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Did you mean Marple?

Markiplier Quizzes

Your Youtuber Boyfriend by Natalynn

Take the quiz! Suggest more, and check my other stories Follow me!

The Markiplier Quiz by YandereQueen

Do you want to test your knowledge of the beloved Youtuber? This quiz could be easy for his fans, but battling for newbies. Who's got the best memory? Lets see! Begin the battle!

Do you know these youtubers? by Carlybuscus and Munchingbrotato

This will have ALL the youtubers I know. (And for minecrafters they will have irl pictures).

What YouTube genderbend are you? by Lyra Fox

What female version of a famous YouTuber are you? Find out! (Girls Only! Sorry!) ♥

Stuck in minecraft with youtubers :) by canadiangirl

So this is my stuck in minecraft with youtubers series it's not going to be teamcrafted sry about that but some ppl from teamcrafted like sky Jason Mitch Jerome and Ian and some more ppl so stay tuned for that I hope you guys like my quiz and I will see you in the quiz byeeeee :)

Youtube Knowledges by Ash the Bowtie Person

TITLE, gawd, weirdo....wait youre a weirdo too? FABULOUS!

Which youtube gamer are you more like? by Seto Lockheart

Hey friend! Want to find out which youtuber gamer are you more like? Come and check out this quiz! Results contain Markiplier, Yamimash, PewdiePie, MangaMinx, Cryaotic, Tobuscous, And cinnamonatoastken. If your interested come and please take it! Im seriously horrible at descriptions its not even fu...

If you were a youtuber who would you be? by FOXES FOR LIFE

If you could be Markiplier or Stampylongnose who would you be?

How well do you know Markiplier?

Let's test your knowledge, Markiplites.

Youtuber best friend by Alexys

Who is your youtuber soulmate? Is it markiplier, pewdiepie, cryaotic, or jacksepticeye? Also, go check all four of them out!

What if...? by Cocoa-Reese

What if the Youtubers weren't just restricted to Youtube, what if they were on Quotev, or they were our next-door neighbours, or our colleages, or maybe if they were our teachers, lawyers, business partners etc. Just imagine it...

How Well Do You Know Markiplier? by кαωαιι кαzιє

нσω ωєℓℓ ∂σ уσυ кησω мαякιρℓιєя? ƒιη∂ συт ησω! ~кαωαιι кαzιє

Can These Youtubers Make You Laugh? Pt.3! by BloodClaw

· Humor
Includes:ASFjerome, Bajancanadian, danisnotonfire, PewDiePie, Markiplier, ihascupquake, and Skydoesminecraft

Which Confusion Character Would You End Up With? by NewYearDucky

Self-explanatory, choices are Foxy, Freddy, Cry, Mark, and Dark. Please let me know what you think!

What your youtuber life is?

Well... It's all in the damn title. XD This will include me. Of what I think of you :3 Your results may include a story.

Markiplier Stories

Confusion (Five Nights at Freddy's various x reader) by NewYearDucky

57 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Horror
You get pulled into the new popular horror game, Five Nights at Freddy's, and before you know it, the animatronics are all over you. But they aren't doing what they are "supposed" to do. And what will happen if two famous youtubers get pulled in too?

Youtuber Oneshots by Dulcet

41 pages · Romance · Short Stories
All the youtubers you can think of: Gamers, Minecrafters, Vloggers, and even more. Some may be normal, some may not...

Youtuber Boyfriend Scenarios by Emmy The Random

81 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Hey guys and gals! Its Emmy! ♥ I'm proud to say that I have no idea what's even in this story anymore, but I love it! Alright! Go on in, and don't forget to comment! Love you all!

A Mixtape of Love [Youtuber Imagines] by KaNeKi-KuN

53 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
[Various Youtubers x Reader] A compilation and collection of one-shots and songfics. Main youtubers are PewDiePie, Cry, and Tobucus but there WILL be peeps like Smosh, Danisnotonfire, etc. Hope you enjoy! {Cover photo is not mine}

Forever and Always by ThePureWolf is pulling Santa's sleigh

7 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Sequel to Age is Our Only Enemy. Tabea left for college, her heart broken. Now she's back, four years later.

Five Nights in YouTube by Caitlin

7 pages · Fan Fiction
(Female reader!) A spoof off of the game Five Nights at Freddy's but YouTube version! Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Smosh, and Cry. I figured that since everyone was making different versions that YouTube could be one of them, with the YouTubers as the animatronics.

YouTuber Boyfriend Scenarios | Jemma Productions by reindeer jemma

11 pages · Fan Fiction
I'll probably add more YouTubers if you ask me to. The first few YouTubers I've written about are Markiplier, PewDiePie, and Cryaotic because yes. I'm assuming most of my readers will be female, but I'm sure if you changed a few words around, my writing wouldn't be very gender...

Five Nights, Three YouTubers and A Quotever by ThePureWolf is pulling Santa's sleigh

25 pages · Action · Horror
It's already hard fighting for your life for five nights, but do it while fangirling? Not easy.

You x Youtubers by Torpedopie

17 pages
This is a bunch of Reader x Youtuber stories. You know, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, Cry and some more! Hope you peeps like it!

A life of videos by Kia

48 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
A collection of reader insert one shots for Tobuscus, Cryaotic, PewDiePie, and maybe even a few other YouTubers. [Various x Reader] *Cover image does not belong to me.*

Control (A Darkiplier Story)

14 pages · Romance · Fantasy
Sequel to For My Amusement Rosie is off to college with no activity from Dark, but that doesn't mean she's safe. When things similar to what happened to her begin happening to a new friend, she once again turns to the internet to help her stop him. Maybe this time she's bitten off more ...

Animatronic Bastards!~Reader x Markiplier~ by XxSkyXx

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Horror
One minute, you're on your laptop watching Markiplier play the latest internet craze, Five Nights at Freddy's. Next thing you know, you're TRAPPED in the game, along with Mark....and it's much scarier than just watching the game...can you and Mark survive?