnected. EDITING IN PROGRESS

I'm Just A Reject. [AU] by Typical Nerd

211 pages · Fan Fiction
What was I thinking? Everyone sees it It’s not a secret That I’m just a reject Sick of the system Don’t wanna hear it It’s not a secret That I’m just a reject They try to save me But I’m too far gone And they called me crazy So I played along And you wanna change me But I’...

Bass Boy by мooncнιℓd ℓυffѕ ℓαтяєℓℓ

211 pages · Fan Fiction
Adrianna Lewis. Cousin of up-and-coming star, Luke Hemmings. Nice girl, shy, stays inside her shell on her iPhone. But once she lets you in, she's fun and outgoing. Lately, only her cousin has seen that side of her. Then Luke drags her into one of his band practices, and she meets four guys w...

Trick-or-Treat (Luke Hemmings) by Penguin is my OTP

107 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Some love stories start before you even know it. One day, you'll be walking along somewhere and walk right past your soulmate, without even noticing. It may be at the mall, or when buying groceries, or even on your way to the bathroom at a reasturant. That's how mine sort of started ...

I Don't Care ~Luke Hemmings~EDITING by LukesFlower

167 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
''Luke.. M-my brother.'' I stuttered as the blonde boys hands traveled down my waist. ''I don't care about your brother...'' His words rolled of his tongue sending shivers down my spine. I couldn't bare it any longer.. Our lips brushed against each others ...

Here's to Teenage Memories *Luke Hemmings* by Sugar Muffin

107 pages ~ Completed · Humor · Fan Fiction
Michael Clifford and Maria Evers have been best friends practically since birth, so why not invite him to her huge summer party? I mean, her parents were out of town and he was in town so it seemed pretty obvious. What she wasn't expecting though, was to fall in love.

The Notebook

102 pages · Mystery · Romance
When Calum picks up a notebook that was thrown on stage at a concert, he, Ashton, Michael, and Luke all read through it. Falling in love with the words the boys want to fall in love with the writers. Meanwhile, in a small town in Louisiana, two girls and their best friends go about their lives....

5SOS Imagines/Preferences *Requests Closed* by Fearless

131 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Just making imagines for four boys I deeply love. Sorry, I don't make personal imagines but you can feel free to request a preference and I'll make it as soon as I can.

She Looks So Perfect by Jewel

264 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance
He pulled me away holding my head in his hands, whipping my tears away from my cheek. "The truth?" he asked, I nodded, "I like you. A lot. You make me happy. You make me laugh. You're smart. Pretty. You're different, you're a little crazy, and awkward. And your smile alone ca...

It's Not Over (Third Book of MBFS) by Mrs. Hood

43 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
When will this life get easier? I thought he loved me. I thought everything was going to be alright. He told me he'd be there. But he lies. I know that now. Where was the man I fell in love with, the one who slept with the two blankets, no matter how cold it was? The one who never would have don...

Fader |Ashton Irwin| by вand on тнe rυn

154 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Adventure
'Lost' and 'Fading' are the only words to describe Bridgette. She lost all hope in herself. Why? First, her father unexpectedly dies, and now her boyfriend of two years dies in an accident. Now, she's torn and shattered. She isn't the same after the deaths of her two loved on...