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One Direction Fight Quizzes

Which 2 Boys From 1D Will Fight For You? by Liebling

Which 2 boys from One Direction will fight to be yours?

Your 1D Life *EXTREMLY LONG RESULTS* by The Three Stooges

· Music
Includes how you met, your first date, How he asked you to be his grilfriend, your first fight, proposal, and wedding and kids and pets and ...stuff...

Fight with 1D - -Long results-

Take this quiz and see with who of the boys you fight... (Long results) - warning: Some stories can contain impolite words (not that much)-

Your Future Life with One Direction :) *Very Long Results*

· Music
Who will be your boyfriend, best friend, brother, secret crush, and enemy? Includes what you call eachother, how you meet, your first date, how he ask yo to be his girlfriend, your first fight, his wedding proposal, your wedding, your songs, your kids, and everyone's thoughts on you!

Kidnapped with 5SOS by Macy has da clifficonda 卌

You were walking home from cheer practice one day and a man snatched you. You didn't go without a fight. You would have gotten away if he didn't hit you with a bat. You wake up in a room with 4 boys and one girl... Are they you're kidnappers?

In Love with One Direction. *Includes Fight*(Long Results) Part 1 by Krisie

Part 1: How will you fall in love with your man from 1D. Drama, Romance, and a little bit of Comedy. Includes a little fight and his point of view. Hope you enjoy! Ily! ;) ♥

Your One Direction Life (Really Long Results) by αηуσηє gσт α ѕραяє тєηηєя

{UPDATED}Includes; How you met, Clothes, First Date, How he Proposes, Pictures, First Fight, Children, House, Opinions and MOREEE! ♥

1D Fight! ~Long Results!~

Will you get Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis or Liam? Includes: What happened to cause the fight, how you two ended things, and then the make up, or forever break-up. And if you don't make up, then there will be a little more about how his and your life is after the break-up.

1D secret crush (1D's POV) Part 3 by Plaid Stranger

So you've been together for some time now and let's just say there's trouble in paradise. What does you 1D hottie think about that? Take the quiz and find out.

Your Fight With Your 1D Bf by Liebling

· Music
I really wantde to make one ^.^ enjoy!

Your 1D Life (Really Long Results) by GottaLuv

How did you meet your 1D boy, your first date, your first kiss with him, how he asked you to be his, your first fight, his proposal, wedding photos, how you told him you were pregnant, your baby's birth and photos of your home, pets and kids.

1D fight and break up

· Music
Read this and find out how you and your 1D boyfriend break up and then make up ♥

Your fight/breakup with your One Direction boyfriend!

· Music
All in the title ^^ ♥ LONG RESULTS ♥ (Warning: Use of profanity. If cursing offends you do NOT take quiz.) All of the results were written by me, for the purpose of this quiz. I do not own the rights to any of the characters used and all scenarios are fictional. Part Two : Your fight/breakup w...

Your Fight With Your One Direction Boy by Fanny

Hey Lovelys, so i know i've been gone for like almost a year lol jk, no but i know i've been gone for a cool while, but i just been very busy with school and stuff like that and you know with the holidays coming up, you can only imagine. anyways, here's a quiz i've been working real hard on so check...

In Love with One Direction Fight! (Long Results) Part 2 by Krisie

You and your boy have been dating for a while! (Yay!) But there's a bump in the road! (Boo!) Take this quiz to find out what happened and if you'll be able to fix it. (Includes his point of view) REALLY LONG RESULTS! (Like 6 pages on Microsoft) So Enjoy! ;) xxx

One Direction BIG Fight

Basically you have a fight with your 1D guy!What causes the fight and how do you make up?LONG RESULTS

Your fight/breakup with your One Direction boyfriend! (PART 2) by Sαmaηthα Pαyηe

Many of you have requested it, and being amazing, I have decided to give it to you! (: If you would like to take the first quiz go HERE : Your fight/breakup with your One Direction boyfriend!

Punk One Direction (PART THREE) by SkyAliandLashton

Already part three! What will happen when the boys fight for your love? ENJOY!

One Direction Fight Stories

Knives & Scrubs by ELLIE

196 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Realistic
"Breaking News! Local London gang fight ends with twelve dead and eight injured. More details to come." Charlotte Reynolds is just one of the many hospital staff members on duty when this tragedy occurs. Nothing could have ever prepared her for what was to come.

The babysitting job by Lost

72 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
I was just looking for a job, when a couple of teens were fighting in the middle of the mall. I broke up the fight and they teens became friends again. Someone notice how I took action, and they offered me a job that paid a lot. And now I'm the babysitter of 5SOS and One direction?

Only Option. (Harry Styles Fanfiction) by Taylor

64 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Shaylynn Winters has her reasons for joining a boxing gym. It is a life or death situation. She needs to learn self defense and the trainers there are the best. However one of the trainers known as Harry Styles, catches her attention. At first he shows no faith in her and they despise each other, an...

Change My Mind (Niall Horan Love story) *Finished*

414 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Carter was happy as ever with her beautiful Mom, Dad, and baby brother. Until, one day, her mom didn't make it through a bad car crash. Ever since that day, her dad took his anger out on her and her little brother. He drank away the pain. He also hurt her and her brother. Carter is protective over h...

A Silent Fighter (Punk Liam AU)

560 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Liam Payne, Rivington's ultimate badboy who was on his way to turning his life around after a life changing experience that landed him in parliament custody for 2 months. He now had a second chance and with that, he was going to live out his dream of becoming one of the UKs best UFC fighters. Bu...

Cheater...Or Not? - Harry Styles Love Story *FINISHED*

137 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
"There were two people in there. One was Harry, and the other was a blonde girl. Harry had pushed the girl up against the wall, and they were making out. I just stood there watching them. I couldn't make a sound. I couldn't do anything. A tear slid down my cheek, but I made no move to wipe it aw...

I Said No (A Zayn Malik One Shot) by Tbh Larry

5 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Short Stories
Zayn and Natalie had been dating for almost two years. What happens when they fight and Natalie ends up getting seriouslg hurt?

Kidnapped by the Janoskians and One Direction by Myodine

61 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Humor
"Uh, so you know what my name is?" I asked. "Yeah, we all do. You're MaeJustine," Louis says, everyone else nods in agreement. "Stalkers," I coughed. -- MaeJustine: typical, average fourteen year old, right? Wrong. She's beyond that. She puts meaning into...

Something Different (Harry Styles) by Val

246 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Dahlia Lawson, a senior at Hilleston Academy in London. Her mother left when she was five never to be heard from again, leaving Dahlia to raise herself with a father who was barely ever there. She struggled with anorexia and self harm since the age of 12, all because of an abusive relationship that ...

Kidnapping Beckham (Punk 1D-Niall love story) (Finished) by Emily AKA Em

118 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
Striker Beckham lives the perfect soccer life, after all she is David Beckham's daughter. When a gang (1D) kidnaps her will she fight back? Or will her emotions for a certain blonde get in the way?

Soon To Be Mrs Styles by Alone In Depression

69 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
"Okay both of you stop fighting! You both are going to get married no matter how you disagree with me! Harry needs help and we all know that, because of his lady issues! Larissa we know you wanted a husband so here, you have one!" Simon said trying to think of the positive points that's going to hel...

One Direction Preferences.

70 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
You all know what these are, I'll attempt to update them as much as I can. Anyhow, ENJOY!