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Did you mean ma sky x reader?

Masky X Reader Quizzes

Which Creepypasta Lurks in Your Soul? by The Winged Kestrel

· Scary
We all have things hidden within our soul, inner represenations of ourselves. We have soul animals and elements. Everything inside our soul speaks about who we are as a person and what lurks in your soul makes you special. Just as we have these good things lurking in our soul, there are things that ...

Whose your lover? [Creepypasta x Reader] by נα є нαяℓєу

... Well, results are long-ish, and they're Jeff, Masky and Hoodie, Slenderman, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, and Laughing Jack ^^' (Will be called LJ) *Note* Females only. .w. Sorry guys.

Sleepover with the CreepyPasta - Part 1 by ĸeep callιng мe cнroмe

· Scary
Will you survive a night with the CP? >:3

Creepypasta Institute part 14~ by FrostedShadow

· Scary
True to his word, Toby has managed to ask a few people for some help to train you. Although, a person who you were pretty sure wouldn't even be interested, strangely accepted the offer.

Do the proxy twins like you?

All in the title bro :3 All pictures belong to their rightful owners lol heres the Ocs and some of one of the results Kitty invited you to the creepy pasta house its actually pretty funny here. Jeff always running from Jane. Avril (killer) protecting Jeff. BEN and Niki (ghost) Chillin and playi...

Sleepover with the CreepyPasta - Part 2 by ĸeep callιng мe cнroмe

· Scary
The second part of your night with the CP ^^

Sleepover with the CreepyPasta - Part 4 by ĸeep callιng мe cнroмe

· Scary
The last part of this mini quiz series ^^

Creepypasta Institute part 11~ by FrostedShadow

· Scary
The sparring session with Clockwork begins and you know that Slender is starting to get very suspicious. Best be careful, my dear.

Creepypasta Institute part 6~ by FrostedShadow

· Scary
Well, someone found out that you're human but you aren't dead yet... That's good, right?

Creepypasta Institute part 4~ by FrostedShadow

· Scary
Let's see how your official first day of school goes.

Creepypasta Institute part 7~ by FrostedShadow

· Scary
You get called in by the Assistant Headmaster... What does he wish to talk to you about?

Creepypasta Institute part 10~ by FrostedShadow

· Scary
You weren't getting off the hook after your previous actions. The Slenderman now has his suspicions and your only ally is Frost and possibly the mysterious Ben. Can you still manage to hide? Or will your secret ultimately lead to your death?

What creepypasta is your boyfriend? by Aiayla

Jeff, Slender, Masky, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack and BEN drowned.

You and the CreepyPasta - Part 11 by ĸeep callιng мe cнroмe

· Scary
The eleventh of many :) Sorry, girls only ^^

You and the CreepyPasta - Part 12 by ĸeep callιng мe cнroмe

· Scary
The twelveth of many :) Sorry, girls only ^^

You and the CreepyPasta - Part 9 by ĸeep callιng мe cнroмe

· Scary
The ninth of many :) Sorry, girls only ^^

You and the CreepyPasta - Part 13 - A by ĸeep callιng мe cнroмe

· Scary
The last quiz. Choose this one if you want Jeff the Killer (I'll make for the other CPs after this one) :3 Girls only! ^^

You and the CreepyPasta - Part 13 - B by ĸeep callιng мe cнroмe

· Scary
The last quiz. Choose this one if you want BEN Drowned (I'll make for the other CPs after this one) :3 Girls only! ^^

Masky X Reader Stories

Mαу тнє bєѕт mαη wιη (reader x creepypasta various) by ƇιєƖ Ƥнαηтσмнινє

102 pages · Horror · Romance
"She's mine all of you back off she may not know that I love her but she will be all mine someday." -Jeff "I want more than her kidneys. I want her heart." -E.J "None of you better touch her. She is mine if any of you idiots touch her it will be game over for you all." ...

A Skeleton in the Closet [Laughing Jack x Reader] by E.M

74 pages · Horror · Romance
(Y/N) met Laughing Jack when she was a kid, and she was the first kid who got saved. Now older (Y/N) takes care of her younger sister who happens to have an imaginary friend named Jack. But when Jack becomes something more horrific than imaginary, (Y/N) realizes she has more than just a skeleton in...

Proxy since little (Creepypasta X reader) by Bakemono

66 pages ~ Completed · Fantasy · Adventure
Hi my name is (y/n). I am 15 years old and I don't remember who my parents were. They left me in the woods at age 6. Mr . Slender took me in as his own. There he raised me on his own. Later on more people come in like Jeff, Ben, L.J, E.J, Masky, Hoodie, Jane, and some others. They live with me a...

The Girl Who Snapped ( CreepyPasta Various x Reader) by GirlyGrimReaper

69 pages · Horror · Fan Fiction
(Y/N) was a girl living a normal life being bullied and attacked daily by her step-father up until the point she met Slenderman, she didn't really meet him but saw him in the woods behind her house. Ever since then she sees symbols and has strange thoughts, up until the point she started to spil...

Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios

27 pages · Romance · Humor
Includes: Jeff, BEN, Slenderman, Masky, Hoodie, Eyeless Jack, Happy Appy, Zalgo, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Sonic.exe, and Lost Silver.

The House - Creepypasta X Reader by Stripper Yumi

104 pages ~ Completed · Horror · Romance
You and your best friend Eval go to investigate a haunted house in your home town, but what will happen when you find out that ghosts aren't the only thing living in the old house.

Once a Proxy, Always a Proxy (Masky x Reader) by MirrorWave

17 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
There'd always been something unspoken between you and Masky, but when you fled the mansion several years ago, you were forced to cut all ties with that life. Now you're back, and things aren't the way they used to be...but can you fix something that never really existed in the first pla...

W h o W i l l Y o u C h o o s e ? [Creepypasta x Reader] by KiraHimeko

39 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
"We all love you. But you have to choose only one of us... W h o W i l l Y o u C h o o s e ?" They asked as you were making one hell of a decision. They were right, who'd you chose? Creepypasta x Reader. (if your favorite pasta isn't here, please comment and let me know. C...

Ever Heard of Me?~Ticci-Toby x reader! by Blue

20 pages · Fan Fiction
Who really was Slender's first proxy? Masky? No. Hoodie? No. Ticci-Toby? Nope. It was a girl. It was (Name).

Even Monsters Can Love (Creepypasta X Reader) (Redo) by ox.Kristina.xo

11 pages · Romance · Thriller
Her name was ________ & she wasn't a regular girl. Far from it actually. What kind of regular girl has five adopted kids at age fifteen? What kind of regular girl has supernatural abilities of telekinesis, teleportation & telepathy? & what kind of regular girl has an abnormal father ...

It All Started With A Dream (Laughing Jack x Reader) by Blondie4ever

82 pages · Horror · Romance
(Laughing Jack x Reader~) Some Jeff the Killer x Reader~

Creepypasta BF Scenarios by Just Another Rocket Grunt

32 pages
I decided to try this myself! I know that some of them aren't Creepypasta, but most people count them as creepypasta, so what am I supposed to do there? Anyways, tell me if you want someone added. This includes: Jeff, Slenderman, BEN, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Lost ...