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Mobiles Quizzes

What Kind Of Phone Case Should You Get? by ʟɪɢʜτ ʙσʟτs

What kind of phone case should you get?

Your life with the Creepypastas. CHRISTMAS EDITION! by Kayleigh Needlepoint

· Scary
~Jingle bells LJ smells, Jeffrey laid an egg, the slender mobile lost a wheel and Sonic dashed away!~

What Type of Wind Powers Do You Possess? by Krinos is a Sam Magnet

If you can't read the title because you're on mobile or something, it's "What Type of Wind Powers Do You Possess?" Wanna find out :D

Can Black Butler Make you laugh by Undertaker

· Humor
Here goes to the Black butler fans *better to take on mobile to see pictures better*

What would your house look like when your 30? by Keano

Will it be a luxury villa! Or will it be an old mobile home. It all depends on your answers.

Would you survive my life? by Lukeypoop and baldybum

Bbooooorrrrreeeedddd :D just take this quiz Done on mobile

Gundam Wing: Who's your lifeline? by ColetteLunsford

· TV
Welcome to the world ___! In this universe there has been pain, political suffering, human suffering, and giant fight robots called Gundams that dish out massive damage to both parties. War has broke out between earth and the space colonies but what matters is who will be there to save you?

Which one of my OCs are you? by Mang is A DETECTIVE B R O

Practically the title says it all :P my first quiz out of my many unsaved attempts (Curse mobile >:( its so mean) and i just threw this together as a first.

Are You A True Texter? by Aimée

A Short Quiz To Find Out If Your A True Texter

Mobile phones!

What mobile suits you

What federation branch are you? by Roland

So what will you be when the bugs attack, Mobile Infantry, Mobile Infantry Officer, Fleet, or Military Intelligence.

What phone is you? by Alyte

Find out what phone fits you!

Which Gundam 00 Gundam are you best suited to pilot? by Andrew

· TV
Ever wondered which Gundam suits you? Whether it be a fast Exia or an unstoppable 00 Raiser? Now's your chance to find out.

What pretend prince would fall for you? by Sabrina

There are a lot of pretend princes out there these are all taken from the Facebook mobile game "Princess Story"

Which meister are you? by Nathan

· TV
If you watch the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 anime, then this quiz is for you!

Superman or Batman?

Which is better superman or batman? Which one are you mots likely to be

What Mobile Suits You Best by KawaiiSoul

Says it in the title ^.^

Mobiles Stories

Everytime (Draco Malfoy) by Potterhead

6 pages · Fan Fiction
"Everytime we touch, I get this feeling. And everytime we kiss I swear I could fly. Don't you hear my heart beat fast, I want this to last. I need you by my side." - Cascada [{PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STORY IS WRITTEN ON MOBILE VERSION!}]

How to keep a secret. by Branwen

14 pages
Read it and see. I was stuck in a defence meeting when my mobile rang. I answered it. “Hello, yeah you’re cousin Lori, has done it this time. She’s cashed the GM in London.” “She’s What?”

A Forgotten War by Deltawolf205

The year is 2022. UNCO (United Nation and Colony Organtion) a organzation that incoproates various races into a unified nation with humanity at the head of the government. With the 10th anniversary of UNCO's founding the newly abosrbed nations prepare to celebrate with their older collague membe...

The Bet That Started It All by Jessie

18 pages · Romance · Realistic
Jessamine Hearthorn was the invisable girl in school, and liked it that way. With only school, her motorcycle, and her abusive father to worry about she thought she might live till college. What happens when Adam, the school quarterback and heartbreaker, and Eric, the school bad boy and loner, make ...

Mobile Suit Gundam 0098: The End Begins by Darkerangel

Between Char's Counterattack (UC0093) and Gundam F-91 (UC0123). It is the year UC0098, five years after the events of Char's Counterattack. The last Neo Zeon formation created yet another Titan team, and thus a new AEUG was formed. A final uprising has begun for the Zeon forces, this will be their l...

Mobile Suit Gundam Rebirth by Darkerangel

With the Earth Federation broken, an extraterrestrial empire known as Xen-Dominion justifies themselves to ruler ship over Earth Sphere inevitably leading to bloodshed. A rogue space team called U-FEA is in search for the Beacon of Hope for the future of humanity. They use the blueprints of the Mobi...

Velvet Elvis- Harry Styles by Liv

-Ma said I ain't right, clutching on you all night, but you're my, you're my guy, Elvis- As a child, I was brought up with the fairy tales. As a teenager, I learnt that prince charming wasn't real. As a university student, I learnt art was away to express my loving of the world Now as a Young ...

Memoirs of a Fat girl by Lala land

3 pages · Realistic
I am Fat. I’m a fat person. This is a visibly truth that I have come to accept and embrace. Now mind you I’m not the kind of fat person that would be described as mobile obese but I’m Fat all the same. After twenty nine years of self-abuse and self-hatred I’ve finally come to terms with my f...

T-Minus 22 by Pip

The untold story of the aforementioned brother of Rick Grimes. Didn't proof-read this. Written on mobile. Sorry.

A second chance & death (Finished) by 2 Best Sisters

8 pages ~ Completed · Action · Short Stories
Lucy is a 16 years old girl. She lives with her little brother Tristan and protects him, their parents left them 6 years ago and they have a tuff life. Lucy have a secret that she haven't told anyone, especilly not Tristan. But one day Tristan gets in trouble and Lucy must save him from a person...

Adventure Time. by fℓαωℓєѕѕ.

4 pages · Romance · Adventure
"We're going on a little adventure." For the longest time, almost throughout my entire childhood, I was convinced that I was going to grow up, find my prince charming, get married, make tons of babies and have my own happily ever after where I lived in a huge castle overlooking the sea....

Anime One-shots! by gємιηι ѕуηdяσмє ღ

Don't expect much from this. Just gonna type some random things down here when I'm outside and bored! Hehe~ XD