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Did you mean Marple?

Markiplier Quizzes

Which Youtuber is for you? by lenatalynn1

Please check my other quizzes/stories especially if you like Markiplier. (mainly gamers)

What YouTube genderbend are you? by Lyra Fox

What female version of a famous YouTuber are you? Find out! (Girls Only! Sorry!) ♥

Do you know these youtubers? by Carlybuscus and Munchingbrotato

This will have ALL the youtubers I know. (And for minecrafters they will have irl pictures).

7 minutes in Youtube heaven by Blondie

I invited you to a party along with a couple Youtubers. Sorry if a person you wanted in it isnt in it just tell me you want that person in the comments.

Your YouTube Gamer Bestie :P by Sonya

Which gaming YouTuber would be your bestie? Sorry can't be a boyfriend quiz cause i can't write romance stuffz xS Results include: Pewds, Markiplier, TheRPGMinx, SkyDoesMinecraft, or CaptainSparklez

Which youtube gamer are you more like? by Seto Lockheart

Hey friend! Want to find out which youtuber gamer are you more like? Come and check out this quiz! Results contain Markiplier, Yamimash, PewdiePie, MangaMinx, Cryaotic, Tobuscous, And cinnamonatoastken. If your interested come and please take it! Im seriously horrible at descriptions its not even fu...

Youtuber best friend by Alexys

Who is your youtuber soulmate? Is it markiplier, pewdiepie, cryaotic, or jacksepticeye? Also, go check all four of them out!

What your youtuber life is?

Well... It's all in the damn title. XD This will include me. Of what I think of you :3 Your results may include a story.

YouTube Boyfriend by ThePureWolf

Who would your perfect match be? The results are Pewdiepie, Markiplier, Chilled Chaos, and SeaNanners. This is my first quiz, hope you enjoy! :3

How well do you know Markiplier?

Let's test your knowledge, Markiplites.

Role Reversal: RPG Plays Youtube by Cocoa-Reese

You've seen Pewdiepie play Misao and Cry play Ib etc. But this time we have Ib playing Cryaotic, Misao plays Pewdiepie, Mad Father plays Markiplier and Witch's house plays Tobuscus or whoever plays who...

Do You Know Your Gamers? by PinkPowerade

This is quiz is about YouTube Gamers to see if you know your stuff!

Markiplier quiz! by Da12ds

Are you a true fan of markiplier

What type of guy are you? part 2

What type of guy are you? This quiz is more for if your having trouble in a relationship, and shows you what type of guy you are in that situation. You could be on of the few guys women try to avoid. Ok this quiz is a little more difficult, lets say it will go more into detail about what kind of gu...

Markiplier Stories

Confusion (Five Nights at Freddy's various x reader) by Ducky

30 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
You get pulled into the new popular horror game, Five Nights at Freddy's, and before you know it, the animatronics are all over you. But they aren't doing what they are "supposed" to do. And what will happen if two famous youtubers get pulled in too?

Youtuber Boyfriend Scenarios by Emmy The Random

65 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
I will add more Youtubers IF you request them! First 6 I've written for are Tobuscus, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Cryaotic, Anthony Padilla and Chuggaaconroy. Written as if you are a girl I suppose, but I THINK that if you change 1 or two words it's not very gender specific. ♥ Comment wha...

Youtuber Oneshots by Dulcet

38 pages · Short Stories · Romance
All the youtubers you can think of: Gamers, Minecrafters, Vloggers, and even more. Front cover by me.

A life of videos by Kia

48 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
A collection of reader insert one shots for Tobuscus, Cryaotic, PewDiePie, and maybe even a few other YouTubers. [Various x Reader] *Cover image does not belong to me.*

For My Amusement (A Darkiplier Story)

28 pages · Thriller · Fantasy
Rosie was like every other Markiplite. She watched his video's everyday, and they helped her feel happier. But one video Mark uploads changes her life for the worse. And let's just say Darkiplier finds her amusing.

Drunk Minecraft? [Markiplier x Reader] by Adam and Music

58 pages ~ Completed
Welcome to my new Story~! This is all about your point of view! So you were a Markiplier fan like always, you started watching him a year ago, you always love the Drunk Minecraft videos with Wade and Bob. What if you got suck into the game and found the 3 of them inside of the game while drunk for ...

Better Off Dead (Reader x Various) by Sρσσƙყ Sƈαɾყ GυɱɱყBҽαɾ

50 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
You find yourself alone at this point, but that's fine, you were always better off alone. Though, suddenly that all stops as two people take you by surprise, asking you to join them and their surprisingly big group of friends. Will you all find a way out of the chaos around you? Can you reall...

Long Time Engagement by Kia

13 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories
A one shot booklet about being Markiplier's Fiancée. [Markiplier x Reader] *Cover image does not belong to me.*

Escaping this Game. [Markiplier x Reader] *SEQUEL TO : Drunk Minecraft?* by Adam and Music

32 pages · Fan Fiction
If you haven't red the First one... Here's the Link : Drunk Minecraft? [Markiplier x Reader] Take your time reading it...

YouTube University (On Hiatus) by Kia

23 pages · Fan Fiction
Welcome to YouTube University! You and several other YouTubers will be attending college together. So have fun, study hard, and don't forget to turn in your homework! [Various x Reader] *Cover image does not belong to me.*

Anonymous... (Markiplier :DDDD) by KitkatDinosaur

10 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
He grabbed my waist pulling me towards him as I squirmed out of his strong grip. "DONT TOUCH ME!" I screamed as loud as I could. "I CAN TOUCH YOU WHEN I WANT TO!" He yelled slapping me into the floor. Blood surrounded my head. What have I gotten myself into...

A Dangerous Video

10 pages · Fan Fiction
This is a Creepypasta and YouTuber crossover. About~ Y/N is a Creepypasta, she ran away due to a huge fight. She meets the YouTubers and became a family, but one day Slenderman takes her back.