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Mortal Instruments Quizzes

Which Book Is Your Life?

· Books
Ever wonder which book would be your life? Results from Divergent, The Mortal Instruments, The Infernal Devices, Percy Jackson, and The Hunger Games.

What Shadowhunter Family do you belong to? (name, description, emblem, etc.) by madameCiel

· Books
Which of the old Shadowhunter families do you belong to? This quiz includes things like the families history, backgrounds, description, their skills and weapons they use. Also their motto and emblem. The backgrounds and meanings of the names are fictional, meaning I basically made up their etymol...

What fictional boy should be yours? by writers block

· Books
Jace *Insert last name here* from the Mortal Instruments, Tobias from Divergent, Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games, Sam Roth from Shiver. It's mostly a compatibility test. Read the title. (we will say these are real people living in present time and there is no such thing as...

Which 'Mortal Instruments' Character are you? by Elizabeth

Do you love the Mortal Instruments? Which T.M.I teen do you think you are? Take this quiz to see if your personality matches Clary, Simon, Jace, Alec or Isabelle. (IMPORTANT NOTE - still take it even if you haven't read the books.)

Test Your Geeky Knowledge by Lauren

· TV
A load of trivia for all the fandoms can be found right here! I'll put your wits to the test as for your memory of witty one-liners.

Your life in The Mortal Instruments

· Books
Explained in title ^ (long answers!)

Which female book character are you like? by мιdnιgнт мoonlace

The Hunger Games, Divergent, Matched, A series of unfortunate events, percy jackson, the mortal instruments, the maze runner, the selection, pretty little liars...

What are you ~The Moral Instruments by ninja tiger

· Books
What would you be in the shadow world? A werewolf like Jordan and Maia, a warlock like Magnus, a vampire like Simon, a Faery, a mundane or a shadowhunter like Alec, Isabelle, Clary and Jace.

Conversation with Jace Wayland, Alec Lightwood, Simon Lewis and Luke Garraway by MrsBiersack

What does Jace, Alec, Simon and Luke think of you? Will they call you a Mundane(Human), Vampire, a Shadowhunter or a Lycanthrope? For Girls, Bi's and Gays

Mortal Instruments seven minutes in Heaven

You are invited to join a party at the New York Institue! At the end of the party you and the Mortal Instrument characters will play seven minutes in heaven! WARNING if you have not read City of Ashes it may contain spoilers!

Which fictional character are you most like? by Abby M

This quiz matches you to a fictional character based on personality.

Zeven minutes in heaven with Mortal instruments by Hιρѕтєя ƇιєƖ ιѕ ѕну ƑσƖƖσω'ѕ вαcк

So your at magnus house and you dont know what to do. Jace, Jordan, Magnus, Simon and Sebastian are there.

Which mortal instruments character are you by sophie baker

· Books
Find out which mortal instruments character you are enjoy xx

What do the Infernal Devices Characters think of you? by Dezaray

I made this quiz, because I have seen many Mortal Instruments quizzes, but very few Infernal Devices. I have made a Mortal Instruments version of this, and I recommend taking it. *WARNING!* For those of you who have not yet read the entire series I must warn you that this quiz may contain spoilers.

What Mortal Instruments Rune Suits You Best? by JustAnotherPotterhead

· Books
Do you ever get that time when you can't decide which mark to apply first? If so, take this quiz and I swear by the Angel it'll help you. This quiz is for City of Bones only... Sorry.

Which book series do you belong in

· Books
Do you belong in The Hunger Games, Divergent, Gone, Percy Jackson, Gallagher Girls, Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices? :)

Your life in Mortal Instruments (Girls only) by BlackAngel

Would you be a Shadowhunter, a mundane, a warlock ? Long answer

Mortal Instruments Stories

Random One-Shots

72 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Short Stories
REQUESTS CLOSED! Sup. This is just a bunch of one-shots from a ton of things. Included are: Hetalia, Black Butler, Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Soul Eater, Fruits Basket, Fairy Tale, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, S...

Minutes in Heaven- Boys of Every Type

You're invited to my party, where there's lots of fun to be had. Many book, movie, and anime characters, along with a few real people will be invited as well. Some people are the characters from: The Avengers, Skip Beat!, Ouran Host Club, Nabari, Hetalia, Black Butler, Vampire Knight, Death Note, So...

Piano Lessons ~Jace Herondale Love Story~ by Mayhem

10 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
As a consequence of being rude to mundanes, Jace Herondale is forced to give piano lessons to Avery Maxwell, the niece of Magnus Bane. -CLARY DOES NOT EXIST IN THIS STORY-

A Lily in the City of Bones by Nao Tatsuya

26 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Lilliana Ashstrider. That's a name every shadowhunter knows. She is the top of her generation. She also grew up with Jace, Alec, and Isabelle, but her family got transferred to Japan. What happens when she returns to New York? To the gang? Also she has learned that she is very different from eve...

Heart of Steel by Clara Caniff

20 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Liberty Sarah Wayland. Younger sister to the infamous Jace Wayland, strong shadowhunter, lost girl. After being hurt one too many times, she puts up a facade that nobody can pass. People want to help but they just can't, so they leave her by herself. But then what happens when someone finally ge...

The One Sitting Next To Me by Sunny On A Rainy Day

46 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy
I was sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring. The door opened and in walked two boys. "Mrs. Brash? This is Jace. He's new to the school." I'll admit it, he was cute. I looked around to find an empty seat and the only one was next to. "The only open seat is next to Jamie. J...

One Shots! xx

I do Percy Jackson, Mortal Instruments, Ranger's Apprentice, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Bands, Youtubers, Divergent, I don't care if you're gay but this is mainly for girls haha. Sorry no anime/manga. Comment a book and/or movie with a character from it and if I know the book/mo...

One-shots From Everywhere! by LlamaAsh2001

I know there are lots of these, but I wanted to try and write ones of my own :) *REQUESTS OPEN* I've made a list of everything I can do one-shots for, so refer to that.

Meant To Be ~Jace Wayland~ by Princess Miller

44 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Grace Voight is a famous shadowhunter,who works with Alec and Isabelle Lightwood and Jace Wayland.Grace never really liked Jace,because of his attitude and all,but maybe she will fall in love with him.

Because I Love You by Tezzer

163 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Magnus and Alec want a baby, but can they decide what they want to adopt before their relationship crumbles?

Random Drabbles [ON HOLD]

23 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · Anime/Manga
-Requests Open- -- Boyfriend/Girlfriend -- Youtubers -- Television series [Doctor Who; Sherlock; Supernatural] -- Band/Singer [I must know of them] -- Anime [ OHSHC; Angel Beats!; Fruits Basket; Dangan Ronpa; Homestuck] -- NOT ROMANCE ONES [Character things {Suicide; CharacterxCharacter; Sad; ...

Your the light (FINISHED)

42 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
Phoenix or Nix has always been raised as a shadow hunter and a very fierce one at that but happens when she is sent to go live at the institute with her cousins Isabelle and Alec Lightwood. She swore that she would never be put in the place where she would ever have to cross paths with Jace Wayland...