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Penguins Of Madagascar Quizzes

Which Penguins of Madagascar character are you? by Amy Bella Luna Ravenclaw

Come on and find out your penguin, lemur or otter!

Which Madagascar Character Are You? by Caitlin

See which character you are. Including penguins!

Chat with the Penguins of Madagascar and others (Part 1) by ÐÂYÐRЄÂM ßЄĿĪЄVЄR

What do the characters of PoM think of you? Find out in this! Part 1 - Skipper

Which Penguins of Madagascar character are you? by Ariel

Skipper,Kowalski,Rico,Private,Julien,Marice,Mort,Ma rlene?Brittany's the questioner.

Are you my twin? by ÐÂYÐRЄÂM ßЄĿĪЄVЄR

· Humor
Do you think we could put up with each other? Click to find out. Warning: If you do not know the Penguins of Madagascar look it up before you take this quiz.

What penguin are you? by Taylor

From the show The Penguins of Madagascar. If you haven't ever seen the show go watch it right now cuz it rocks!

Can PoM make you laugh? by ÐÂYÐRЄÂM ßЄĿĪЄVЄR

· Humor
Title. I just saved random pictures from Google.

What Madagascar Character are you by Katie

· Movies
Lets see who you are but first enjoy this and try my other quizzes bro

POM: Whose line is it? by Ice

How well do you know the Penguins of Madagascar? Let's see if you can guess who said the following lines.

How Many Percent You Like Penguins Of Madagascar? by Jacksen

Let's see how many percent you like POM by answer these questions.

What penguins of madagascar character are you? by Axel

· TV
A short quiz to see what character you are from the nick cartoon "Penguins of Madagascar"

Quote Master! by Casseh

Let's see how well you know your quotes from the cartoons SpongeBob, Adventure Time,Phineas and Ferb, and The Penguins of Madagascar, :D Good Luck! (don't cheat) ;)

Penguins Of Madagascar Stories

Best Gamer

67 pages · Action · Fan Fiction
Kowalski and Donatello. Both animals, lived in New York, smart, geniuses and secretly gamers. What they don't have in common is that they hated each other and stating that penguins and turtles don't get along. But what if they do? Meanwhile, Raph meets a little girl who happens to be a game characte...

My new PoM life by ÐÂYÐRЄÂM ßЄĿĪЄVЄR

3 pages
After being left at the zoo one night, I decide to take a look around. What I find will change my life. But for which way?

We are never getting back together again by I'll be back soon

4 pages · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
[A Donatello and Kowalski one-shot] “So they call us up, stating that they still love us and we're like... We're just... This is exhausting you know. We are never getting back together.. Like ever.” Based on We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift but instead of a girl dumping ov...


2 pages · Romance
I'm horrible at these things...Guess you'll just have to read to find out!


4 pages
Two girls, Competely different personalities, Complete opposites in every way. But what happens when there two meet by chance thanks to a few of our favorite penguins?

Past Memories Come To Life (A Valentines day one-shot)

4 pages ~ Completed · Short Stories · Fan Fiction
I have been obsessed with the shows Invader zim and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but more Invader Zim. What happens when a familiar face from the past comes back to me on Valentine's day?

A 1Dful Christmas by Human After All

It's Christmas in Wavery Town and it's a special day for everyone to celebrate this holiday! Well most of them. And this year, One Direction is hosting a Christmas special and shooting a music video in the Golden Hotel. Will it turn out to be the best holiday ever or a messed up one?

Not So Little Secret by ÐÂYÐRЄÂM ßЄĿĪЄVЄR

2 pages
Any of this would give the story away!

How to annoy Raphael

12 pages · Fan Fiction · Humor
Based on a Penguins of Madagascar fanfic called 100 and more ways to annoy Skipper by TheSkySpiritsTalentShow on Remember not to tell Raph that you're part of this team and follow the steps. Keep it as a secret.

Changes of a lifetime by PKfirebreeze

13 pages · Fantasy · Fan Fiction
The five girls with the shadows of darkness must guide each other with mythical powers to find there one forever home. With the five penguins only being little shadowed, harmless children to becoming the murderous teens. These may seem like the villains , but they have the heart of gold for the good...

A Harmful Fish by Mother of PoM

4 pages · Fan Fiction
That's what everyone thought. Can one dare hurt a solider?