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Did you mean ninja go?

Ninjago Quizzes

Which Ninjago Ninja are you by Jinxie

· TV
Hello folks, take this quiz to find out whether you are Kai, Jay, Zane or Cole

Which Ninjago ninja are you most like? by Aqua

· TV
My first quiz, no negativity please! This quiz tells you which ninja out of the original 4 ninja of the Lego Ninjago television series you are most like.

Who is your brother? by Ruth.I.P

Well here is who your brother quiz, I happy to this because bros are awesome.

Who is your ninja boyfriend? by PrincessBedhead

You have to admit, the Masters of Spinjitzu are extremely attractive. This will tell you who would be your match, Kai, Zane, Cole or Jay.

Your Ninjago Life Part 7 by KittyKat101

They created a plan, but does it involve you?

Celebrity High School Part 1 by TheRiseOfTheBraveFrozenTangledDragons

You're On High School With My Favorite People And The Ninja That I've Created And Even Myself Will Be On This Quiz :)

Your Ninjago Life Part 1 by KittyKat101

So many quizzes about your knowledge or your life in Ninjago. Why not make one that's about your story?

A Gust Of Romance (Time in heaven) by MightyDirectioner

This Quiz was designed by me and my friends to see your perfect match. and tells you the story of how you came to be.

Your Ninja boyfriend? by Anza Garmadon

Love the ninjas of Ninjago? Wonder which would love you back? Find out here!

Your Ninjago Life Part 2 by KittyKat101

You fell unconscious after you were attacked by Skales, what happened while you were out?

Which Element are you? by Mαwi is a Dark Knight

I know, there are like a thousand of these. But I just really wanted to try one of these! Based on your actions asked in the questions to real life, let's find out what Element you are! (Please don't get offended by the results.) This is based on the elements of the Masters of Spinjitzu in L...

Who is your ninjago Lover? P1 by Ruth.I.P

Let's see who is your lover, The boy will be Kai, Cole, Zane and Lloyd. Jay already has Nya so four is good.

Your Ninjago Life Part 3 by KittyKat101

Y/G Has given you a get-well-soon gift, marking you as besties! But, what will happen when you are discharged? FIND OUT TODAY!

Lego ninjago cute love story part 1 by Ace

So like said i created a lego ninjago quiz series and as you can see im a demon of my word.

Your Ninjago Life Part 5 by KittyKat101

Last time you were saved by Y/G from the stone your on the bounty with the whole ninja team and citizens of Ninjago, what will happen this time? Find out now

Your Ninjago Life Part 4 by KittyKat101

Y/G has left you in Ninjago City-promising to write. But, sometimes things aren't always as it seems.

Your Ninjago Life Part 6 by KittyKat101

You and Y/G bonded over your letters, but something in't quite right about this...What is it? Find out

Which Ninja loves you? by KyliePassionrose

For NinjaGo fangirls or curious people. Title says it all. The pictures do not belong to me

Ninjago Stories

Misc. Fandom One-Shots

131 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Reader-insert one-shots on request for multiple fandoms such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, Ninjago, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Guardians of Ga'hoole and much more! *requests on hold*

Love of the ninjas

41 pages · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
The Masters of Spinjitzu have a crush- you. A series of oneshots where they try to express it.

Ninjago Boyfriend Scenarios by VampBecca

15 pages · Romance · Realistic
OK, I haven't seen ANY of these. There are one-shots, but not scenarios. This will have Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane and Older!Lloyd. I'm not going to add Sensei Wu, Lord Garmadon or the snakes because it would be so awkward XD

Various One-Shots by нαℓєу fσѕтєя тнє gιяℓ σf мαиу ωσяℓdѕ

8 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
I know I still have a few unfinished stories, but these seem to be more fun to make and easier as well. Read for information on one-shots I do and the rules for submitting! :)

Truth, or Dare? by Anza Garmadon

4 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Imagine this, you are part of the ninja team, and you are the Wind ninja. You and the rest of the team decided to play some truth or dare, but this isn't going to end the way you thought it would. This is a LloydxReader story! Enjoy!

The Love of a Ninja

63 pages · Romance · Adventure
Amber Stone has grown up in the forest, away from human contact. Her only friend is a Chipmunk and a Rabbit, but when she is called by Sensei Wu to join the team, will she be loved or will she be hated? Who will she love? And why does LG got a fixen for her? Well find out in dis story!

Accidentally in Love (Ninjago Lloyd One-Shot) by ZTOASTINATOR D

15 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
After using ther tomorrow's tea to reverse the affects of the mega weapon on the Grundle. Leixia and Lloyd have become older and Lloyd has begun to have feelings for her. Haven't published anything in a while! But I found a half finished file and decided to FINISH IT! (This is my first o...

What if There Were Four More? by FrozenSnowflake

50 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
This is recommended for teen female readers but, anyone can read it. :) In this story I’ll be redoing all of the episodes with my characters in them and I'll be adding some extra episodes. I tried my best to keep it really close to the episodes. I only own my characters. I don’t own Cole, Zane,...

Ninjagirls meet ninjago by Sheila-the-Sprinter

30 pages · Action · Adventure
The ninjagirls, Colette, Jayleen, Zyna, Kia and Llinda, Sensei Lu, Ty and Lordette Garmadina travel to another diamenstion. L. Garmadina join Lord Garmadon they can rule both Ninjago and Ninjagirl. The ninjagirls meet the ninjas. The guys and girls have to work together… but will they find love to...

Ninjago: Love of a Nindriod by Emeraldgal

30 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Action
The ninja find the fifth ninja and who is a kunoichi, a female ninja. Does Zane have his eye on her? can a nindroid actually... love? *Note: The sequel, Shadows of Love, is now out*

One-Shots by VampBecca

11 pages · Anime/Manga · Romance · Fan Fiction
Taking requests from my blackberries (what I call my followers, fyi). You can choose any boy from MegaMan NT Warrior, Pretty Rhythm, Creepypasta, Dangan Ronpa, Ninjago, Yu-Gi-Oh! or Soul Eater.

Ninjarella (Cole love story)

22 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction
This is basically a Ninjago version of Cinderella. A female ninja named Karly (yes, me) lives with two step sisters and a step mother who are also ninjas. Karly meets Cole (the prince) at the blacksmith shop and they both realize they have something in common- they both want to make their own decisi...