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Did you mean ninja go?

Ninjago Quizzes

Whos Your Ninjago Boyfriend? by Sophia

Find out if your type is Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane or Lloyd here! Includes first date!

Who is your brother? by Ruth.I.P

Well here is who your brother quiz, I happy to this because bros are awesome.

Your Ninja boyfriend? by Anza Garmadon

Love the ninjas of Ninjago? Wonder which would love you back? Find out here!

Who is your ninjago Lover? P1 by Ruth.I.P

Let's see who is your lover, The boy will be Kai, Cole, Zane and Lloyd. Jay already has Nya so four is good.

Who is your ninja boyfriend? by PrincessBedhead

You have to admit, the Masters of Spinjitzu are extremely attractive. This will tell you who would be your match, Kai, Zane, Cole or Jay.

Your life in ninjago by girlImDangerous

What your life would be a ninja? a innocent girl? a uh just a villager? or one of the ninjas girlfiriends (cole if you dont like cole dont read)

You ninja element! by The Lady of Darkness and dem damn pastas

Based off of ninjago. Has your element, name, Boyfriend, ETC. For girls only.

Lies, Love, your fate~ by Anza Garmadon

This quiz will decide your fate in Ninjago, and who you end up with, where you end up, and what you end up doing.

Which Ninjago Character are you? by Allie

· TV
Includes the two made up characters in my story! Results are: Kai Bilens, Jay Walker, Zane Julien, Cole Crackleter, Lloyd Garmadaon, Nya Bilens, Sensei Wu, Alexandria Reed, and Jade Garmadon. (Last two are the made up ones if you notice)I know the cover picture has NOTHING to do with the quiz. I OWN...

Celebrity High School Part 1 by TheRiseOfTheBraveFrozenTangledDragons

You're On High School With My Favorite People And The Ninja That I've Created And Even Myself Will Be On This Quiz :)

Which Ninja loves you? by KyliePassionrose

For NinjaGo fangirls or curious people. Title says it all. The pictures do not belong to me

Who is your ninjago lover? p5 by Ruth.I.P

I'm back! Sorry that it took so long!

Who will be your ninjago boyfriend? by ILuvAshley

Are you a huge fan of ninjago? Maybe...definately. So, what are you waiting for, can't wait to find out your ninja boyfriend huh? Sorry boys, for galz only. Common' and check this out!

Ninjago Which ninja loves you? by Lloydfangal999

Title says it all. Beautiful pics .

Your Ninjago Life Part 1 by KittyKat101

So many quizzes about your knowledge or your life in Ninjago. Why not make one that's about your story?

Who is your ninjago lover? P2

I'm back! So here is p2 for you guys, also I will be updating every Wednesday. If I get more likes I will do it on that day ;)

Which Ninjago ninja would love you by Lloydfangal999

Ok,so you are a ninja of water.You also sing.Which ninja loves you first?

Ninjago Stories

Misc. Fandom One-Shots

156 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Reader-insert one-shots on request for multiple fandoms such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, Ninjago, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Fringe, Firefly, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, Narnia, Futurama, and much more!

Love of the ninjas

41 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
The Masters of Spinjitzu have a crush- you. A series of oneshots where they try to express it.

Ninjago boyfriend scenarios by Dylan Hence

11 pages · Romance · Short Stories
Your relationship with the popular 5 ninjas

Reader X Lloyd! Ninjago by SuperCookieNinja

3 pages
READER INSERT! ♥ If you like Lloyd in ninjago then read this story! :P He's also the older version in this one.

Ninjago Boyfriend Moments!

13 pages · Fan Fiction
It has: Lloyd, Kai, Cole, Jay and Zane! PLEASE SUGGJEST MOMENT FOR ME TO WRITE! Cause I'm SO brain dead.. Thanks! (Includes cusring and other stuff..)

Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios by Yuno Gasai

19 pages · Romance · Realistic
OK, I haven't seen ANY of these. There are one-shots, but not scenarios. This will have Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane and Older!Lloyd. I'm not going to add Sensei Wu, Lord Garmadon or the snakes because it would be so awkward XD

Titanium by Being True 3

102 pages · Fan Fiction
It's been 3 years since Zane's sacrifice to Ninjago, and nobody has been the same since then. Cole has been more active then before, just trying to keep that day out of his mind, with only Nya to get him out of his mind set. Jay hasn't been inventing or playing video games as much, since...

Various One-Shots by нαℓεү ғσsтεя тнε gιяℓ σғ мαηү ωσяℓds

13 pages · Romance · Anime/Manga · Fan Fiction
I know I still have a few unfinished stories, but these seem to be more fun to make and easier as well. Read for information on one-shots I do and the rules for submitting! :)

Ninjago Fanfic: Kiss of Death by Ninjago6Fangurl

10 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is a Cole love story about when he falls for a Demon.

Some one-shots I wrote by ǝןdoǝd ɯopuɐɹ ʎuɐɯ os

19 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
TRIGGER WARNING! CONTAINS: Death, depressing stuff, girlxgirl and torture. If you can't handle that/don't like, the please don't read. I really don't wanna trigger anyone.

The Sorceress |Cole x reader|

11 pages · Romance
A group of nindroids invaded your clans base and ran away to lay low

A New Ninja

26 pages · Adventure · Fan Fiction
Sapphire was never a normal girl. Her mother was taken from her when she was younger, her brother was sent away, and she has been blind for as long as she could remember. When she is called apon by her Uncle Wu to become a ninja, the others soon relize that there is more to her than meets the eye.