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Did you mean ni all horan?

Niall Horan Quizzes

Who's Crushing On You?

Find out what boy is crushing on you. Includes One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer ~somewhat long answers~

The one direction love game show by Victoria O'Donoghue

You have decided to go on a gameshow to try and find your true love, little did you know that the five guys who will be also competing on the show in the hope of finding their true love are the five members of the boyband One Direction. Yes, the five guys who you are contesting to win the affections...

Create a Baby by Hilal

Create a baby, wooh!

Which 1D Girlfriend are you?

· Music
Are you Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor, Harry's Girl, or Niall's Girl?

Who from one direction would fancy you? why? and where you met! by Kaylie

· Music
Which member of 1D would ask you out if you met them? :D and why? ;)and where would you meet? :D xxxx

Celebrity Boyfriend Long Results

You meet one of the five guys. He becomes close to you because of your choice. He becomes famouse because... After high school he... How did you met him... And others. Boys: Austin Mahone, Niall Horan from One Direction, Justin Bieber, Wesley Stromberg from Emblem3 and last but not least Cody Simpso...

Your 1D Boy & Their Thoughts On You

· Music
Includes pictures + stories (:

Which one direction member is your perfect match

A quiz to find out if your soul mate is niall horan, harry styles, zany malik, Louis Tomlinson or liam payne. take the quiz to seal your fate with your perfect man

Which one direction member will fall in love with you?

· Music
Which one direction member will fall in love with you at first sight.

Which 1D guy are you most like? by Miss.Tomlinson

Take this to find out if your more like Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, or Harry.

Secret crush (1D's pov) by Plaid Stranger

Most of us directioners have a "secret" crush on one of the guys, or at least secret for them, and they'll probably never know. *Sigh* Well how would it be, if it was the other way around? Take the quiz and find out!:D

Kidnnapped by One Direction Part 1 of 2 by Mackenzie

When 1D kidnaps you will you surive or die. This is survival of the Directioners. *****GIRLS ONLY*****

Guess the 2014 song/lyrics! by peяғecтlγ ιмpeяғecт

· Music
Includes popular 2014 songs, can you do it?

Your 1D Baby! (Longish Results)

What boy will you get?What will your baby look like with him? Will you two spend the rest of your lives together? Take this quiz to find out! ♥

Your One Direction Lover *Long Results*

· Music
Who's your perfect 1D guy? Oh, and I promise not to beg you to like this/follow me (;

The one direction love game show part 3 by Victoria O'Donoghue

You have met the guy who's affections you have won and now you are about to go on a date with him. What will happen in the date? Will it go well? Will your guy want to see you again? Results are imagines about your dates.

Who's your One Direction Boy? (Holiday Edition) by Morgan

This is a Holiday version! It'll include song,outfit,date night,and more!

Your 1D Life *EXTREMLY LONG RESULTS* by The Three Stooges

· Music
Includes how you met, your first date, How he asked you to be his grilfriend, your first fight, proposal, and wedding and kids and pets and ...stuff...

Niall Horan Stories

Falling in Love with the Bully by Jessica

232 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction
He pushes me into the lockers, making me gasp. "H - Harry, p - please," I gasp, panicking now. He smirks, knowing he has control over me. Fear flashes through my eyes and pulses through my veins. I wish he'd just leave me alone. Harry, as in the dictator, bully, but also Mr Popular. But ...

Kidnapped (Punk Niall Horan) by D.J Fahrig

171 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Short Stories · One Direction
"Niall, Niall please..." I said as I slowly backed up on the bed. The smell of alcohol was really strong. He dropped the bottle on the floor and it smashed into a million pieces. Niall moved closer to me. I held in my coughs. He laid on top of me because I was out of room to back up in. I ha...

Knives & Scrubs by ELLIE

196 pages · One Direction · Realistic · Fan Fiction
"Breaking News! Local London gang fight ends with twelve dead and eight injured. More details to come." Charlotte Reynolds is just one of the many hospital staff members on duty when this tragedy occurs. Nothing could have ever prepared her for what was to come.

You Were Pregnant? [Completed]

376 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
[Currently Editing] He left me a messy note and then left me for Taylor Swift when I was a month pregnant. He didn't know. Heck, I didn't even know. I didn't want to ruin his relationship so I kept it a secret. Now I see Liam after 3 years and he's shocked. What happens when he convi...

Angel Twin (One Direction/ Liam Payne)

457 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Andy is a nerd, loves to listen to music and play the piano. Andy has a secret. She can sing. The lady raising her is actually just her aunt. Andy finds out she has a twin brother. Now put Harry Styles, yes THE Harry Styles. You know everything about him. Big boy band. Has a great family. Life is g...

Story Of My Life. (Niall Horan Love Story.) by Ârłíšś Brëé Is On Break From Writing

303 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
"I can't love you!" I shouted, he turned and looked back at me. "And why is that? Give me one good reason." He said, his tone filled with pain and sadness. "Because." I replied, my voice quieter. "Audrey please! Was it something I did?" He asked, coming closer. I ...

Afire Love by Idizzhh

160 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Realistic
Niall and Alyssa had been together for 3 years, when he decided to break up with her. He left her broken hearted and all alone. Alyssa even told him she was pregnant, but Niall didn't believe her. He thought it was some wicked way of getting him back, so he just shrugged it of. 5 years later the...

Same Mistakes [Sequel]

147 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction
[Sequel to Max & Me] Danielle Claire Peazer was left alone with her two toddlers and a baby on the way. The father being none other than One Direction's Liam James Payne. Danielle and Liam moved on from each other, years ago. Danielle started dancing again. She showered her children with unc...

Punishment (Niall Horan Love Story) by Dream a good dream

213 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Elizabeth Styles is Harry Styles' younger sister. When things happen, Elizabeth is forced to join her brother on tour as punishment, leaving behind her friends. What happens while away on that tour?

Niall's Princess ~Finished

307 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
Hallie Tomlinson. Older sister to Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy and Phoebe Tomlinson. Younger sister to Louis Tomlinson. She hasn't seen her brother in two years since he left after X Factor. So what happens when he returns home, surprising Hallie, and asking her something which will quite literally turn her...

Unavailable [Harry Styles AU] by planet lizzy

114 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Romance · Fan Fiction
"Bu--But you're married." I whispered slightly. "I know.." He groaned and started kissing my neck. "And you're my English teacher..." I moaned. "Those are both true things." He started unbuttoning my top. "This is so wrong." I looked down at his l...

Red (Liam Payne Love Story) FINISHED

248 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
**Editing** "I like you Liam. I think we will be good friends."I told him. "I'd like to be best friends."He said. "Alright then. Liam, you are my best friend."I smiled. "I want to be best friends forever."He said. "Ok."I replied. "Pin...