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Mindless Behavior Love Story Quizzes

Can You Finish The Lyrics? by FallenTearPetals

· Music
Are You A Music Lover? Yes? Then You'll Knock This Out The Park! :D No? Then I Wish You Luck LOL :)

How will you meet your Mindless Boy? (Long-ish Results)

How you meet your celebrity boyfriend from Mindless Behavior My first ever quiz so I hope you like it! ;p

Your perfect boyfriend by Big Daddy K

A test that shows you your perfect future boyfriend

Girl's Talkin Bout by Kissy

A Mindless Behavior quiz. What boy fits you best? Hope you enjoy!

Your Life With MB by CharlieBow

Take a quiz to decide your new name, and your new life with one of the boys from Mindless Behavior.

Have a Chat with Prodigy from Mindless Behavior!

· Music
Your having a conversation with Prodigy from mindless behavior!Click this to see how it turned out!

Have a conversation with Roc Royal!

· Music
Have a conversation with Roc Royal! See if he likes, loves, or hates you.

Whats Your MB outfit

· Music
If you love Mindless behavior take the quizz anad lets get srated.

Whats Your Mindless Fairytale by That Young un Jayda

(sorry no pic for this) wedding theme and children. Find out who your Fairytale/mindless prince is..

What are you too Roc Royal? by MBSwag33

What are you to Roc? Dont know? Well now you can find out ;) stay spiffy

Have a conversation with Princeton :) by мιndleѕѕ ѕυммer 13

· Music
Will he like you as a friend, crazed fan, the love of his life, or just PLAIN MEAN? Take this to figure out!

Who is your new boyfriend (mindless behavior) by Princeton Chica

· Music
Find out if he is your true love of not if he would be yours and stay yours

Mindless Behavior Lyrics! Ahaha. You Ready? by NeickoleGardin

· Music
If You Are Mindless, You'll Love This.

Mindless Behavior Love Story Stories

Used to Be by Dancer4life

45 pages · Realistic · Romance
Juliette had the life. The boy best friend, the loving parents, the good grades, the life. Until one day she became blind. Everyone turned on her , and she got bullied. What happens when Juliette gets surgery to acquire the ability to see again? Will she be able to hold the secret that's keeping...

My Bestfriend Vs. My Boyfriend (Roc Royal vs. Jaden Smith)

78 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
When your boyfriend goes on tour for an entire year, he lets you know that its okay to see other people. But when he comes back he wants you back. But is it too late? Did your best friend already take his place?

Behind the ink ||princeton love story|| by мιиdℓєѕѕ вєнανισя ѕтσяιєѕ

53 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
You see me the girl in that picture. I smile only in pictures. I never smile in real life. I am 17 years young. I get bullied all the time at school. I am the cutest is what my old friends use to say before they started bullying me. I get abused by my Step-daddy at home. His name is Lase. He is my a...

Prince Charming

113 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
You'll never know unless you try. Kaycee was never known to be a sad person, but there's a secret behind her smile that only one guy has bothered to find out.

In Life and In Love |A Roc Royal Love Story|

192 pages · Romance · Mystery
There is no acceptance or change in opinion when someone has done something no one else can understand. The reason behind why what the person did is there but the damage of the actual thing is blinking the reason. If you knew why or what possessed the person to do what they had to do, would your opi...

The boy from down the street*Roc Royal love story*

49 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
It's been a while since I've seen the boy down the street. I can still remember his smile. He became bigger and better. No one would blame him if he never came back. So the question is: Why did he?

Love Doesn't Always Last ~A Mindless Behavior,Ray Ray Love Story~

45 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Ray Ray Has Made Scarlet's Life Hell Ever Since The Beginning Of High School. What Happends When He " Accidentaly" Hits Her, In The Head, With A Sharp Rock And Has To Take Care Of Her Until She Is Better? Will He Fall In-Love? Will Scarlet Ever Forgive Ray? Read And Find Out!

Broken Dreams by Jakayla

209 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
In this emotion-filled sequel, the lives of 9 very different people are effected tremendously. Diggy, Cree, Hawaii, Quincy, Aubree, Roc, Adrienne, Jaden, And Princeton all want a taste of the good life, a perfect life. It's understandable that they all seem to fall apart as all their dreams and ambi...

Double Love |Princeton Love Story| by NnyjiWhitfield

55 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
A girl named Alexandra Caputo was adopted and goes to a Beverly Hills school. This is not the kind of school she would usually love to go to. Everyone thinks of her as a freak and doesn't welcome her. Her only best friend in life is a guy. In this story she meets Mindless behavior but the way they m...

Life of a Badass

50 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Classic case of Bad girl meets player... Wait did I say bad? Yes I did. Carter Vasquez is not the one to be toyed with, not only does she love to fight but she love trouble. Why? Because She has a secret past that no one not even her Best friends know about. Can four clueless boys change that? Or wi...

Mindless Behavior Imagines (Editing the chapters)

47 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Mindless Behavior Imagines for y'all beautifuls♥ I'll try to write for anyone who wants me to and I can write for you more than once with a different name and guy♥

My Little Sister's Tutor *Princeton Love Story*

50 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
Princeton from Mindless Behavior Love Story| Riley's little sister, Harper, needs a tutor. Because Riley's raising her and her little brother by herself, as her parents left her and she doesn't want to go to care, she found her little sister the perfect tutor. **IN PROGRESS!**