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Marauder Quizzes

YOUR HOGWARTS LIFE! (Marauders Era) by EliseBlack

· Books
I've been dying to make one of these! COMPLETED

A Marauder's Life by Hikaru

· Books
Hey :D This is an opportunity to know what life you would have had during the Marauders era ! 5 long results with Pets, Stories, Wedding, Kids etc ! This is my first quiz so I'd love some feedback. Have fun ! ^o^

7 minutes in heaven- Harry Potter style by Nora Wyler

Each of them is 20-years-old. You can choose your house for the result. :) You're in the Shrieking Shack.

Which One Of My Harry Potter OC's are you? by Ressa Admin is a Neko for Halloween

· Books
There's one Gryffendor, one Ravenclaw, and one Slytherin. There's a little sister, a Marauder wannabe, and a fallen angel. There's a twin's lover, a dead wish, and a lost soul.

Your Life in Hogwarts!(LONG) by Moony

· Books
Hope you life my quiz :3 please comment favorite and follow me, I have another quiz 'your marauders era life' make sure to check it out ^^

Your Marauders Match by Olive

This quiz will show you who you would've ended up with in the Harry Potter Marauders Era! It includes long end results and some role play. If you liked this, then go check out Your Next Generation Match quiz!

Your Life At Hogwarts! (Marauders era.) by Ticklemon2000

Your life at Hogwarts in the marauders era. includes name bff, bf, secret powers, house, family, status, and much more!

Amortentia by Olive

Ever wondered what your amortentia would smell like? Well, here you go! Includes short story at the end and involves male characters from the Next Generation Era. Go check out Your Next Generation Match and Your Marauders Match if you liked this!

Harry Potter Life! (19 Years Later Edition!) by Gurgi Potter

· Movies
I made a quiz like this already but I've decided to change the generation!

Your Marauders Life! Long Results. by The Nightowler

· Books
Long results! Boyfriends, friends, opinions, family, description, love story, and future! Mostly for females, but any male is welcome if he can get over the boyfriend and the female names! There are no actual "evil" characters so, sorry if you wanted one. WARNING: THE FUTURES WILL BE REALISTIC AND P...

Marauder 7 Minutes In Heaven! by Lauren-Anne

7 Minutes alone with your favourite Maurauder? C'mon, who would turn that down!

Your marauder's era Boyfriend fight! by HarryPotterGirl

· Movies
You asked for it so its here! Which harry potter marauders is your boyfriend? What do you fight about? Is it James? Remus? Sirus? Or severus? Take the quiz and find out.

Your Marauders Era Life! by Deena Potter

· Books
What would your life be like if you were at Hogwarts during the Marauders Era, who would your friends be, your boyfriend, background story, future find out here! NOT FINISHED!

7 minutes in heaven Marauders STYLE by midnightEmber

Rather a boy or a girl find out what MALE Marauder spends 7 minutes in the closet with you! Snape included

Marauders Life! by Fenway158

· Books
What would your life be like if you went to Hogwarts with the Marauders? Take this quiz to (hopefully) find out.

Your Life At Hogwarts In The Marauders Era by September Robin

· Books
What would your life be like in Hogwarts in the time of the Marauders (that's James Potter and his friends in case you don't know)? Who would be your friends? Your boyfriend? Your enemies? What would happen to you? Would it be an adventure...or a nightmare? I would say girls and gay guys only, but h...

Harry Potter Life by Jay Watson is in Scout Regiment

· Books
Girls only ♥ some really long answers and some super short answers. Marauder time AND the regular generation. NOT FINISHED. Only a hanful of results arn't finished. (by handful... I mean 2)

What do the Marauders think of you? by Arulyn

· Books
Im a HP fan (obviously) so I'm gonna make a quiz about the Maraduers; how they might've thought about you! Includes you're name, bf/crush, house, patronus, personality, DA or DE, and how you met your guy.

Marauder Stories

The Pranking Queen / James Potter by mae

260 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
The Pranking Queen was a genius. For five years, she'd been pulling the most marvelous pranks throughout the school, yet nobody knew her identity. As hard as the Marauders had tried, they had never been able to find out who she was. James Potter happened to be in the right place at the right ti...

Life Surprises You (Marauders Era) by Skye

263 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Skyler Snape unlike her twin brother is a beautiful, funloving gryffindor prankster that tries to always keep her spirits up. People say she's like a girl marauder. She refused to believe this though, Skyler agreed with her best friend Lily Evans. The Marauders are annoying bullies. That's w...

It Didn't Even Cross My Mind. (Marauder Era)

910 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Jordan Potter and Sirius Black could not be more perfect for each other. Everyone thinks so accept them and of course James, Jordan's over protective twin brother. The only problem in the way of Jordan and Sirius discovering their love for each other is their hate. What happens when Remus admits his...

Fandom One-Shots

106 pages · Horror · Short Stories
As long as we know them, we'll write them. *REQUESTS ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE*

Met His Match by Love Never Fails

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
A new girl is starting at Hogwarts. She's from America and is full of life. The Marauders instantly take interest in her, especially Sirius Black. Turns out she is a prankster herself and is Remus's cousin. Her and Remus are more a like than they thought... This is Evie's life. He...

My Protector by dυмвledore'ѕ daυnтleѕѕ dυnderнead

60 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Are you helping Sirius Black into the castle?" A hufflepuff fifth year shouted into my face. "Hey, lay off her!" Fred said protectively, putting his arm around my shoulders. This is the life I live now. This is the curse of being Sirius Black's daughter.

Stolen Hearts [Marauders] by Gigi Winchester

250 pages · Fan Fiction
Estella Blackwood is sent to live with her aunt after her parents were murdered. She is then transferred to Hogwarts, where she meets the infamous Marauders. Her life is turned upside down, but can one certain Marauder turn it right side up again?

A Brothers Love [A Harry Potter/ Percy Jackson Crossover]

61 pages · Fan Fiction
Ruby Black has always yearned to leave camp half-blood. Not that she hated it, in fact growing up there she grew to love everyone and surprisingly they adored her too. Not every day do you stumble across the nicest child of Ares right? All Ruby craves for though, is something new. ----------...

Selfish Love

257 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Without hesitation, he jumped on top of the round wooden table, immediately attracting the attention of other customers and our peers. "I'm in love with you, Isobel Burkes, and I am not ashamed to announce it to the world, because now they know that you are mine, and I am yours." ~Mar...

My Sirius Problem- *Marauder'S Era*

253 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
He's the player. She's the shy, quiet girl. He's her bully. She's his victim. He's Sirius Black. She's Roxanne Lupin, Remus Lupin's younger sister. She's been bullied by her brother and his friends, for two years. What happens when her arch enemy falls siriusly in love with her? Will she fall for hi...

Imagines :D

Imagines! I do imagines of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Marauders, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, other bands, The Walking Dead, Damon Fizzy, various animes if I know them, 5SOS, and also the Teen Titans bc I can, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and One Direction.

Acne Face by SillyLikeABunneh

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
She walked quickly trying to ignore the mean voices of them, Black and Potter. "YO ACNE FACE!" and so on. They kept making fun of her weight, her face and clothing. She ignored it once more. "Please Merlin let me make it on the train with peace"