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Ouran Highschool Host Club Quizzes

Who do I ship you with? by mαggstєr

(sorry the answers are lacking, I'll finish them as soon as I can!) Contains several different fanbases; Hetalia, The Hunger Games Homestuck, Adventure Time, The Avengers, The Chronicles of Narnia, Youtube, Creepypasta, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Disney, Twilight, Legend of...

Who is your Anime boyfriend? (Mostly who are you like?) by Katie and Izaya

Includes Soul Eater, Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, Black Bullet, Black Butler, Naruto, Corpse Party, Blue Exorcist *An No Exorcist*, Ouran Highschool Host Club. *dont forget to follow! SEBASTIAN IS NOT INCLUDED*

Ouran Highschool Host Club Life by Fairytailgirl315

This is a quiz to find out who your Ohshc boyfriend is and how you met. This is for girls but guys can take it too, I don't care. :D Warning: answers do not include haruhi.

Your're Ouran High School Host club Life by Moriko Kasumi

This quiz will tell you your OHSHC bff and bf. Nekozawa-senpai included. Sorry boys but this quiz is for girls.

What Do The Ouran High School Host Club Members Think Of You?

· TV
As the title says :3 This is intended for those who like males and I do use the pronoun "her" in my results!

Ouran Highschool Host Club, BF and personality quiz! by Lily Derpy

I worked all night on this so please good comments and enjoy! Also first quiz!

Which Ouran Host Loves You? by MakaliHD

Title... ^Right there... Plus, 'What They Think Of You'.

Your Anime Life! by мeow cαt-chαn

· TV
Your life in either Naruto, Fruits Basket, Ouran Highschool Host Club or Vampire Knight!

Ouran Highschool Host Club ~Starting All Over Again~(Roleplay) Part 1 by cнιeen-cнan ちええん

Hi! This is a RolePlay about Ouran Highschool Host Club and this will be divided into parts :3 ***this was inspired by my favorite movie; Starting All Over Again*** i don't own that movie and i do not own OHSHC either so...thats that (ps. If you know that movie, your awesome! If you don't k...

Which host wants your heart? by speed-angel

Hehe, just to clarify.. my faves mori but im not a "OMIGOWD MINE" person like I am with romano. anyway, please enjoy ♥

Who Am I? Anime Addition!

· TV
Name the anime person that corresponds with the picture. Warning this is not a place for you mainstreamers who only know of 4-5 shows. Many people complain about the level of difficulty, NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

What ouran thinks of you & Boyfriend by DigitalLove

· TV
A life story annnd what they think of you annnnnnd boyfriend

Oruan High School Life by Abbi DeathFox

Sorry the results are kinda long :D


· TV
This quiz is for you to find out how many anime boys you know

Which anime character are you? by Kpoppers Unite

This quiz is to see which anime character fits your personality. You could get Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, The Undertaker, Finny from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, Amu Hinamori, Rima, Utau or Ikuto Tskiyomi from Shugo Chara, Nymph, Ikaros from Heaven's Lost Property, Harui Fujioka, Kyoya...

Ouran Highschool Host Club ~Starting All Over Again~(Roleplay) Part 2 by cнιeen-cнan ちええん

Hi! Part 2 is here! This is a RolePlay about Ouran Highschool Host Club and this will be divided into parts :3 ***this was inspired by my favorite movie; Starting All Over Again*** i don't own that movie and i do not own OHSHC either so...thats that (ps. If you know that movie, your awesome! If...

What's Your OHSHC Life? by neongreenviolin

· TV
Wanted to know how your life would go if you could visit Ouran? Find out now with this quiz! (LONG results)

What anime boy is your match? by ıllıllı anna ιrwιn ıllıllı

· TV
Sorta self-explainatory but, find out what anime boy is your (hopefully)perfect match I'll try to add another quiz like this one with the same and/or similar questions if you dont like your results or whatever, so that'll be coming soon.

Ouran Highschool Host Club Stories

Love Hurts. ( Yandere x Reader )

77 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Naruto
"People always do crazy things when it comes to love, don't they? ~" ~ Requests are Closed ~

Random One-Shots *On Hold*

REQUESTS CLOSED! Sup. This is just a bunch of one-shots from a ton of things. Included are: Hetalia, Black Butler, Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Soul Eater, Fruits Basket, Fairy Tale, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Sherlock, InuYasha, The Walki...

The Lonely Music OHSHC x Reader by モニカと彼女のオリジナルキャラクター

14 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
________ is the daughter of a successful business man who owns lots of companies world wide. She plays the violin, the instrument she prefers. Her world revolves around it, the rest just darkness and the world pushed away. Ever since her mom died, she never smiled at all. Her music's soft, sooth...

The Cold-Hearted Host by Hikaru

46 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
What happens when a boy with absolutely no feelings find out Haruhi's secret? What will the host club do to make sure the secret is kept? Will they change him or will he change them?

Black Butler Highschool? (Reader X Various) by Crazy Writer

13 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
What happens when you and the rest of the Ouran Host Club end up in the Black Butler anime series? Read to find out.

The Otaku [Ouran High School Host Club] [OC X Various] by sαүυяι αкιүαмα 秋山さゆり

137 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Sayuri Akiyama is the literary friend of Haruhi Fujioka. She is a HUGE Otaku. She earns a scholarship as well to the prestigious, Ouran Academy, where rich, snobby people come to spend their time chatting more than studying. She resembles Haruhi in almost every way, as they have known each other sin...

Ouran Highschool Host Club x reader by Sushi

16 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
You were accepted in Ouran Highschool because of your talent with music. You were also rather smart. But like Haruhi, you were a commoner. Soon stumbling into the music room, you deny any wish of seeing a host but instead instruments. Peaking their interest, they want you to be a new host. But you d...

Don't Mess With Me! [OHSHC Kyoya Love Story]

139 pages ~ Completed · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Ren is easily confused for a boy with her punk clothes, hair and attitude. Now she has to go to a all rich school and get's mix into the Host club, will she be able to change them or will a certain glasses wearing host, change her? Read to find out!

The Golden Eyes Hide A Golden Heart [OC x various] by Katara

29 pages · Romance · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Her golden eyes hide a golden heart , a heart I want to capture - Various OHSHC character

Anime One-shots

27 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
~REQUESTS CLOSED!~ Doing the following Anime: Naruto, Kuroko no basket, Fairy Tail, Fruit Basket, Black butler/ Kuroshitsuji, Ouran Highschool Host club, Vampire knight, Soul eater, Code Geass, Magi the labyrinth of magic, SAO, Sword art online, Shugo Chara, Free, One Piece, Vocaloid, Future Diary, ...

The artistic type by RussiaxVodka

42 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga
Akihiko is blind, but what if he recognizes Haruhi as a girl by her voice? He has to work for the hostclub, but they don't know he's blind. Even Kyoya doesn't know.

The Siren Of The Host Club by Writergirl1197

210 pages · Fan Fiction · Anime/Manga · Romance
Young Heiress Akira Nakamura was about 5 years old when she met Haruhi Fujioka. Now 10 years later, the two friends are enrolling in Ouran Academy. How will Akira react to the Host club? Will she be able to infiltrate the club and keep a close eye on her friend? Will any of the boys there catch her ...