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One Direction Sleepover Quizzes

Your Dramatic Sleepover with One Direction (Part One)

*LONG RESULTS* Are you ready to start a round of 7 minutes in heaven? How about sleeping with the man of your dreams? Are you going to be a good girl or a bad girl tonight?

One Direction Sleepover by I love the Winchester boys

Sleepover with your mates 1D. Is Niall your guy? Or is it Zayn? Harry? Liam? Or Louis? Click here to find out! -Long results. Comment your feedback

One Direction Sleepover part 2 by I love the Winchester boys

Is Niall your guy? Or is it Zayn? Harry? Liam? Or Louis? Click here to find out! -Long results

One Direction in A Not So Sleep-Filled Sleepover. Part 1

Hey, so I thought I'd jump into the bandwagon a make a sleepover series. Its my first quiz ever, please be nice! Result type: Interview style

One Direction in A Not So Sleep-Filled Sleepover. Part 2 by Courtney E

Part 2 of 6. Here's Part 1 if you missed it. One Direction in A Not So Sleep-Filled Sleepover. Part 1 I love to hear your feedback! (Plus a follow, and a cute little ♥ wouldn't hurt... :3 )

One Direction in A Not So Sleep-Filled Sleepover. Part 3 by Courtney E

The awaited Part 3! I love to read your wonderful comments, and it warms my heart when you guys ♥ and follow. Now go get your man! Part 3 of 6.

One Direction in A Not So Sleep-Filled Sleepover. Part 7. The Finale.

Part 7/7. The Finale. This is it; the end of the line. Thank you all so much for following through to the end, and for being such a loving, crazy, wonderful group of people. You are all beautiful, I love you: and enjoy your LONG RESULTS. :)

One Direction in A Not So Sleep-Filled Sleepover. Part 4 by Courtney E

Part 4 out of 6! Almost at the end you guys! I truly do love hearing from you guys so don't be scared to leave a comment. ♥s make me smile, and follows make me melt. So if you want to do those to me, please go ahead my loves.

One Direction in A Not So Sleep-Filled Sleepover. Part 5 by Courtney E

Part 5 of maybe 7! Read the title! I know I haven't be very prompt with getting the parts out, but I will do my best! Throw me a ♥ or a follow! I will be really grateful, and I'll follow back if you really want me to! ENJOY! (P.S. Please don't kill me.)

One Direction in A Not So Sleep-Filled Sleepover. Part 6

Part 6 of 7; ITS ALMOST OVER! How will it all end? I suggest you buckle your seat belt; things are going to get crazy from here ;) Follows, favorites, and comments truly make my day: so if its not too much trouble, it would be awesome if you could do one! Enjoy the quiz!

One Direction SleepOver! Who will like you the most? by Jaidyn

Hope you like took like 40000000 minutes!

1D: A Perfectly Chaotic Sleepover Pt.1 by Jewls

This is a unique version of a 1Derful sleepover! The results are intimate interviews with the each of the boys exposing how they feel about you.Take it! It's super fun! :D

Justin Bieber vs. One Direction story

· Music
Living with Justin and meeting One Direction. (BTW This is my first quiz so this may be bad or not ^.^) Also another BTW, I am not trying to copy the One Direction sleepover quizzes, I love those quizzes so much and they gave me the IDEA. It's not copying... Kay enjoy ;o

Truth or Dare with One Direction by 5saucehotness

You are invited to a sleepover with One Direction! Yall decide to play truth or dare. Take this quiz to find out what happens ;D

Camping With One Direction *PART 1* by china 4 JB

· Music
What did Taylor Swift of all people have to insult me on live radio. And did Harry kissed me to shut me up. Find out now. >>>>>>>>>

Sleepover With One Direction by Rachie

· Music
Hey guys! How about a sleepover with the boys and I? There's going to be a movie, spin the bottle ;D, and your late night moment with your crush, Sounds fun right? Hehe c: And if you have taken my other quizzes you've been warned, if not then I apologize for my weirdness. :3

Sleepover With One Direction/5SOS!

Haha ya think ya know what's gonna happen? Guess again mother blucker

Camping With One Direction *PART 6*

· Music
What have I done? Harry what are you doing?

One Direction Sleepover Stories

The Rebel & The Dork (Harry Styles Love Story) by CallMeAwkward

57 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
So there's this guy who is the sweetest, friendliest, and most caring guy I've ever met. For some reason I became friends with him, or probably best friends. We spent each day together and even have sleepovers, but just as friends nothing 'gross' or anything, just like normal type of sleepovers best...

Taken, Tormented, Tenderised by Laoide Devine

8 pages · Humor · Fan Fiction · One Direction
Isabeau Gagnon went for a drive. All she wanted was some junk food to bring to a sleepover at her friend's house. The worst she expected when she moved from Paris to London was some teasing about her tendency to speak French too often. What she didn't expect was that she would be kidnapped b...

Forgive & Forget -One Direction (Sequel to Chosen) by 1D is lyfe

65 pages ~ Completed
The boys have changed and I mean REALLY changed since their sentence was thrown out! I can't wait for what this summer has to bring! ~Link to CHOSEN in chapter 1~

It was just a prank call. *Louis and Zayn love Story

11 pages · Fan Fiction · One Direction · Romance
Phoebe and her best friend Allilah Have a sleepover. But somehow call Louis Tomlinson, It was only a prank call. Please read on!

A Tale of 5 Fangirls by Sam

Aurora, Luna, Ella, Zoey and Gwen, or "The Pretties", have been best friends since k5 and been directioners since Torn. One day, Luna gets a call that she won a contest for her and 4 friends to have a sleepover with 1D. This definitely won't be your everyday sleepover.

Love, Money, Party.

6 pages · Fan Fiction · Romance
(This story is inspired by the new TV show Faking it.) Prue is just a normal teenage girl, with normal teenage drama. But when she has her annual before school sleepover, something happens to change her life. The circle of friends she has is about to break, can she keep things in line?

One Direction Stories (1D) The Sleepover by ChewToy

7 pages · One Direction · Humor · Fan Fiction
When Zayn Malik gets Paul to let the lads have a sleepover, everybody starts to Live While We're Young. This is the first story of my new series, One Direction Stories! [These stories are NOT REAL. They are made for entertaining you]

The Irish One (A Niall Horan Fanfic) by Chloe

Abigail is Harry Styles' brother. She was bullied, but she stayed strong. Two years ago, Harry introduced her to his bandmates. They all became best friends. They do everything together, they go to parties, they have vacations of their own, and sleepovers. As time goes by, Abigail starts to fall for...

The Ice Cream Truck

"It was simply a sleepover!An incredibly dramatic, exciting, adventure-filled, mind boggling, mystery sleepover. What makes the situation ever more confusing is I wasnt even invited! It all started with the ice cream truck..." -Bree Valentine-Hale

Brother's Bestfriends by Sylvia Is Forever Alone

This story is about a girl who's brother is Zayn Malik and He invited the rest of 1d and the 5sos boys over while she was in her room. some thing happen so i'm going to tell u. (btw i'm going to make the girl me so i don't have to thing about what to name the girl but don't worry...

Sleepover with 1D! by Tashi Kay

Your at a sleepover over with your friends when your best friend says she has got a suprise for u! What could it be? This is a fun story i made up so directioners can have a little time to have a laugh.