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Did you mean ni co di angelo?

Nico Di Angelo Quizzes

Your Percy Jackson Love Life

What is your life like in the world of Percy Jackson? Includes your boyfriend, bestfriends, future, past, and a lot more ;) Long-ish results!

Heroes of Olympus 7 minutes in heaven by Blue Griffin

If you love Percy, Leo, Jason, or Nico this is the quiz for you. WARNING: Girls only and Longish results

Your Demigod Life~ by Kate

Who's your godly parent and what will happen in your life? *heroes of olympus characters*

Your Demigod Life Quiz by вєllα

· Books
Find out what your life would be like if you were a DEMIGOD! Extremely long results, includes a short excerpt from your demigod life!

What is you Percy Jackson life. by Sara

· Books
JUST FOR GIRLS! Who is your: Bf Bff Godly parent And your story

What is your Percy Jackson Life? 2

· Books
This is my second one! Basically like my first one, the guys you can end up with are ones that aren't taken in the books. (Connor, Travis, Nico, Will, Leo)

What Demi-God will fall for you by Scarr

· Books
A Quiz on which Male Demi-God would fall in love with you and you fall for them and the candidates are Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, Leo Valedz, Jason Grace, Frank Zhang, Will Solace and Grover Underwood

Your baby with a Demigod by Hᴇмsʏ Mooѕᴇ Qυᴇᴇη ˣ

· Books
Read the titles babes ;) ^ Who are you going to have a baby with out of the 5 boys I have chosen ^-^ Enjoy :D :3 xxx

What is your Percy Jackson life?

· Books
What is your Percy Jackson life? Your boyfriend, best friend, godly parent...

What's YOUR Percy Jackson Life?

In the world of demigods, who will you be? Who will your parent be? What will your powers be? Well, take the quiz and see... (BTW: LONG results)

Life at camp half blood...

· Books
Read the title... long results, kinda?

Your baby with a demigod (Heroes of Olympus) by Mrs. McGintyValdezWeasley

'Ello goilies! Welcome to your future with some MAJOR hotties!

Your Heroes of Olympus Guy by charlgrj

Want to find out who is your "guy" from HOO? Take the quiz and find out~

Who loves you? (Guys from books) by boo spooky kat

· Books
Is it: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Cole St. Clair, Sam Roth, Ron Weasley, Luke Castellan, Draco Malfoy, or Nico di Angelo?

Your Percy Jackson life. by Nicodiangelo7

· Books
LONG results. Feel free to comment and heart. ;) I wouldn't mind. This one is focusing on some of the minor gods and goddess's as parents.

Who is your Heroes of Olympus boyfriend? by Iona Daughter Of Apollo

Boy include Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Nico Di Angelo and Jason Grace. Hope you like my first quiz xx

Which Percy Jackson character likes you? by The Paper Kingdom

· Books
Which character from The Percy Jackson/Hero's of Olympus series likes you? Find out here :3 This quiz was intended for girls, but I wouldn't care if a guy took it xD

Nico Di Angelo Stories

The Gods Read: The Lightning Thief by Mikaela Rochelle

298 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Adventure
Eleven years before the books the Percy Jackson Books are found by the Gods and they begin to read it. But with a twist, Percy has a younger sister! With visitors from the future and five books which hold the key to saving their future what will happen?

Daughter of the gods (Percy Jackson/Nico Di Angelo/Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy- lo by Arianna

136 pages · Fan Fiction · Fantasy · Vampires
Skylar Luna Destiny Gold: proud, cocky, kind/protective (only to the ones she likes), smart (almost like a nerd) and for last the beauty herself (she is the only one who doesn't realize it). All by all a pretty avarage girl, or so you think... Sky her gardian is the richest man in America, an...

My Second Chance

97 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
**Caution: Violence and strong language** "Maybe you should just shut up about her!" I screamed. "Maybe you should learn to accept the truth," Nico replied coldly. I scoffed. "From you? I would sooner jump off the cliff," I said. My tone was like ice. "Do it, then. Do us...

Bring Me the Night by Quensty

89 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
[Nico Di Angelo x Reader] Understand the marigolds hung around your ribs, and feel that hand at the base of your spine. Accept this and cradle it to your chest. Know it like the back of your hand. This. Just this.

Golden Eyes (Percy Jackson/ Twilight FanFic) by XxBoredxX

129 pages · Twilight · Fantasy · Vampires
Red eyes. Thats the only thing she remembers about the man that changed her into this monster. Ever heard of a Demi-god vampire? I wouldn't have thought so. Arabelle, daughter of Apollo is the very first one. Nico di Angelo love story.

Lighting Up the Darkness (A Nico di Angelo Love Story) by Aries

231 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Alaina's just a typical girl who starts having random dreams about these guys she's never met. One thing leads to another and she finds herself in a whole new world full of demigods and monsters trying to kill her at every turn, all while searching for love and the truth about the disappeara...

Cursed Love [Percy Jackson Love Story] by Wendy Darling

113 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Someone is watching me. Always. Protecting me, maybe. At least that's what it feels like. When I was a baby I was granted with a gift. The gift of magic. But with a gift, always comes a curse. And on top of that, half the greek gods are after me, and they all want me dead. Just like they think I...

The Honest Truth (Nico di Angelo x Reader) by KV

28 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
You thought your so-called "average life" seemed a bit abnormal, but nothing prepared you for what the future held in store for you... (Reader x Nico di Angelo from Heroes of Olympus)

Forbidden (Luke Castellan Love Story) by WriterManiac1

398 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Avery Hawkins had been orphaned nearly her whole life. But when things started to look normal for her, everything takes a twist to strange. Her true nature as a demigod is revealed, but when she gets to Camp Half Blood, normal still isn't in her vocabulary. She has dangerous, life-altering secre...

Love, love, love. (PJATO) by aiichirounitorii

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Adventure
If only life would lean our way, well, you and me, we'd run away to be wherever our adventure lies. [Various x Reader, one shots] [Requests open] Cover image by Burdge.

Percy Jackson One-Shots -ON HOLD- by ƸӜƷ Red's Pikachu ƸӜƷ

65 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
One-shots on the guys from the Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus series. Will include Percy, Leo, Travis and Connor Stoll, Frank, Jason, Will Solace, Luke, Nico and Octavian. Currently NOT taking requests!~

Signs of a Storm (A Nico di Angelo love story) by Bela

134 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
Tara Hullinger didn't ask for this life. She didn't earn it. It was just luck, and may I say, really bad luck as well. Now she must face new terrors and monsters that are around every corner. Not to mention the terrifying prohpecy that she cannot escape from. And just to add to her worries, ...