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One Direction Marry Harry Styles Quizzes

YOUR One Direction Proposal!

· Music
Take this quiz to find out who you will marry AND how will Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn, or Niall will propose?

Who Is Your 1D Boyfriend? -With Story-

· Music
(NEW) 5 Girls, which one are you? Includes short story on how you met that One Guy...

Your one direction life:DDD by the future mrs tomlinson

Your life marrying either liam james payne niall james horan louis william tomlinson zayn jawadd mailk or harry edward styles includes how you meet fight and makeup your 1st date etc

Married life with 1D

· Music
Ever thought of what life would be like after marrying 1D? Take it to find out babes^^^

Your 1D Imagine Part 5! :D by Claudia Stylinson

Take the other parts beforehand so you can get the result you want :)

One Direction Life ♥ *LONG RESULTS by ʟɪve ʏoʊʀ ʟɪғe

· Music
Who you marry. Who's your best friend. Kids.

Your Future 1D Boyfriend, Your Children & Your House

· Music
If you want to find out which 1D boy you are going to marry, where you live and your children! This is the quiz for you.. xox @JANOSKIANS_MOFO

Princess's Choice-1D Style by Mango

· Music
You're a princess of your own country and every guy wants to be your prince, but only one wants to be for the right reasons. He is in love with you, and not with the kingdom and $. The only problem is he is a commoner and your dad will only allow you to marry royalty.

Which One Direction guy will suit you best? *REALLY LONG RESULTS!* by Rebecca

· Music
Includes How you met, first date, will you be my girlfriend, first fight, make up, will you marry me, future and what the others think of you!

Your perfect life, for female by HiOliviaAndEvie


Your One Direction Happily Ever After? by CarrieBerry

What will your future life be like? Who will you marry? Kids? your story told with pictures and gifs and a bit of imagination!

Who In One Direction Will You Marry? by Irishelen

· Music
This is an fun quiz to see who in One Direction that you will live, love and get marry to. (Results With stories)

Which One Direction boy is your future husband? by Al

· Music
Take the quiz and find out if you are going to marry. Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan or Louis Tomlinson. Long results ;)

One Direction Wedding! by тнє ρєякѕ σf вєιиg נєииα

Which boy will you marry, and how will your big day be?

Who Is Your Future 1D Hubby? by Bran Bran

Which Member Of One Direction Should You Be Shipped With? *Includes Best Guy Friend, Best Girl Friend, Engagement Ring, Wedding Cake, and Wedding Dress :)

Which One Direction member will you marry? by Paige

Hope you enjoy it! Truthfully, this is my first QUIZ. I've written many, many stories. So the writing part is easy for me. Anyways, Hope you enjoy!

Which 1D boy will you marry? *LONG-ISH RESULTS* by JessBelcourt

Which boy from One Direction will be you husband? How will he ask you to marry him, and what will your kid look like :)

One Direction Marry Harry Styles Stories

Daddy Styles

73 pages · One Direction · Fan Fiction
Have you missed someone so much, it feels like you're physically sick? Yes, I have felt that for two straight years of my life. We were supposed to grow old together, marry one and other, and have a family. Only one of those things were partly succeeded. My girlfriend, Summer, couldn'...

Arranged Love (A Stypayhorlikson story) by Victoria

25 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Melody Hawkins soon to be Melody Stypayhorlikson is livid when her parents announce to her that she is marrying five people. But what happens when she finds out that those five people are Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne? What happens when Melody is arranged to m...

The Prince and The Tailor *Larry Stylinson* by *** Mirror Image ***

119 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Harry Styles is the Villages dress maker. One of the best. Problem is he works for his horrible step father, who treats him like dirt. Harry sleeps on the floor in the basement of the shop, as his step father won't have him in their house. The Styles household is one of the richest families in t...

I have to marry a vampire

I'm Renee Davis. I was a normal sixteen year old, until my mum told me that Harry Styles was my fiance. Did I forget to mention that Harry is a prince of vampires and I hate vampires.

Titanic Harry Styles love story by Savannah Gray

74 pages ~ Completed · One Direction · Fan Fiction · Romance
What happens when Emma an upper-class girl forced to marry someone she has nothing in common with, falls in love with a lower class boy called Harry Styles. Will love blossom. The only problem is they're on the Titanic. (copyright-quizilla-Swedishemma)

Love Me

138 pages · Romance · One Direction · Fan Fiction
"I don't want to be a Princess." I whispered and Louis looked at me. "Why not?" I looked at my red shoes, unable to look him in the eyes. It's when I realize that Tom is no longer mine, and if I were to go home now, no one would be there to love me the way he did. The only reason I didn't want to ma...

Zeus ~N.H. Love Story by Sιмρℓу Cяєαтινє

Zeus - God of the sky and ruler of all Olympians. Has been with many woman in his life, but has never found real love. He goes to the earth, roaming around pretend to be a senior in high school looking for a young lady to later Marry. Aeris - Sister of Poseidon, Goddess of the sea and of earthqua...

Forced To Marry Him ~(Zayn Malik FanFic) by Anthea

54 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Brianna Lynn Watson is a British model who lives in Bradford, England. One day she receives a call from her managment saying that she had to marry Zayn Malik. ‘I can’t be forced to marry someone who I don’t even know’,she said. Will Brianna and Zayn’s relationship works? Or will they have...

Mission Marriage. by Liv

38 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
FBI special agent Paige Soto is faced with her toughest assignment yet-marrying international pop sensation, Niall Horan.

Chosen (A Niall Horan Love story) *FINISHED* by Emma Valdez

63 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Flora is seventeen and soon to turn eighteen. The war is over and there is a new leader of The United Kingdom. He declaired that when a girl turned eighteen, she would draw a name out of the Ball, a huge, glass ball that sat in the castle. Who evers name she drew, would be her new husband. The bo...

Dance With me Tonight.(Niall Horan) by Jinx

51 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Caitlín Lee Mac' Liam, do you take this man, to be your wedded husband, to live together in the Holy estate of marriage? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honour and keep him in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others keep yourself only for him as long as you both will live?" The ...

Mr. Brightside Niall Horan

83 pages ~ Completed · Fan Fiction · Romance · One Direction
Niall is married, she has a secret, which will change everyone's lives forever.