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Observer Quizzes

Whos Proxy Would You Be? by cнεяяү vειηs

· Scary
The Title says it all, But, Whos Proxy would you be? The Observer's, The Slenderman's, Zalgo's or maybe even some of the normal Pasta monsters will train you to become a proxy!

What would the Creepy Pastas think of you? RP quiz style. by Sierra

Includes: Slender, Jeff, Masky, Hoody, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Ticci Toby, Observer, Ben drowned, Lost Silver, Sally, Herobrine, and Smile dog. I'm on a Creepy pasta bender k?

Which Creepypasta Is Your Boyfriend?

EDIT: I'm redoing this a bit. I felt like it was a bit crappy, so if you want to retake it, that's fine by me. WARNING: Vulgar language and graphic violence. Eh... this is one of the cuter Creepypasta quizzes that I made. To be honest, I could go either way- Cute or scary. I don't wan...

Creepypasta adoption story by Rose of Death


Your Proxy result. by Rose of Death

· Scary
CONGRADULATIONS! You are about to be one of slendys proxies if you take this quiz. And this is base off of my Oc's

Creepypasta Two by Taking Adventures

· Scary
They'll either want to kill you, kiss you, or be you. ~ Roughly 30 questions ~ This quiz consists of the following: Red Mist, Suicidemouse.avi, The Operator Symbol, UBOA, The Observer, The Skin Taker, Herobrine, and Lavender Town Syndrome. Copyright ©2014 by Taking Adventures

Who are you in The Collective by Kittena Scene

· Scary
Are you The Observer, FireBrand, Cursor, Swain, DeadHead, Keeper, Mr.Scars, or Persolus?

Should you be hunted by Slender's Crew or the Collective? by Anonymous Writer

· Scary
Will you be drove to insanity by slender or will you play The observer's game?

How Well Do You Know The SlenderVerse? by Shadria Is Right Behind You

Has questions about Marble Hornets, EverymanHYBRID, and TribeTwelve. Special Guests: My amazing friend, Cry Of The Reaper, Tim (Marble Hornets), Jeff (EverymanHYBRID), Firebrand and Observer (TribeTwelve).

Which creepypasta character are you? by Angelofdeath1562

· Scary
Ever wondered what creepypasta character you are? Find it out by taking my quiz.

A Day With Slenderman's Proxies! by Shadria Is Right Behind You

· Scary
Yep. Masky, Hoodie, Observer, Firebrand, Reaper, and myself are in here. This is a completely random quiz...just for fun...

Which Charcter Would You Be In a Love Story? by mch3ll3h3r3

Take the quiz if you wanna find out if you're: the main character, main character's bff, bf/gf of main character, rival/enemy of the main character, or just an observer? **NOTE: THIS QUIZ IS FOR GUYS & GIRLS! :) results include a boy answer and a girl answer for both genders in each result! ...

Who lives in you? by Naomi

Are you a hero, a hero's helper, an observer, or a villain at heart? (girls only, sry)

Whos proxy are you? by The lonely Nutella

Are you zalgos or slender's

Which Member of the Collective Would You Be? by Maid of Heart DarkenedShadows

· Scary
Which member, other than Slenderman? The only reason why Observer and Firebrand aren't grouped with the others is due to the fact that their personalities being obvious than the others. Nothing belongs to me.

How Much Do You Know About MarbleHornets? by Mαlevoleɴт Eɴɢιмα

· Scary
How much do you know about MarbleHornets?

Observer Stories

You're so creepy by Firebrand

7 pages · Horror
Creepy girl, yⓍu're just my style BlⓍⓍd red lipstick, yⓍu dⓍn't smile~

The other Second -Akise Aru Fanfiction- by DareToSmile

68 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Yumiko Adachi has been created by Deus Ex Machina to help Aru Akise gather important information about the other players in the game. She is the Second… Observer. I DO NOT OWN MIRAI NIKKI / FUTURE DIARY - SAKAE ESUNO IS THE CREATOR

An Ancient Observer by LizzeXX

9 pages · Fan Fiction
11/OC -Time Lady- The TARDIS, the Doctor's most constant and loyal companion. A thinking and living ship that can see through time, and even see a woman would become his world, his Mate, the Angel. What does the old girl think of her Thief? Of her Sister? And all their companions? The adventures...

Not So Bad by Shadria Is Right Behind You

3 pages · Romance · Short Stories
A one-shot for my best buddy, Cry of the Reaper~! :3 Hope you enjoy! (Reaper x Observer)

The Observer's daughters

15 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction
Ashlee and Knightress are the Observer's twin daughters. They were taken from their mom at three years old by him. No one knows why he was so selfish as to ruin the lives of the two toddlers, but they were happy with their new insane family.

Doesn't Curiosity Kill? by Melody Hooper

4 pages · Adventure · Mystery
Luna Evers, a smart, adventurous teen of New York City, who works for the Daily Observer as a street reporter. A serial killer is on the loose and she is off to find it. Even if it endangers her camera man, Bradley Woods. Or even if it endangers herself. How far will Luna go to get her scoop of a...

No Regrets by Rachael5399faith

12 pages · Horror · Thriller
Life hasn't been easy on Zara, she's been running from her past since she was nine. She finds herself tangled in a web of lies with four other girls fighting for their lives and freedom.

Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios

23 pages I know Ive done one before, but this one is my personal one to you guys ♥ For now I will be doing~ BEN Jeff Slender Hoodie Masky Toby and Eyeless jack. Ones I might add LJ the observer Skully The Puppeteer ♥ Dark Link Lost silver Homicidal Liu rake Zalgo ...

Splendy proxies vs. Slendy proxies by Yoshidoll and his friends

4 pages · Horror · Humor
I decided to take a brake to the creepypasta solos story and make one of the creepypasta friends stories. So its an all out phrank war between Looky, Carnival, Spring and Yoshidoll vs. The Observer, Hoodie, Masky and Ticci Toby. I will also MIGHT take some requests for adding other Happypastas and C...

The Collective x Reader Oneshots by MS. ϾФЯÐΞŁłΛ

2 pages · Romance · Horror
A series of The Collective Oneshots.